Wagner SMART Edge Roller Review

Wagner SMART Power Roller

wagner smart edge trim roller power roller
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  • 3 inch wide roller with 3/8″ nap
  • Paint trimming tool
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 6 ounce paint capacity
  • Paint control thumb trigger
  • Straight Lines are precise

The Wagner SMART Edge is a smart painting roller designed for efficiency and effectiveness. It does this by saving on time and paint. It does away with the time painters use in taping and cutting in.  

This Wagner Power Roller comes with some moving parts that may need assembly when purchased. It holds the paint in its handle which makes the painting process much easier. 

Bonus is that there is no taping needed! All this while giving you precise and accurate results. The work produced is comparable to the use of a paint sprayer, all without the work and mess associated with traditional spraying. 

Easy to clean
Use for doorframes, baseboards, window trim etc.
1 year warranty

Takes time for the roller to fill with paint
Has moving parts which is a risk for breakdown

What You’ll Love about this Wagner Power Roller

SMART Roller Best Features
Easy to clean
Painting Trim
Handle hold paint
Paint flow is controllable
Applies straight lines
Easy to use
No Cutting In or taping

Easy to Clean 

This tool is designed to be easy to clean, making it excellent for repeated use. Cleaning and maintenance are simplified with the Wagner Smart Edge.  

You only need to flush the roller with water.  You do this by attaching the cleaning adapter to a garden hose through the Wagner Smart Roller, and pumping water through it.  Perfect if you’re changing up trim colors and need to clean your roller fast. 

Painting Trim  

This feature helps eliminate hours of taping and cutting associated with paintwork. This is achieved through its design as it delivers neat and clean lines that are comparable to the use of cut-ins and a brush. The trim rollers go a long way in achieving this. As such, it is a good alternative to professional painters. 

Has a Paint Holding Canister in the Handle 

The Wagner Power Roller does away with the need for a paint tray because it holds paint in the handle.  The paint is drawn directly from your paint can into the canister on the handle.  The paint is then pumped from the handle into your roller and your then apply it to the wall. This adds to the efficiency of the tool. The paint handle can hold about 6 ounces, which translates to about 96 linear feet in one fill. 

Controllable Paint Flow 

The Wagner Smart Edge Roller allows you to control the amount of paint the roller draws. This can be a problem when using a traditional brush as there can be a lot of messes as well as waste. It achieves this through the trigger activated by a thumb that lends itself to precise paint delivery on surfaces. 

Applies in Straight Lines 

This Wagner Power Roller has a roller that delivers impeccably clean lines. This makes it a tool well suited to painting around windows and door frames. The roller paints lines that are about three inches wide. This tool is preferable as it eliminates the need for precision that is associated with a hand brush. This, coupled with the paint roller edge tool, produces impeccably neat lines. 


It can make clean and precise lines. This makes it great to use when creating lines along edges, such as doors and windows. It lowers the skill floor for anyone to get into painting. As such, it can give amateur painters an edge in their work, making their work more appealing. 

Ease of Use  

Painting as a skill can be challenging to master, especially for those doing it in the traditional way by using brushes. The Wagner SMART Edge Roller intuitive design makes it relatively easy to pick up and use. 

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It has a paint holder in its handle, which removes the need to interact with open paint. The paint roller with its edge guard goes a long way in avoiding messes associated with open painting. 

Suitable for Many Jobs 

The paint holder in the handle, holds enough 6 ounce of paint which is enough to conquer doorframes, window trim, baseboards, and any other trim work you might have. 

No Cutting In or Taping  

This is particularly useful as it saves on time used to install and remove them throughout the paint job.  You also won’t risk have any bleed through on your tape.  I hate that!  Happens to the best of us. 


The pros of the Wagner Smart Roller greatly outweigh the cons. It’s recommended for beginners since it makes trim jobs easier and helps you to paint a ton of trim in the shortest amount of time.

This tool has been created with the perfectionist in mind — the person who wants precision and accuracy during the job.