How to Plasti Dip Rims

Plasti Dip is an easy non-permanent way to change the look of your cars rims. 

When you’re tired of the current look of your car rims, you can go ahead and change the color to suit your mood.  

how to plasti dip rims
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How to Plasti Dip Rims

This temporary alteration may be just the thing you need to give your car a quick new look. It’s also super easy to remove if you change your mind.  Just peel and wash it off and give the rims another new color. Plasti Dip on your rims is long lasting. 

In some cases where people changed the color of their rims with Plasti Dip, it lasted for up to four years according to their testimonials. How to Plasti Dip rims is a pretty good question. Dipping your rims is affordable for all DIYers.  Let’s see how to Plasti Dip your rims.

What is Plasti Dip?  

Plasti Dip is a rubberized spray that is applied to the rims of your car. This Plasti Dip comes in an aerosol canister of about 330 grams. One canister is enough to do one rim. For completing the four wheels of your car, you will need four canisters.  

Some people buy the larger paint can of plasti dip and use a plasti dip sprayer because they plan on dipping more than just their rims.  

The Plasti Dip is simply sprayed onto the rim after some preparation, and after it dries, you are ready to go. Plasti Dip is a quick and non-costly way to change the look and the color of your wheels. 

Technical Specs for Plasti Dip 

  • Has the same chemical fumes as spray paint 
  • Must be used in a well-ventilated area 
  • Must use a Paint Mask When Applying
  • Be careful not to use near children 
  • When dried Plasti Dip becomes like rubber 

Can you Plasti Dip Rims? 

Rims can easily be done with an exciting variety of available colors. It can be done at home, or you can get it done professionally. Follow along through the easy steps below to get your rims dipped and looking good.

Can You Spray Plasti Dip with a Regular Paint Gun?

Yes and no.  You need to make sure to get a spray gun that has a large enough tip/nozzle and enough power to spray thick materials.  Even so, we recommend thinning it with xylene to make it spray better and improve coverage. 

Is it Dangerous to Spray Plasti Dip?

Not at all, spraying dip on your car is the preferred method of application to get a smooth and consistent finish over your whole vehicle. You take the same precaution spraying plasti dip that you take when spraying paint: use a mask and don’t touch the nozzle/tip with your bare skin.

How to Plasti Dip Wheels: First Prep Steps 

When you want to Plasti Dip your rims , you have two choices.  You can either remove your rims or leave them on your car.   

If you leave them on your car, you would want to start by masking your brakes with plastic sheeting or newspaper and tape.  Removing them from your car means you can skip this step. 

To Plasti Dip your rims, all you will need are a couple of cans of Plasti Dip and some plastic sheeting and tape to cover the parts you don’t want to Plasti Dip. And last, you will need a cloth to clean the rims with.  

You’ll want to try your best to not get any overspray onto your tires.  You can tape up your tires to prevent this or cover them with ​sheeting/newspaper.  

How to Plasti Dip Rims: Next Steps 

Next, you’ll need to make sure your rims are free from brake disk dust and dirt and grime. Then you will pre-dip the rim. Spray the pre-dip onto your rag, then apply it onto the rim.   Make sure to get the pre-dip on every inch of your rims 

Do not apply the pre-dip directly onto your rims to prevent any moisture build up.  

If you’ve kept your rims on your car, make sure that everything behind the wheel is completely covered with sheeting or newspaper. You also want to make sure the plastic you used to cover the brakes behind the wheel is not touching  your rims. 

Spraying Your Rims 

To get every nook and cranny completely covered with Plasti Dip, you will have to rotate the wheel a couple of times to make sure you filled each and every little space on the rim.  

You will use the can of matte black Plasti Dip and evenly spray it onto the rim covering every part of the rim with the Plasti Dip. Make sure when you spray the rim to spray over the edge of the rim onto the tire, so you have a broad strip of Plasti Dip on the tire all around. This will ensure you have a nice strip of Plasti Dip to peel off from the tire.  

Can You Plasti Dip Rims Gloss Black? 

After the fifth coat of Plasti Dip has dried completely, you can apply the glossifier.  The glossifier applies a thin coating that will make your rims glossy instead of matte black.  You’ll need to apply one to two coats.

When everything is dry, you can start removing the masking from your wheels and fencers.  Make sure that the plastic is not stuck at any place to the rim.  

Carefully remove the plastic nice and cleanly. When the plastic is removed from behind the wheel, you can remove the Plasti Dip from the tire.

This is easily done by just lifting the strip of Plasti Dip from the tire and peeling it off nice and slowly. The remaining little bit of overspray can be removed from the tire by just rubbing it off.  

What Plasti Dip Rim Colors Can I Buy? 

Plasti Dip for rims comes in a variety of colors, of which black is one of the most popular colors for rims. Other popular colors are gunmetal gray, as well as blazing yellow.

Violet, red, blue, and green are also some of the more favorite colors available for Plasti Dip. The most popular Plasti Dip wheel colors are black, gunmetal gray, red, and blaze pink. 

How Long Does Plasti Dip Last on Rims? 

If the Plasti Dip is properly applied, it may last as long as three years. Plasti Dip is tough and weather-resistant, and water will not wash it off. So you can wash your car normally, just like with the original paint on the car and it will not wash off. 

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Are Plasti Dipped Rims Durable? 

The Plasti Dip that you applied to the rims will take some abuse and won’t come off even if you drive through mud and water. It isn’t a miracle cure or protection from damage to your rims, but Plasti Dip may help to protect your rims against the elements.

The Plasti Dip itself may come off if you scrape your rims against cement curbs, but you can patch it up, and it’ll be good to go. 

How Many Cans of Plasti Dip for Wheels Do I Need?

Depending on the size of your wheels, you will use, on average, one can of Plasti Dipspray per wheel, and in total, four cans of Plasti Dip will be needed to complete the job. 

What is the Cost to Plasti Dip Rims? 

The cost of changing the looks of your car by dipping your rims is calculated using approximately 1 can per rim.  It won’t cost you a ton to change the look of your rims and car with Plasti Dip. 

 So how much is it to Plasti Dip rims?  It should cost you only $75 to change the color of your rims.  

Cost to Dip Rims Professionally 

If you’re not one to do it yourself, you can always get it done professionally. Because you’re paying a professional sprayer to dip your rims, expect to pay double than if you dipped them yourself. 

How to Plasti Dip Rims Without Taking Them Off 

When you Plasti Dip your rims without removing them, you need to first start by covering and masking everything behind the wheel. This will include the brakes and calipers. 

Make sure to mask off your wheel well too and your fenders.  The next step will be to clean the rim properly with a rag before applying the pre-dip.  

The pre-dip must be applied with a cloth and not by directly spraying it on to prevent moisture buildup. After the pre-dip is applied, you can start spraying on the Plasti Dip.

Five coats of Plasti Dip are recommended, and that must be left to dry completely; then you remove the plastic covers and the over-spray from the tires, and you’re done. 

Can you Spray Dip over Dip?

Yes, you can spray new dip over old dip. You have to make sure that the old coat of dip is clean and free of debris. You should do more than the normal recommended amount of coats, which is 4-5. Try 6-7 or even more until you get your desired results. The old coat of dip will liquify and bond with the new coat of dip.


How to plasti dip your rims is so easy, anyone can do it.   The good thing about dipping your rims is that you can change the color of your wheels whenever you feel like it.   


Can I plasti dip my whole car?

Yes, and you can apply it with a paint sprayer from this post HERE.