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gravity feed spray gun

You’ll find that a gravity feed spray gun is meant for airbrushing and other similar finishing needs.  It can be used for a wide variety of DIY projects you have around the house.

Great if you want lots of detail, but still need general coverage and consistency in your results.

Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun Chart

The chart below will help pick your gravity paint sprayer.

Air Spray Gun: Editor’s Ratings and Reviews

Premium Gravity Feed Spray Gun

Our Premium model pick for a Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit

#1. Fuji Semi Pro 2

gravity feed spray gun

This spray gun works just as well with alternative materials as it does with paint. This spray system does a great job with more than just paint.

We particularly love the way it applies varnish. Water-based polyurethane materials also sprayed well when using this Fuji system.

If you want to spray paint, in fact, you’ll need to purchase a different air cap to get the job done right.

This model comes with air cap #13 and air cap #6 works the best for latex paint.  You will need to thin down your latex somewhat for the best results.

#2. Fuji 5175G-T75Ggravity feed spray gun

This gravity feed spray gun from Fuji is lightweight with a stay cool nylon handle that’s ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue. 

The T-trigger or Easy Pull Trigger is a newly designed, also aimed at reducing operator fatigue.  

The Fuji 5175G-T75G comes with a 1.3mm aircap set #3 installed, perfect for getting some fine finishing projects done.  

Technically you could lay down some automotive base and clear coat with this gravity feed sprayer, you’d just need to change the tips to 0.8 – 1 mm for clear, 1.3 mm for base and 1.5-1.8 mm for primer. 

Thinned latex would need to be sprayed with 1.8 mm. 

Fuji reduces overspray and increases atomization with its high efficiency air cap. 

You can use this gun with your existing Fuji set up, including the Fuji Semi Pro 2.  All Fuji products are compatible with any other Fuji product in their line. 

Quality craftsmanship as usual from Fuji with 100% stainless steel components. 

You get full control over your spray size with adjustable side pattern control knob that adjusts from small to large. 

Ideal from small to medium projects with its 600cc cup, you can still upgrade the cups with 4 sizes available.  

#3. DeVilbiss Gravity Feed Spray Gun

gravity feed spray gun

This spray gun kit works better for occasional use instead of daily use. If you’re a professional painter, then this probably isn’t the right kit for you.

The design is solid and it functions quite well.  All in all, it’s a good spray gun, but we don’t see it standing up to some heavy wear and tear.

That makes it great for the DIY expert who needs to paint their vehicle, the hobbyist, and others who aren’t going to have daily painting needs.

This gravity spray gun kit comes equipped with plastic cups and plastic connection gaskets. There is a definite weak point where the body and the cup come together.

Without care here, you’re going to find either the cup or the gasket breaking and that’s a difficult repair to make if it does happen.  Consider upgrading to the DeKups system.  You can spray at any angle without leaks.

Be prepared for high CFM rates. You’re going to need 8-13 CFM from your air compressor to receive continuous painting from these guns.

We also agree with some of the public reviews of this particular kit regarding hose size: the minimum recommended hose is 5/16 inches, but better results come if you step up to at least a 3/8 inch hose.

#4. Graco Sharpe

gravity feed spray gunWhether you decide to spring for the 1mm model or the 1.8mm model, we found that this compact and very lightweight gravity paint sprayer does an excellent job.

The cup is made from aluminum and holds 600cc, so bigger jobs may see some time delays due to constant filling.

Replacement parts are easy to obtain if something does happen to break down on you, but overall this sprayer is built more for specific projects than for general needs.

Find the tip size that works best for you and get to work!

#5. Campbell Hausfeld Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit

gravity feed spray gunThis spray gun kit is another excellent opportunity for beginners to get involved with paint spraying. You’ll receive the optimal particle size for your paint with the full kit with very little effort.

You’re also given all the cleaning tools that you’ll need to maintain efficiency levels while reducing paint waste. It works for virtually any type of paint spraying that you may need as well, including carpentry and automotive.

10 total paint filters are included, along with 2 spray guns, 2 adjusting valves, and much more.

It really is an incredible deal to help you get started.

#6. Ingersoll Rand 201G Edge

gravity feed spray gun

With a non-drip cup and a suspension hook, the basics are covered with this gravity feed spray gun. Users also receive filtered spray and pattern adjustments that are easy to access with a side dial on the left.

An air adjustment valve is easy to access on the rear of the sprayer as well.

