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Best Airless Paint Sprayer

Best Airless Paint Sprayer

With an airless paint sprayer you are just pumping paint, not mixing pressurized air & paint. A small difference, but the best airless paint sprayer can make fast work out of your next project.

best paint for a spray gun

Best Paint for a Spray Gun

Paint for a spray gun used to be expensive and difficult to find. Is it necessary to purchase specialized paint for a spray gun?

best lacquer sprayer

Best Lacquer Sprayer

Fine finishing work is what takes a good DIY project and turns it into something fantastic. Using the best lacquer sprayer ensures you get the results you want.

best air compressor

Best Air Compressor for Paint Sprayers

In order to atomize the paint properly, a paint sprayer must typically be hooked up to some form of an air supply such as an air compressor.   

best spray gun for crafts

Best Craft Spray Guns for Hobbies and Small Projects

When you own one of the best paint spray guns for crafts, hobbies, and small projects, then you can increase the quality of your item with little effort.

best paint sprayer for furniture

Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture

With the best paint sprayer for furniture, you’ll be able to create a new look quickly, affordably, and with little effort.

latex paint sprayer

Best Latex Paint Sprayers

When applied with the best latex paint sprayer, latex paint provides users with a versatile water-soluble solution. Latex paint is easily cleaned up should mistakes or spills happen.

Indoor Paint Sprayer

Best Indoor Paint Sprayer

An indoor paint sprayer is one of the many ways to paint the interior walls of a home or business. You want to save time without compromising the quality of your work. 

commercial paint machine

Commercial Paint Machines for Professionals

Most residential models are intended for single-room applications. You can paint a room in a day, or perhaps the exterior of a small home.

cordless paint sprayer

Best Cordless Paint Sprayer

When you’ve got a big painting job to do, the best cordless paint sprayers will let you get the job done quickly.

best paint sprayer

Best Paint Sprayer Reviews

If you want to save time on your next painting project, then the best paint sprayer is going to help you make that job go by quickly. Finding the right spray gun, can be a tricky process.

FI Best paint sprayer for cars

Best Paint Sprayers for Cars

If you’re a DIY expert, then using one of the best paint sprayers for cars will help you to maintain your vehicles Blue Book value. 

Best lvlp spray gun

Best LVLP Spray Gun

In this Guide, we will answer all your questions like what is an LVLP Spray Gun, what are the best times to use one, and which LVLP spray guns we think are the best.

Best Electric Paint Roller

Top 4 Power Paint Rollers

The idea is pretty simple. By offering a pump that can send paint to a roller, you spend less time going back to the tray to load up on more paint.

best fence stain sprayer

Best Fence Stain Sprayer

The best fence stain sprayer is easy for anyone to use and lays down coats of stain on your fence quickly and evenly.

gravity feed spray gun

Gravity Feed Spray Gun Reviews

You’ll find that a gravity feed spray gun is meant for airbrushing and other similar finishing needs.  It can be used for a wide variety of DIY projects you have around the house.

best fence stain sprayer

Paint Respirator Masks

Many paints contain harmful vapors that can enter your lungs. Some vapors may cause asthma-like symptoms when they are inhaled.

Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets

Are you looking for an affordable way to remodel your kitchen? Many spray guns for cabinets allow you to spray more than just paint. You can apply stains, lacquers, or even enamel. 

Oil Primer for Sprayers

Best Oil Based Primer for Sprayers

The best oil based primers help to create a tighter seal on an item that is going to be painted. It is the ideal primer paint for wood projects, drywall, and plaster.

best automotive paint gun for beginners

Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners

Painting your car is easier than you think. With a bit of practice on your spray technique you can lay down base, paint and clear coat almost as good as a professional. Almost.

hvlp spray gun

Best HVLP Spray Gun Reviews

An HVLP Spray Gun is one of the best tools a DIY homeowner can have in their toolbox.It can also be the best friend of professional painters and touch-up artists in a number of different industries.

best paint roller for walls

Best Paint Roller for Walls

The best paint roller for walls all depends on what you’re painting and the type of paint you’re using.

best plasti dip spray gun

Best Plasti Dip Spray Gun

Dipping your car with the best plasti dip spray gun is easier than you think. With a bit of practice on your spray technique you can dip your car for cheap.

home paint sprayer

Best Home Paint Sprayer

To maintain the value of your property, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders when it is properly applied. The best home paint sprayer will help you get your next DIY project done quickly.

