Best Latex Paint Sprayers

When applied with the best latex paint sprayer, latex paint provides users with a versatile water-soluble solution. 

Latex paint is easily cleaned up should mistakes or spills happen.  The end result is a surface that looks beautifully smooth and wears consistently over time.

Its non-toxic, has low odor issues when being applied, and dries quickly. Today we’ll help you find the right latex paint sprayer to get great results.

latex paint sprayer
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Best Latex Paint Sprayer Comparison Chart

The following sprayers are the best in the industry today at spraying latex paint consistently.

Best Latex Paint Sprayers: Editor’s Reviews and Ratings

Best Premium Latex Sprayer

Graco TrueCoat 360 Airless Paint Sprayer Kit

best latex paint sprayer
  • Includes TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer with 1 narrow 4 tip, 1 wide 12 tip, 1 quart Pump Armor and a 3-Pack FlexLiner 32 oz Paint Bags
  • Spray unthinned paint
  • Reversible Spray Tips
  • VacuValve technology allows you upside down spraying
  • Flow Rate 0.20 gallons/minute

This Graco TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer Kit is awesome.  Save some cash and get it all at once.  It comes with everything you need to get started on a wide variety of DIY projects including: 

  • Paint bags 
  • Pump armor and 
  • 2 tips (1 narrow 4” tip and 1 wide 12” tip) 

Graco’s signature reversible spray tips allows you to clear out clogs with minimal down time.  The 1500 PSI Piston Pump is stainless steel, which resists corrosion, rust and allows you to spray unthinned latex at high pressure.   

The variable spray width of 4 and 12 inches allows you to cover small and large areas quickly and with precision.

Can you spray primer with Graco TrueCoat 260? You bet, it can spray water based and solvent based paints, stains and primers that can be cleaned with mineral spirits. Spray all unthinned paint mediums with this powerful sprayer.

Spraying upside down is not an issue with the Graco VacuValve technology.

Weighing in at 3.5 lbs, you won’t suffer from wrist fatigue when using this latex paint sprayer. 

The 32 ounce capacity cup is OK, but we found we needed to refill a bit more frequently than we’d like, especially for bigger jobs. Because of this. we wouldn’t recommend it for large jobs like painting the exterior of a house. This airless sprayer operates at 1500 PSI which will create more overspray than other models, but also allows the spraying of unthinned paint and thicker mediums. Thinning materials will have more overspray with this model.

Using this Graco TrueCoat is fully explained in this VIDEO FROM GRACO.

The FlexLiner System helps to make cleaning take about 10 minutes.  You can wash out your FlexLiner paint bags to save some dough or buy them in a warehouse pack. 

DIYers will like that this sprayer has an annual gallon recommendation of about 25/gallons per year.

Comes with a ton of supplies
Battery lasts 30 min of spray time
Can also spray unthinned paints
0-2000 PSI adjustments

Must buy flexliners when you run out
Paint cups are small
Doesn’t suck paint directly from can
Needs a longer power cord

Best Latex Paint Sprayer for Beginners

HomeRight Super Finish Max

best latex paint sprayer
  • Easy to Clean
  • Adjustable Settings and Spray Patterns
  • Comes with 3 tips: 1.5, 2.0, 4mm
  • Perfect for beginners and Pros
  • 40 ounce paint cup

Take your home improvements to the next level with this HVLP paint sprayer from HomeRight.

It offers the same functionality as the top models in the industry, but for a fraction of the price. It even requires less thinning that high-level models. If you want to start painting right away, this model will accommodate you. The lower levels of pressure with this HVLP model mean that you have less overspray to worry about and it delivers a smooth consistent finish.

Right out of the box, the HomeRight Super Finish Max has multiple spray settings that help you conquer more projects.  You can also buy more spray tips making it even more versatile.   

The Super Max comes with a 450 watt turbine motor. When paired with an interchangeable tip, most paint mediums can be sprayed. Three brass spray tips are included: 1.5, 2.0, and 4mm. Combine that with the brass nozzle for added durability and you can have confidence in the results you’re producing.

Always pay attention to the connectors that you use on your HomeRight HVLP Sprayer.  Some models offer users a connector that is smaller in diameter than the air hose that connects to the unit.

Because this is a restriction to the flow of the paint or other substance, pressure can build up at the connection and cause issues.

There are some elements of an HVLP design with this HomeRight model, but there are also some siphon feed elements included as well.

This helps to keep your spray pressure consistent as you’re painting, staining, or varnishing, helping you to create that professional-looking finish. 

We also like the ergonomic improvements that were included within the design. If you add the HomeRight Rapid Cleaning Tool to your arsenal, clean up is even easier.

You also receive an air-blowing nozzle with this particular model. If you run this nozzle without a paint medium, then you receive a tight stream of air that you can use for cleaning out home electronics, underneath tables and chairs, and other tight spaces where dust bunnies tend to collect.

At just 3 pounds, your grip isn’t going to get tired as you’re working and this helps you to get through projects a bit quicker than you could with other models. Some craft sprayers do weighs less than this model, but they are a bit cheaper and don’t deliver the same results on furniture and larger woodworking projects.

It’s super easy to find parts for this very popular paint sprayer.  New paint containers and tips can be found online.  Need a spray shelter?  HomeRight makes that too!

The 40 ounce cup is bigger than most other models (which have 32 ounce paint cups), and you should be able to cover about 90-100 square feet of paint area with one cup.