It can spray paint for you fairly well, but we found more success in using stains and other finishes with this particular unit. It requires a high CFM at 10.5 at 50 PSI and the cup size is just 20 ounces; so keep this in mind before making a final decision.

#7. Central Pneumatic HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun

gravity feed spray gun

This paint spray gun uses HVLP to deliver paint on your projects, rather than the standard gravity feed method.

Sometimes you don’t need a spray gun that can spray only paint effectively. Lacquers, enamels, or urethanes need to have a delivery method that is safe and reliable as well.

The Central Pneumatic is a good HVLP spray gun for the money.  It’s actually one of the best cheap HVLP spray guns you can buy.  However, that discount means a few sacrifices.

If you order it, it’s important to recognize that all you’re going to receive is the spray gun and the cup.

You will need a threaded adapter, an air hose, and a compressor for this tool to work properly.

We discovered that one must be very careful about how you clean out this particular spray gun thanks to its internal components.

If you let it air dry, then you run the risk of corrosion occurring. You must completely dry the unit after cleaning it to avoid this issue.

Several public reviews mention the gun clogging on the first time they used it. Our trial model came packed in a silicon coating to protect the product. Cleaning it with standard mineral spirits prepared the gun for use.

Without that cleaning, the silicon coating would most definitely cause clogging or sputtering.

This is due to its adjustable fan patterns and its volume control. This HVLP spray gun does require a minimum 1 HP compressor with at least 50 PSI and 6 CFM to operate in a continuous manner.

#8. Sprayit

gravity feed spray gun
Because this Sprayit model is a gravity feed spray gun, it is best suited for small projects.  We recommend cleaning this gun before use; some film is left inside from the manufacturing process. 

Your working pressure is around 44 – 58 PSI, while max pressure is 60 PSI.  

The swivel cup allows you to rotate the gun to spray hard to reach places.  Adjustable fluid fan pattern and air controls allow you to really dial in the patterns and also control paint waste. 

While this gun is made of aluminum, the fluid needle and nozzle are made of stainless steel to resist corrosion. 

If you’re looking for a tool on a budget to get some quick small projects finished then this spray gun is for you. 

Just remember: you get what you pay for. 

#9. Tooluxe

gravity feed spray gun

If you’re looking for a portable solution for your gravity feed spray gun, then this might be the best option on the market today.

It’s built for finishing and detail work more than anything else with its 0.5mm nozzle size, but the average air consumption requirement it has is just 2.4 CFM.

Tooluxe sells 5 different tip sizes and a specialty cleaning kit made just for this spray gun.

The cup size is rather small at 200cc, but considering it’s for detail work, that’s not too bad either.

Weighing less than 1 pound, some users might find cleanup chores a bit difficult with this unit, but overall our testing experience was positive. We’d highly recommend this gravity feed spray gun.

#10. Campbell Hausfeld Gravity Feed Spray Gun

gravity feed spray gun
This unit from Campbell Hausfeld sprays thinner materials like lacquers and poly really well.  High solid lacquers and latex paint (even thinned) probably not.  

Comes with 1.4 mm tip.  Lightweight gun at around 2 lbs.  You get a cup size of 600 cc so perfect for small DIY projects. 

Polished aluminum sprayer housing means clean up is pretty fast.  Be careful not to drop this gun, the body is rather fragile and it will break when it hits the ground. 

Unfortunately, the siphon tube cannot be rotated, for flat overhead spraying so we don’t recommend this unit for ceilings. 

Once again, you get what you pay for. 

Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun Buyer’s Guide

The actual design of the paint spray gun is important because it will affect the quality of your finish.

Each design aspect has certain advantages.  The gravity feed spray gun reviews found here can help you sort out the design features of each make and model so you can get a feel for what the tool can do.

Not sure about what you should be looking for in your next spray gun? We’ve broken it down right here for your consideration.

Internal or External Mixing Systems

A Gravity feed spray gun will have either an internal or external mix. This is an indication of when the air stream hits your paint stream. Internal mix is what most sprayers have, but if you just have a small coverage area to cover, an external mix will meet your needs. 

Trigger Action: 2 Choices

Action refers to how you’ll be actually using the sprayer. Dual action has you press down for air as you pull back for paint. Single action accomplishes this in one step. You can also choose a trigger action. 

Flow Rates and Gravity Feed Spray Guns

Different spray guns will provide different flow rates, although this tends to be minimized somewhat thanks to the gravity feed. Still… some models are more effective than others. 