Painting is one of those necessary chores almost all of us do at least once in our lives.  With the right paint sprayer, you’ll be able to make fast work out of your next painting project.  You can level up your painting and finish off a room in one morning, leaving plenty of time for enjoying the rest of your weekend.

The average lifespan for a coat of paint is generally 3 years or less.  Some exterior paints can last longer. 

A fresh coat of paint can help your home, business or car maintain its value. We are all so buys these days, between work, keeping up with our friends and family, and maintaining our homes.  How do you apply that fresh coat of paint without killing off your weekend?  By using a paint sprayer.

Paint sprayers range from hand-powered models to high-powered commercial models, which can disperse 1 gallon of paint per minute. Some commercial models are capable of spraying over 500 gallons per year.  What will be the best paint sprayer for your needs? We’ll be able to find that out together right here.

Crush Your Painting DIY with a Paint Sprayer

A paint sprayer isn’t just useful for walls or fences. They can also help you paint your vehicle with a professional coat to help save you a bundle of cash.  The right sprayer can even help you to apply a varnish, a lacquer, various stains, or even colored dyes if you prefer. 

Paint sprayers can be used for staining furniture, applying paint to your crafts, and painting your textured ceilings.  Some models are powerful enough to spray thick undercoats, primers, and rubberized coatings for automotive purposes.

So how do you discover which paint sprayer is the best one for you so that professional results can be achieved? A thorough review of each paint sprayer can help you see what kind of results you should be able to expect.

These reviews are based on real experiences with each product.  Tested personally by our staff, so you have confidence in their authenticity.  We invest the time so you don’t have to.

When you know what to expect, then you have confidence. When you have confidence, you create stunning DIY results.  Our goal at Paint Spray Pro is to give you the tools you need to create stunning, professional results.

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How to Remove Spray Paint from Floor Tile

How to Remove Spray Paint from Floor Tile

Let’s review the easiest and fastest ways to get paint off your floor tiles.

How to Prevent Overspray

How to Prevent Overspray

In this blog post, we’ll discuss various techniques and strategies on how to prevent overspray and ensure a clean and professional finish.

types of paint sheen

Types of Paint Sheen

Let’s review the most important differences between the types of paint sheen and see which one is best for your painting projects.

types of paint

Types Of Paint

There are different types of paint available in the market, each with its own unique characteristics and uses. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of paint and their properties.

How to Get Rid of Paint Smell

How to Get Rid of Paint Smell

Learn the best ways to get rid of paint smell inside your house.

best cleaner to remove nicotine from walls before painting

What is the Best Cleaner to Remove Nicotine From Walls before Painting

Check out the many ways to properly remove nicotine from walls so your paint job is perfect the first time.

Does spray paint expire

Does Spray Paint Expire?

Spray paint is labelled with an expiry date, but it isn’t as simple as just tossing it after that date. 

mineral spirits vs paint thinner

Mineral Spirits Vs Paint Thinner

Each product has it’s strong points, but why choose one over the other?  Is paint thinner and mineral spirits the same thing?

Can I paint over Painted Walls

Can I Paint over Painted Walls?

Let’s review if you can paint over your painted walls and where you need to be careful.

satin vs semi gloss

Satin Vs Semi-Gloss

Picking the right type of finish can mean the difference between you loving your work or having to do it all over again.

wall prep before painting

Wall Prep Before Painting

Wall prep before painting can mean the difference between a professional looking finish and a hack job.

Why You need spray painting protection

Why You Need Spray Painting Protection

Unlike a brush and roller, using a spray gun can release tiny paint particles into the air and you will need to purchase some spray painting protection in the form of a mask.

chalk paint too thick

Chalk Paint Too Thick: Thinning Chalk Paint for Spraying

Thinning chalk paint for spraying needs to be done because chalk paint is too thick to be sprayed directly from your paint sprayer. Thinning is…

mineral spirits vs acetone

Mineral Spirit Uses

Typically, mineral or white spirits are known for their ability to thin paint. There are many other handy things that mineral spirits can do around the house.

how much spray paint do i need

How Much Extra Paint Does a Spray Gun Use?

A paint sprayer can save you an enormous amount of time when you’ve got something that needs a fresh coat of paint.  But…how much spray paint do I need?



