How to Remove Paint From Wood Without Chemicals

How to Remove Paint From Wood Without Chemicals

If you’re interested in reducing the chemicals in your home and want to use less chemicals in every day life,  try the tips and tricks below to get started on that new project chemical free. 

Staining a Deck with a Pump Sprayer

staining a deck with a pump sprayer

A pump sprayer is a good option over a paint sprayer if you are on a budget. They are much cheaper than a regular stain sprayer. Because they are built with less moving parts, maintenance and cleaning are minimal. With less moving parts, the chances of something breaking and needing to be fixed are almost zero.

How to Clean a Paint Sprayer Gun

How to clean a paint sprayer gun

When you buy a paint sprayer, the most important maintenance you will perform is cleaning. How to clean a paint sprayer gun is vital to keeping your gun working and painting like new.

History of the Spray Gun

history of the spray gun

Need is always the foundation of innovation. One man named Joesph Binks was employed by Marshall Field’s in Chicago and part of his job was to paint the walls of the basement in the store.

Mineral Spirits Vs Acetone

Mineral Spirits vs acetone

You’ve probably heard of mineral or white spirits and acetone. But, what are they good for and why choose one over the other?

Alternative to Mineral Spirits Solutions

alternatives to mineral spirits

New environmental standards means that us DIYers need to find alternatives to mineral spirits for our painting needs. Chemicals are slowly being banned due to their toxic nature to both people and the environment.

Dual Vs Single Action Airbrush

dual vs single action airbrushes

If you’re into craft painting, you’ve come across dual action and single action airbrushes. But, what is the difference between a dual vs a single action airbrush? What things should you consider to make sure that you get the right brush for your crafting and art work?

How to Thin Oil Based Paint for a Spray Gun

thin oil based paint

How to thin oil based paint for a spray gun is a question asked by many folks when completing their home painting projects. 

DIYers want to get the same results as the professional painters in the same amount of time.

Spray Paint Vs Brush Paint Cabinets

spray paint vs brush paint cabinets

It can be hard to know whether you should spray paint vs brush paint cabinets.

If you’re trying to save a few bucks on gear, you might opt for using tools like brushes that you already have around the house.