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“I love painting,” an elderly gentleman told me at the hardware store. “There’s something therapeutic about using a brush to paint a wall over the course of a day.  It’s satisfying to see the results of my work pay off right away, changing the look and feel of a room to something completely different by just changing the color.”

Who has a full day to paint a room? We’re busier than ever these days. There’s more stuff to do and less time than ever to get it done. That’s why paint sprayers are such an innovative invention.

You could spend all day painting a room with a brush or roller and it’ll look fantastic. You could do the exact same work with a paint sprayer in 2 hours or less and achieve the exact same results while getting on with your day.

“I love painting too,” I told the elderly gentleman. “I just like painting more than one room during the day. That allows me to serve more customers, make more cash, and I still get the same results.” And then we talked about my experiences with this useful tool.

That elderly gentleman purchased a paint sprayer that day. If this stranger could be helped with a little personal advice, I thought the same might apply to the global community here online. On Paint Spray Pro, you’ll find my first-hand experiences, my favorite products, helpful reviews, and my personal advice.  We use and recommend only the products that you will also love, that perform better than the rest of the pack.

We also offer our tried and tested advice on everything from cold weather painting, to paint thinners, to How-to guides to get your started on your next DIY painting project.

Everything you need to paint a wall, a home, your furniture, or a car and achieve professional looking results. Are you ready to get started?

– John.

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