Which one is best for your DIY projects?  Why choose an LVLP vs an HVLP? 

ultimate guide to paint sprayers

Ultimate Guide to Paint Sprayers

Here’s where you’ll find out everything you need to know about paint sprayers before purchasing one.

how to thin water based paint

How to Thin Water Based Paint for a Spray Gun

Thinning latex paint is most likely going to be necessary. This is especially true if you own an HVLP sprayer. You will need to thin the latex paint before spraying your projects.

how to get paint off hands

How to Get Spray Paint off Hands

You’re busy spraying or rolling some paint. The room is looking fantastic. Until you look at your hands. They’re covered in paint.  How do you get spray paint off your hands?

how to fix paint runs

7 Paint Sprayer Disasters and How to Fix Them

Nobody is perfect. We all make a mistake every now and then. Don’t worry though. We’ll show you simple ways to fix each problem.

airless vs hvlp

Airless Vs HVLP Paint Sprayers

When looking for a paint sprayer, you could be deciding between and Airless vs HVLP paint sprayer.

Pros and Cons of using a paint sprayer

Pros and Cons of Paint Sprayers

Paint Sprayers offer exceptional results on your DIY. But, is it always the best tool for Your job?

How to Use Paint Thinner

How to Use Paint Thinner

How to use paint thinner shouldn’t be confusing or scare you away from refinishing your favorite piece of furniture.

spraying vs rolling paint

Paint Sprayers vs Rollers

Which one is the better choice? What will make the job easier?

How to Remove Paint From Wood Without Chemicals

How to Remove Paint From Wood Without Chemicals

If you’re interested in reducing the chemicals in your home and want to use less chemicals in every day life,  try the tips and tricks below to get started on that new project chemical free. 

staining a deck with a pump sprayer

Staining a Deck with a Pump Sprayer

A pump sprayer is a good option over a paint sprayer if you are on a budget. They are much cheaper than a regular stain sprayer.

How to clean a paint sprayer gun

How to Clean a Paint Sprayer Gun

When you buy a paint sprayer, the most important maintenance you will perform is cleaning.

history of the spray gun

History of the Spray Gun

Need is always the foundation of innovation. One man named Joesph Binks was employed by Marshall Field’s in Chicago and part of his job was to paint the walls of the basement in the store.

Mineral Spirits vs acetone

Mineral Spirits Vs Acetone

You’ve probably heard of mineral or white spirits and acetone. But, what are they good for and why choose one over the other?

do paint sprayers save time

How Much Time Can Be Saved With a Paint Sprayer

Extension painting jobs take time.  Is there a way to save time when painting?  How much time can you save?

alternatives to mineral spirits

Alternative to Mineral Spirits Solutions

New environmental standards means that us DIYers need to find alternatives to mineral spirits for our painting needs. Chemicals are slowly being banned due to their toxic nature to both people and the environment.

dual vs single action airbrushes

Dual Vs Single Action Airbrush

If you’re into craft painting, you’ve come across dual action and single action airbrushes. But, what is the difference between a dual vs a single action airbrush? What things should you consider to make sure that you get the right brush for your crafting and art work?

thin oil based paint

How to Thin Oil Based Paint for a Spray Gun

How to thin oil based paint for a spray gun is a question asked by many folks when completing their home painting projects. 

spray paint vs brush paint cabinets

Spray Paint Vs Brush Paint Cabinets

It can be hard to know whether you should spray paint vs brush paint cabinets.

how to mask kitchen cabinets for painting

How to Mask Kitchen Cabinets for Painting

How to mask kitchen cabinets for painting isn’t hard and will result in a beautiful job without any overspray landing on your walls, fixtures or appliances.

how to clean a fence before staining

How to Clean a Fence Before Staining

Learning how to clean a fence before staining is essential to make sure that your stain gets absorbed into your wood and is applied evenly. Then, you know your wood fence is protected from the elements.

how to stain a fence yourself

How to Stain a Fence Yourself

Soon enough it will be that time of year again.  Spring is just around the corner.  Getting your yard ready for guests means landscape and paint work. 

how to use a wagner sprayer

How to Use a Wagner Paint Sprayer

Are you wondering how to use your Wagner paint sprayer? Did you just buy a new sprayer and you want to get started ASAP on your painting project?

how to plasti dip your car

How to Plasti Dip Your Car

Switching up colors or your car, parts or rims is easy and affordable for everyone.  Change colors and do funky designs to match holidays, birthdays or just your mood. 

how to clean dried paint rollers

How to Clean Dried Paint Rollers

We’ll show you how to rescue your sad, dried up paint rollers so you can reuse them and get back to painting.

how to clean dried paint brushes

How to Clean Dried Paint Brushes

Let’s find out how to rescue those dried up paint brushes not matter what type of paint you used.

