Wall Prep Before Painting

wall prep before painting

Wall prep before painting can mean the difference between a professional looking finish and a hack job.

Why You Need Spray Painting Protection

Why You need spray painting protection

Unlike a brush and roller, using a spray gun can release tiny paint particles into the air and you will need to purchase some spray painting protection in the form of a mask.

Mineral Spirit Uses

mineral spirits vs acetone

Typically, mineral or white spirits are known for their ability to thin paint. There are many other handy things that mineral spirits can do around the house.



Which one is best for your DIY projects?  Why choose an LVLP vs an HVLP? 

How to Get Spray Paint off Hands

how to get paint off hands

You’re busy spraying or rolling some paint. The room is looking fantastic. Until you look at your hands. They’re covered in paint.  How do you get spray paint off your hands?