Why Use a Separate Gun for Clear Coat?

Is there a benefit to using a separate gun for automotive clear coat? 

Is it true?  You have to buy multiple spray guns for applying different types of paint? 

Once you read below about the benefits of having a dedicated spray gun for clear coat, you’ll jump on the bandwagon…or not!

How to Paint Your Car Like a Pro

how to paint your car like a pro

When your car’s paint starts to fade thanks to its exposure to the elements, then a new paint job can help you maintain the value of this investment.

How to Paint a Textured Ceiling

how to paint a textured ceiling

Textured ceilings are my favorite…said no one ever.

Painting them is even worse. Not sure why anyone thought “putting a popcorn or orange peel texture on ceilings would look amazing!” Hindsight is 20/20.

We’ve taken the hassle out of how to paint a textured ceiling for you. Read on to get all the tips and tricks to get this job done easier and faster.

Cold Weather Painting Tips for Fall and Winter

cold weather painting

​Cold weather painting requires special techniques and extra prep to make sure your finish looks professional.

With a bit of extra care and time, you can work on your spray painting DIY year round.

Let’s find out all the different steps needed to be successful when cold weather painting.

History of the Spray Gun

spray gun

Need is always the foundation of innovation. One man named Joesph Binks was employed by Marshall Field’s in Chicago and part of his job was to paint the walls of the basement in the store.

How Long Does it Take Primer to Dry?

how long does it take primer to dry

Primer dry time can be shorter or longer depending on how well ventilated it is, the temperature, and the type of primer you used.

Find out the standard number of primer coats, how to get primer to dry faster and our top picks for primers.

Semi Gloss Vs Eggshell

semi gloss vs eggshell paint

How does semi gloss vs eggshell paint compare?  What surfaces should they be used on and can they be easily cleaned?

Let’s compare the differences between the two paint finishes and why you should choose one over the other. 

How to Paint a Room

how to paint a room

You can use brushes and rollers to paint your interior walls.  Or, you can learn how to paint a room with a paint sprayer.

When you get it right, the look of paint applied with a paint sprayer is flawless.



When looking for a paint sprayer, you could be deciding between and an LVLP Vs HVLP paint sprayer.

Which one is best for your DIY projects?  Why choose an LVLP vs an HVLP? 

Let’s find out… 

Airless Vs HVLP Paint Sprayers

airless vs hvlp

When looking for a paint sprayer, you could be deciding between and Airless vs HVLP paint sprayer.

Which one is best for your DIY projects? Why choose an HVLP vs an airless spray gun?

Let’s find out…