how to remove plasti dip

How to Remove Plasti Dip

Plasti dip is a rubber-based removable coating that was initially used for covering of tool handles. However, it was also discovered to be an easy non-permanent way of spraying vehicles.

how to prep a car for paint

How To Prep a Car For Paint

The prep stages that a car is put through before being painted must be methodically and precisely followed to get pro results. How to prep a car for paint is time consuming but rewarding.

how to clean paint brushes and rollers

How to Clean Paint Brushes and Rollers

What are the best ways to clean paint brushes and rollers to save time and effort? Using oil based paints vs. water based means using different methods…

what size compressor do i need to paint a car

What Size Compressor Do I Need to Paint a Car?

In this post, we are going to look at everything you need to know about what size compressor you need to paint a car.

how to plasti dip rims

How to Plasti Dip Rims

Plasti Dip is an easy non-permanent way to change the look of your cars rims. When you’re tired of the current look of your car rims, you can go ahead and change the color to suit your mood.

how to use a paint sprayer with a compressor

How to Use a Paint Sprayer with a Compressor

How to use an air compressor with a paint sprayer is a fairly easy process that you can do by yourself.

paint booth for cars

How to Make a Spray Paint Booth for Cars

Whether you are looking to add it as a hobby or to build a business, crafting your own spray booth for cars may be something you want to investigate.

how to maintain an air compressor

How to Maintain Your Compressor

How to maintain your compressor is essential when owing such an expensive tool

most common types of air compressors

Most Common Air Compressor Types

Before deciding which compressor is right for you and your DIY projects, let’s take a look at the different types and how they work.

how does an air compressor work?

How Does an Air Compressor Work?

Air compressors have a wide range of applications, and they are used in different places. From gas stations to large industrial plants, they work by converting power into compressed air.

Why use a seperate gun for clear coat

Why Use a Separate Gun for Clear Coat?

Once you read below about the benefits of having a dedicated spray gun for clear coat, you’ll jump on the bandwagon…or not!

how to paint a textured ceiling

How to Paint a Textured Ceiling

We’ve taken the hassle out of how to paint a textured ceiling for you. Read on to get all the tips and tricks to get this job done easier and faster.

cold weather painting

Cold Weather Painting Tips for Fall and Winter

​Cold weather painting requires special techniques and extra prep to make sure your finish looks professional.

how to paint a room

How to Paint a Room

You can use brushes and rollers to paint your interior walls.  Or, you can learn how to paint a room with a paint sprayer.

how long does it take primer to dry

How Long Does it Take Primer to Dry?

Primer dry time can be shorter or longer depending on how well ventilated it is, the temperature, and the type of primer you used.

semi gloss vs eggshell paint

Semi Gloss Vs Eggshell Paint

How does semi gloss vs eggshell paint compare?  What surfaces should they be used on and can they be easily cleaned?

how to paint your car like a pro

How to Paint Your Car Like a Pro

When your car’s paint starts to fade thanks to its exposure to the elements, then a new paint job can help you maintain the value of this investment.

How long should paint dry between coats

How Long Should Paint Dry Between Coats?

If you are eager to get your project finished, you might make the mistake of trying to complete the second coat before the first coat of paint has dried.

lacquer vs polyurethane

Why Use Lacquer Vs Varnish?

There are many types of finish coatings available to preserve and protect your DIY projects. Many people ask, what are the differences between lacquer vs varnish? Why should I use one over the other?

lacquer vs polyurethane lacquer spray

Lacquer Vs Polyurethane

Lacquer spray should be used in specific situations and is best to use on some surfaces, while polyurethane is better on other surfaces.

mineral spirits vs turpentine

Mineral Spirits Vs Turpentine

When you have a project underway, or a paint mess to clean up, what is the benefit of using mineral spirits vs turpentine?

Learn How to Choose the Right Spray Gun for Pro Results

Paint sprayers come in several different models for your convenience today.  Although the end results are essentially the same, the user experience in obtaining those results can be very different.

Do you need a high powered sprayer? An airless paint sprayer? A premium HVLP sprayer that will reduce paint atomization?

Not only do our reviews show you real results, but you’ll know what type of paint sprayer is the best option for your next  DIY project.  We’ll discuss what personal protective equipment you should have on-hand so you can paint safely in virtually any environment.

