How to Clean a Fence Before Staining

how to clean a fence before staining

Learning how to clean a fence before staining is essential to make sure that your stain gets absorbed into your wood and is applied evenly. Then, you know your wood fence is protected from the elements.

How to Stain a Fence Yourself

how to stain a fence yourself

Soon enough it will be that time of year again.  Spring is just around the corner.  Getting your yard ready for guests means landscape and paint work.  One of your biggest tasks will be getting your fence summer ready.  How to stain a fence yourself is easy, if you have all the right tools and a plan. 

How to Use a Wagner Paint Sprayer

how to use a wagner sprayer

Are you wondering how to use your Wagner paint sprayer? Did you just buy a new sprayer and you want to get started ASAP on your painting project?

How to Clean Dried Paint Rollers

how to clean dried paint rollers

How to clean dried paint rollers involves a bit of know-how and even more elbow grease.

We’ll show you how to rescue your sad, dried up paint rollers so you can reuse them and get back to painting.

How to Clean Dried Paint Brushes

how to clean dried paint brushes

Have you ever been painting and gotten so busy that your forgot to rinse and clean your paint brushes?

Let’s find out how to rescue those dried up paint brushes not matter what type of paint you used.

How to Remove Plasti Dip

how to remove plasti dip

Plasti dip is a rubber-based removable coating that was initially used for covering of tool handles. However, it was also discovered to be an easy non-permanent way of spraying vehicles.

How To Prep a Car For Paint

how to prep a car for paint

The prep stages that a car is put through before being painted must be methodically and precisely followed to get pro results. How to prep a car for paint is time consuming but rewarding.

What Size Compressor Do I Need to Paint a Car?

what size compressor do i need to paint a car

There are many types of compressors that are available to choose from, and it could be confusing to know what to look for.

In this post, we are going to look at everything you need to know about what size compressor you need to paint a car.