Dual Vs Single Action Airbrush

dual vs single action airbrushes

If you’re into craft painting, you’ve come across dual action and single action airbrushes. But, what is the difference between a dual vs a single action airbrush? What things should you consider to make sure that you get the right brush for your crafting and art work?

How to Thin Oil Based Paint for a Spray Gun

thin oil based paint

How to thin oil based paint for a spray gun is a question asked by many folks when completing their home painting projects. 

DIYers want to get the same results as the professional painters in the same amount of time.

Spray Paint Vs Brush Paint Cabinets

spray paint vs brush paint cabinets

It can be hard to know whether you should spray paint vs brush paint cabinets.

If you’re trying to save a few bucks on gear, you might opt for using tools like brushes that you already have around the house.

How to Clean a Fence Before Staining

how to clean a fence before staining

Learning how to clean a fence before staining is essential to make sure that your stain gets absorbed into your wood and is applied evenly. Then, you know your wood fence is protected from the elements.

How to Stain a Fence Yourself

how to stain a fence yourself

Soon enough it will be that time of year again.  Spring is just around the corner.  Getting your yard ready for guests means landscape and paint work.  One of your biggest tasks will be getting your fence summer ready.  How to stain a fence yourself is easy, if you have all the right tools and a plan. 

Staining a Deck with a Pump Sprayer

staining a deck with a pump sprayer

A pump sprayer is a good option over a paint sprayer if you are on a budget. They are much cheaper than a regular stain sprayer. Because they are built with less moving parts, maintenance and cleaning are minimal. With less moving parts, the chances of something breaking and needing to be fixed are almost zero.

How to Use a Wagner Paint Sprayer

how to use a wagner sprayer

Are you wondering how to use your Wagner paint sprayer? Did you just buy a new sprayer and you want to get started ASAP on your painting project?

How to Clean Dried Paint Rollers

how to clean dried paint rollers

How to clean dried paint rollers involves a bit of know-how and even more elbow grease.

We’ll show you how to rescue your sad, dried up paint rollers so you can reuse them and get back to painting.