Paint Perfect with Our Tricks of the Trade

We’ll even offer you some tips and tricks we’ve discovered that can help to make the spraying and general painting experience fast and fun.  Painting may be a necessary chore, but it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming one.  Change the way you think and feel about your home, backyard and your DIY skills.  Using a paint sprayer will give your professional results every single time.

Make your investment in the best paint sprayer for your next project today.  The value this tool will provide you pays off every time you need to apply a fresh coat of paint.

Get yours today!

IWata LPH vs Supernova

Anest Iwata LPH 400 vs. Iwata Supernova

Both the Anest Iwata LPH 400 and the Supernova WS400, are examples of the high-quality standards that the company keep when it comes to precision and control.

iwata bellaris vs iwata lph80

Iwata Bellaria vs Iwata LPH80

We’ll be checking out the specs of the Anest Iwata Bellaria spray gun, as well as the Anest Iwata LPH80. Both are great for different uses, so let’s take a closer look at them.

startingline vs DeVilbiss finishline

DeVilbiss StartingLine Vs FinishLine 4

The DeVilbiss StartingLine Vs Finishline 4 spray gun are both affordable. They are both used for a wide range of paints and materials in the industry, but which one is most suitable for what?

iwata bellaria w400

Iwata Bellaria W400 Review

The Iwata Bellaria W400 is a gravity-fed paint sprayer that might be a great option for you and your painting needs. It is the perfect dedicated clear coat or base coat gun for your automotive painting needs.

devilbiss gti620g review

DeVilbiss GTI620G Review

Though there are a lot of choices for you to sift through, there are a few models that stand out to many painters, both professional and hobbyist. One of the names that is mentioned more than once is the DeVilbiss GTI620G Millennium HVLP.

wagner power roller

Wagner Smart Sidekick Power Roller Review

This Wagner Power Roller comes equippred with a 16 foot hose, a paint storage container, and a 1 year warranty. So, do we recommend this power roller??

iwata supernova review

Iwata Supernova Review

If you’re looking for a high quality spray gun that conquers all types of automotive paints, the Iwata Supernova offers everything you need.

wagner power roller

Wagner SMART Edge Roller Review

Crush all your trim work in way less time with the Wagner SMART Edge Trim Roller. Holding up to 6 ounces of paint in the handle means you can get…

wagner flexio 890 review

Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Station Review

When a product says that it can help you paint a wall that is 8 feet by 10 feet in size in just 5 minutes, then it has our attention.

wagner studio plus hvlp review

Wagner Studio Plus HVLP Stationary Sprayer Review

The Wagner Studio Plus HVLP Stationary Sprayer might be expensive for just one job, but it lightens the workload you have on many jobs.

graco ultra max cordless review

Graco Ultra Max Cordless Paint Sprayer Review

This cordless paint sprayer allows you to paint wherever you happen to be. Users receive about an hour’s worth of work per charge, which is plenty of time to get some jobs done.

Tacklife Professional Spray Gun

Tacklife Paint Sprayer Review

The Tacklife Paint Sprayer has been discontinued. You will be redirected to the best replacement for it that we found through out testing: the Scuddles Paint Sprayer.

wagner procoat airless sprayer review

Wagner ProCoat Stand Airless Sprayer Review

The Wagner ProCoat Stand Airless Sprayer offers users a 5 minutes per gallon delivery, which includes thick latex, so your job becomes easier.

Astro Spray Gun

Astro Spray Gun With Cup Review

With the Astro Spray Gun, you can not only spray primers, stains, paints and lacquers. You can also bring glues and other heavy coating options into the conversation.

devilbiss finishline

DeVilbiss FinishLine Review

The DeVilbiss FinishLine is a great car paint sprayer you’ll want when you need superior results for multiple applications while still managing your budget.

graco magnum x5

Graco Magnum X5 Review

The Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer will help you get the job done in even some of the most challenging situations.

krause and becker

Krause and Becker Airless Paint Sprayer Review

With a built-in filter right in the gun and easy-to-use pressure controls, you’ll find that the Krause and Becker lightweight spraying option can help you get the job done pretty effectively.

iwata spray gun

IWATA LPH400 144LV Review

We want you to find the best guns which deliver exceptional – better-than-the-rest results.  And the IWATA is it.

scuddles power paint sprayer

Scuddles Power Paint Sprayer Review

The Scuddles Power Paint Sprayer offers beginners an easy to use, budget way to enter the paint sprayer market.

