Best LVLP Spray Gun

The best LVLP Spray Gun is one that can conquer all the jobs you have in mind. 

In this Guide, we will answer all your questions like what is an LVLP Spray Gun, what are the best times to use one, and which LVLP spray guns we think are the best. 

Best lvlp spray gun
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Best LVLP Spray Gun: Quick Editor’s Choice Chart 

Editors Choice Best LVLP Spray Guns

Iwata LPH400

SprayIt LVLP

Astro EVOT13

Best LVLP Spray Guns


Editor’s Choice: Iwata 

Iwata LPH400

Best LVLP spray gun
  • Atomizing PSI: 16.0
  • Air Cap Model: LV4
  • Requires CFM: 9.5
  • Weighs 0.86 lbs!

This quality LVLP spray gun from IWATA has easy adjust fan and fluid controls which are convenient to access on the back of the gun.  It’s one of the lightest in its category at 0.86lbs and is designed to reduce wrist and arm fatigue.

This is a premium LVLP spray gun so expect to pay more than for other brands.  The results are totally worth it.

The LPH400 comes with a 1.4mm tip and is specially designed to outperform other guns when laying down clear coat.  This clear coat workhorse would be a great addition to any other guns you own. Or, use it on its own for all your spray jobs.  

For an LVLP, the atomizing PSI is pretty high at 16 PSI, so this guns chews up air.  Most LVLPs atomize paint at around 10 PSI.  Make sure your air compressor can keep up with this LVLP spray gun.

The IWATA LPH400 is super quiet when laying down paint, it was impressive.

Not included is the 1 quart cup.  This is standard for a pro level gun. This way you can pick and choose a larger or smaller cup depending on the jobs you have to complete.  Smaller cups are great for detailing and painting small vehicles like bikes, motorcycles or scooters.  If you’re painting larger things like entire panels or cars, invest in a large cup.

There is everything to love about this IWATA LVLP.

Soft Spray
Quality Build
Whisper Quiet

Chews up Air
Large Investment

Astro EVOT EuroPro Forged

lvlp spray gun
  • 600ml plastic cup
  • Reduced Pressure HVLP @11.5-13.5 CFMs
  • Lays down clear well
  • 1.3mm tip
  • Perfect for beginners and Pros
  • Weighs 0.6lbs

While not a “true” LVLP Spray Gun, the Astro EVO-T is a reduced pressure gun.  It sprays with a bit less pressure than an HVLP but a bit more than a true LVLP.

We love the fact that this gun can be used by total beginners and give them amazing results.  We found that the gun fit well in our hand.  Because the EVOT13 weighs only 0.6lbs, our wrists and hands didn’t get tired using it.  The soft trigger pull helps to keep your hands and fingers from getting tired too during periods of long use.

Because of the amount of air this spray gun chews through, make sure your compressor can handle the CFM output required to really use this gun to its full potential.

The corrosion proof stainless steel needle and fluid tip make clean up a breeze.

You won’t have to deal with much overspray with Astro’s proprietary ‘air curtain’ design.  The adjustment knobs are lubricated which helps you adjust the gun fast and easy. 

The EVO-T delivers fine atomization with patented technology, leading to high paint transfer.  Less paint wasted is a great thing.  All in all, you get a decently good LVLP spray gun for the money with the Astro EVOT13.

Fine Atomization
Handles a Ton of Materials

Chews up Air
Reduced Pressure (not true LVLP)

SprayIt SP-33000

LVLP spray gun
  • 20oz cup
  • Fan pattern 7 – approx 11″
  • Working PSI 28-45, MAX 60

There are 2 reasons why we recommend this gun #1) its budget friendly and #2) it actually works decent considering it’s super cheap.

This LVLP from SprayIt is perfect for painting for those of us on a budget. For around 45$, you get a decent LVLP Spray Gun to get started on your DIY. 

The quality of the gun and the finish of the paint really surprised us during testing considering its price point. It’s not show room quality (like the IWATA LPH400), but it’s not garbage either.

This gun works best for small projects and/or detail work.  This is because is comes with a smaller 20oz or 600cc paint cup.  Be aware that sometimes the pressure regulator glass arrives cracked due to oddly shaped packing inside the case. 