Type of Feed

This type of spray gun is categorized by two types of feeds: HVLP Spray Gun Kit or Standard. Some kits will give you both types of feeds if you prefer.  

Gravity feed brings the paint directly to your nozzle.  It will use less air pressure to atomize your paint, making it easier to include finer details into your project with less overall paint. 

Find the best combination in design features with the gravity feed spray gun reviews and you’ll be able to get to work. 

Why We Recommend a Gravity Feed Spray Gun

Gravity feed paint sprayers are the right choice if you are completing a detailed project.  Painting a large area like your house?  Forget about it. 

You can also purchase kits with both an HVLP feed and a standard gravity feed.  This give you more options and let’s you paint a wider variety of projects. 

Gravity feeds the paint into your paint gun from a cup.  This ensures even paint flow and application even as the paint gets low.  Watch out if you need to paint upside down or on a weird angle.   

Make sure your gun can paint in those types of situations before you buy. 

We love the price point on most gravity feed spray guns.  To buy in, you’re look at $100 or less.  

If you just want to give spraying a try, you can get a gun for $35.  Remember: you get what you pay for so don’t expect a miracle from a cheaper gun. 

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Gravity Feed Spray Gun Features

Features to Look for in a Gravity Feed Sprayer

  • Minimum 600cc cups
  • Controls located near back of Gun
  • Stainless Steel Parts
  • Filtering System

Size of the Cups

Look at what the size of your paint cup is going to be because this will dictate how much downtime you have.  Make sure your spray gun kit has a minimum 600cc cup size.

Frankly, these cups can be of virtually any size, but we find that 600cc cups tend to provide the best combination of productivity and downtime.  Some cups may be as small as 120cc.

For a smaller and more detailed project, this may be adequate.

Location of Spray Controls

Having the controls for the spray gun located at the rear of the tool instead of the front of it allows for better ambidextrous use of the device.

Many spray guns that feature adjustment knobs for spray or volume at the front tend to be positioned for right-handed users. With rear placement, everyone has comfortable use of the spray gun.


Filtering is also important to the gravity feed application process. With adequate filtering, a smooth finish can generally be created with very little effort.

Can an Air Spray Gun Spray Latex?

Latex Paint and Your Gravity Feed Spray Gungravity feed

Just remember that a gravity fed spray gun is not typically suited for latex paint applications unless the paint has been thinned down adequately enough.

Latex viscosity must be like pancake syrup in order for it to be used.  Even then latex still tends to go against the instructions of the manufacturer.

If you are going to be using primarily latex, then you’ll want to check out our best latex paint sprayer reviews for the best results possible.

You’ll also want to look at the operating PSI for certain types of gravity feed spray guns. If it is anything above 10 PSI, then you’ll need to have an adequate compressor that can consistently meet your pressure requirements.

Remember that indoor paint tends to be thicker than outdoor paint, so the end results require different settings.

What Are the Prices of a Gravity Feed Spray Gun? 

This type of air spray gun tends to be one of the better-priced options that is available on today’s market. You’ll find that many models are priced right around the $50 mark.

This is true even if there are specific applications mentioned for the product, such as automobile detail work or carpentry finishing.

Purchasing multiple spray guns in kits will reduce the per unit price of gravity feed spray guns by 20% or more depending on the brand.

You will find some of the best gravity feed spray guns priced around the $100 mark, while cheaper options exist at the $25-$35 price point.

Premium sprayers such as the Fuji Semi Pro are all-in-one solutions, while the entry-level sprayers will meet just one or two specific needs quite well.


The best gravity feed spray gun reviews can help you find the perfect tool to finish your detail work or other small projects.

Instead of fiddling with different pressures or fan sizes or if you have the right viscosity loaded up, these sprayers will let you focus on what you do best. Create outstanding results as soon as tomorrow when you choose one of these products today.


Gravity Feed not for you?  Check out our Best Paint Sprayer Reviews and pick your next Paint Sprayer.

Quick FAQs

What is the best gravity feed spray gun?

Fuji Semi Pro 2

Are gravity feed spray guns better?

Gravity Feed Spray Guns are good for painting small areas, deliver even paint flow with less overspray and the price is right at about 100$ or less.

Can a gravity feed spray gun spray latex paint?

Just remember that a gravity fed spray gun is not typically suited for latex paint applications unless the paint has been thinned down adequately enough.

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