tcp global pressure tank review

TCP Global Commercial 2.5 Gallon Spray Paint Pressure Pot Tank Review

Unlike some other tanks by competitive manufacturers, the TCP Global Commercial 2.5-Gallon Spray Paint Pressure Pot Tank is capable of managing a broad range of coatings. It handles varnish, lacquer…

wagner control spray max hvlp review

Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer Review

We love the Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP sprayer. With a powerful two-stage turbine, you can use this beast of a machine to spray latex paint with ease. It will also spray lacquers and stains without a problem.

graco ultra cordless review

Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer Review

Powered by the DeWalt XR lithium-ion system, the Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld is designed to give you the perfect airless finish. Users can operate it at any speed and without the paint thinning requirements of other sprayers. Perhaps the best feature is its triple piston pump with Pro Connect.

astro pneumatic

Astro Pneumatic 2 Quart Pressure Pot Review

If you’re looking for a portable solution in a paint sprayer, then we highly recommend the Astro 2 Pneumatic Quart Pressure Pot Sprayer. 

fuji hobby pro

Fuji Paint Sprayers Hobby Pro 2 Review

Fuji Paint Sprayers are great if you are a hobbyist that works on small projects all the time.  There’s a lot of fuss, a lot of mess, and a lot of lost time when working on smaller jobs. The Fuji Hobby Pro looks to change that for you.

neiko air spray gun

Neiko Air Spray Gun Review

Are you looking for a high volume spray gun that doesn’t come with a premium price tag? And do you need a spray gun that can be used with a wide variety of mediums, including latex, oil-based, or water-based paints?

graco tc pro cordless review

Graco TC Pro Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer Review

Powered by a DeWalt 20V lithium battery, you’ll find that painting has never been easier than it is with this sprayer. Thanks to its unique design, users can spray in any direction – including upside-down.

tcp global spray gun kit review

TCP Global Paint Gun Set Review

Sometimes just one spray gun isn’t enough to meet your needs. This is particularly true if you’re doing some automotive work, top coats, or touch-ups.

Graco Project Painter Plus Review FI

Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus

The Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer is perfect if you have a lot of small projects around the house.  

Rockler HVLP Spray Gun

Rockler HVLP Spray Gun Review

With the Rockler HVLP, you receive a great combination of affordability and value.

Fuji semi pro 2

Fuji Semi Pro 2 Review

Instead of giving you a fast ticket to a mess, the Fuji Semi Pro 2  gives users a painting system that they can use almost immediately thanks to its comprehensive design.

devilbiss startingline

DeVilbiss StartingLine Review

The DeVilbiss StartingLine HVLP Gravy Spray Gun Kit is designed to help you highlight the strengths of your work by allowing you to put in your fine details. 

earlex 3500

Earlex Sprayer HV3500 Review

If you’re looking for a dynamic sprayer that can quickly and easily apply lacquer and stains, we recommend the Earlex HV3500.

wagner control spray double duty review

Wagner Control Spray Double Duty Review

The Wagner Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer can accurately spray sealants, stains, and other light body materials in addition to paint when it’s at the right viscosity.


Earlex HV5500 Spray Station Review

Enter the Earlex. This professional quality spray gun will help you get a number of projects completed quickly so you can make sure you get the results you want.

critter spray gun

Critter Spray Gun Review

With the Critter Spray Gun, you’re able to find a use for those leftover Mason jars or canning jars that are taking up space in your cabinets right now.

wagner power painter pro review

Wagner Power Painter Plus Review

The Wagn​er Power Painter Plus is the perfect compromise between power and functionality.

Central Pneumatic HVLP

Central Pneumatic HVLP Spray Gun Review

The Central Pneumatic HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun is a solid solution for those who have hobby projects to complete or automotive work that needs to get done.

homeright finish max review

HomeRight Finish Max Review

With the HomeRight Finish Max, you’re going to find an affordable fine mist sprayer that does a great job when it comes to your finishing work.

campbell hausfeld with quadraflow

Campbell Hausfeld Airless Sprayer with Quadraflow Review

This unit has entry-level contractor quality characteristics, which will help you set your work apart from all others.

graco project painter plus review

Graco Project Painter Plus Review

The Graco Project Painter Plus managed to win us over thanks to the results that it was able to provide with a wide variety of materials.

graco magnum x5

Graco Magnum X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer Review

The Graco Magnum X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer supports a painting hose of up to 75 feet. That means you’ve got plenty of reach for every project.

wagner twinstroke airless review

Wagner Twin Stroke Airless Sprayer Review

Equipped with a contractor grade spray gun that works well in virtually all residential situations and some light commercial needs.