Obviously when you buy a cheaper gun, you get knobs etc. that are made of aluminum (or plastic parts) that and can easily break or get cross threaded.  Take it easy when putting your gun together, cleaning your gun etc. Remember this is a budget gun so parts and build aren’t as good as with the more expensive guns.

The SprayIT comes with two cleaning brushes so it saves you some cash and time trying to fins the right brush size.  Using those brushes to clean out every crevice of your gun after using is a must.  Cheaper guns are less forgiving than premium models.

We love that this LVLP Paint sprayer takes about 5-10 minutes to clean so you can get on with your day.

Super cheap
Easy cleaning
20 oz cup for detail work

Parts are aluminum/plastic
Regulator is not quality (obv)

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Best LVLP Spray Gun: Buyer’s Guide


What is an LVLP spray gun? What Does LVLP Mean?  What is a Low Volume Spray Gun?

LVLP stands for low volume low pressure.  They work with lower pressure at the nozzle than an HVLP (High Volume High Pressure Gun).  How low?  Well around or less than 10 PSI.  You can buy a cheaper air compressor and save some money if you’re on a budget.

BUT, make sure the compressor meets your LVLP spray gun air requirements of about 26-29 PSI (which comes through the gun and gauge). 

LVLP guns deliver excellent results even for beginner painters, and that’s why we love them so much.

Why use an LVLP paint sprayer?

LVLP paint guns are fantastic at detail work.  Their claim to fame is mostly clear coat and other types of thin coatings.  Thick material is a no go because of the low pressure used by these spray guns.  The smooth finish provided is due to the low pressure paint delivery to your surface.

Smooth Finish
Less Overspray
Can buy a budget Compressor

-Costly to replace
-Expensive replacement parts

Are LVLP Spray Guns Any Good?

LVLP spray guns are great at what they do.  And that’s delivering s a smooth finish with thinner materials like clear coats and other finishes.  For smaller projects, an LVLP will get you the results you want.  Just make sure the paint cup is big enough for your projects to avoid starting/stopping to refill the cup.

An LVLP is not for you if you’re sprayer thicker materials and/or have large projects to spray.  Take a look at investing in a quality gravity feed and/or HVLP sprayer.

Can you Paint a Car with an LVLP Spray Gun?

I would not recommend this UNLESS you’re painting 1 single small panel.  Because of the low volume, low pressure, less paint is being transferred to your project.  You could paint a car so much faster with a gravity fed/HVLP paint sprayer.  

An LVLP would be great for painting a bike, motorcycle, or a scooter.  An RV, car, or bus?  Forget about it.

Features to look for in the Best LVLP Paint Sprayer

Features of the Best LVLP Paint Sprayer
Big enough Paint Cup for your Jobs
Easy to Adjust Pressure Controls
Stainless Steel Parts
Your Compressor has enough CFM’s

Big Enough Paint Cups

For doing small detail jobs, a small paint cup is fine.  But, if you have larger jobs, you will need to make sure that your LVLP spray gun comes with a cup big enough that you don’t have to start and stop when painting. This reduces the risk of mistakes in your project.

Easy to Adjust Pressure Controls

You don’t want to be fumbling around to adjust the pressure while spraying.  You want it to be easy.  This is especially important if you are left handed.

Stainless Steel Parts

Stainless steel parts are better than plastic because they resist corrosion and are easier to clean.  They also last longer than plastic.  Guns with stainless parts might be more expensive than other guns.

Large Enough Compressor

Make sure that your compressor can generate enough CFMs to power your LVLP paint sprayer.  Many LVLP guns chew up air like nobody’s business and you want to make sure your can start painting without having to buy a new compressor.

What is Better HVLP or LVLP?

There is no “better” paint gun, only the right type of spray gun for your jobs.  HVLP is great for larger jobs and spraying thicker materials like base coats, latex, primers.

LVLP spray guns are great for delivering a smooth finish with thin materials like varnishes and clear coats. For smaller jobs and jobs that require more precision and detail, an LVLP paint sprayer is the best option.


An LVLP spray gun is the best tool for detailing or a small paint job.  They deliver outstanding results even for beginner painters.  We hope that you can choose the best one for your budget and jobs from the 3 units we have reviewed above.