Great price
Good for a ton of projects
Adjustable Controls
Less overspray
Includes 3 spray tips

Needs compressor
Not for commercial Use
Not great for large projects

Best Budget Latex Paint Sprayer

Critter Spray Products

  • Requires 3 CFM at 90 psi
  • Use with paints, stains, lacquers, and more
  • Best for spraying furniture, cabinets and crafts
  • Includes siphon gun, tube, 16-ounce Mason jar, jar gasket

This siphon gun is a surprisingly good value. It allows you to convert one of those old canning jars you’ve got lying around into a paint container.

Use this paint sprayer to apply lacquers, stains, or paints with ease. You’ll need to mount the spray gun kit to a compressor for it to work properly, with a minimum requirement of ¾ HP.

This paint sprayer is best suited for spraying furniture, cabinets and crafts.  If you have larger DIY projects, you will want to invest in a more heavy duty painter with larger capacity cups, better balance and more durable gaskets.

It is designed to work with 16-ounce jars, but you can adapt it to work with other models with a few minutes of work. If you already have the equipment, give this paint sprayer a try today and we think you’ll be quite pleased.

When you’re done using this siphon gun and you’ve cleaned it up appropriately, then the hook grip on the handle of the product can also double as a method for hanging the tool up in your workshop or garage.

The gasket does not have a long life. You’ll find the gasket wears out pretty quickly with this siphon gun. You can also buy this maintenance kit from Critter Spray to cover all your bases when it comes to maintenance.

You’ve got a couple of options for sealing your connection with the Mason jar when that happens.  You can cut some wax paper out to create your own temporary gasket or you can use the product without a gasket.

Avoid using rubber gaskets if you’re using solvent finishes.

In return, you’ll receive a home paint sprayer that can handle lacquers, stains, and paints with relative ease for a great price. It can feel a little top heavy if you’re using a full Mason jar for your finishing work.

Works with most compressors
Uses recycled mason jars

Not very well balanced
Short gasket life
Paint wears off gun quickly

Wagner Control Spray HVLP

best latex paint sprayer
  • 2 stage turbine
  • No compressor required
  • 20 foot hose
  • Up to 12″ spray fan width
  • 2 nozzles included: one for smooth and one for semi smooth finish

No matter what type of paint or stain you choose to spray, the Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer gives you options.  

You can spray a pattern of ½-inch in size to 1 foot in size with the same optimal levels of control.

You can take advantage of fine finish work because of the high volume, low pressure design.  At the same time, you’re given a 20-foot flexible air hose that extends your reach as you work.

The Wagner Control Spray is one of the best spray guns for latex paint around.  We found that it sprayed extremely well with this machine, though screening the paint was necessary for consistent results.

More overspray occurs with thinner materials, so take caution when spraying stains especially.

Priming is the issue that we found with this particular paint sprayer. If you do not take the time to properly prime the equipment, your results will be less than desirable.

This sprayer is limited to small jobs.  Spraying cabinets is perfect but, painting a bedroom wall, for example, or a fence, would not be feasible with this equipment.  

1/2 inch to 12 inch fan width
No compressor needed
Flow and air pressure are adjustable

Hose might be too short for some
Oil based paint is a no no

Wagner Flexio 890 

  • Turbine
  • 3 spray patterns
  • 2 nozzles included
  • 11.5 ft hose
  • Lightweight
  • Output 8.4 gallons per hour

When a product says it has enough power to paint a wall that is 8 feet by 10 feet in size in just 5 minutes, then it has our attention. The 11.5 foot long hose gives you enough free play to move around your project.

When tested, the Wagner Flexio 890 can be used to spray unthinned paints. It also comes with a removable filter, so you don’t have to buy filters separately.

The Wagner Flexio features include 3 adjustable spray patterns: horizontal, vertical and round fans giving you decent control over your output and results. The Flexio comes with 2 nozzles: the iSpray and a detail finish nozzle. Use the iSpray for larger jobs to cover more area faster and the detail finish nozzle for small projects and fine finishing.

The Flexio is portable, weighing only 12 pounds and the carry handle make sit super portable.

If painting with this unit indoors, you will benefit from fully masking off your paint area. You just can’t compromise on the price of your tape, your tarp, and your plastic sheeting.

That’s because the exhaust output from this turbine paint station is pretty strong. Strong enough that if you don’t tape your masking down, it can be blown off the wall.

During testing, we found that the nozzle tends to clog. Make sure to wipe down the nozzle regularly with a damp cloth and cover it with a wet rag if you take any breaks.

The Flexio uses about 2 gallons of paint to cover a wall as compared to the same rolling or brushing work.

If you don’t like to paint or you have a pretty big project to complete, then the Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Station can make the job go by fast.

No compressor needed
Use indoors or outdoors
Handles a Ton of Materials
Comes with 2 nozzles
Adjustable volume flow dial
Many spray fan widths
Lightweight at 12 pounds

Uses more paint than other models
Cleaning is a chore
Hose only 11.5 feet

Wagner Control Spray Double Duty

  • No compressor needed
  • Best for stains, varnish, thinned latex
  • Lightweight
  • 2 cups included: 1 and 1.5 quart
  • Adjustable Spray Patterns

A spray gun should be able to provide users with a maximum level of control while providing a minimal level of overspray when used correctly. It should also be able to accurately spray sealants, stains, and other light body materials in addition to paint when it’s at the right viscosity.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, here is what we discovered while taking this Wagner double duty unit out for a test run.

You have horizontal, vertical, and round spray patterns from this Wagner sprayer.  The horizontal and round spray patterns were relatively easy to apply.

This versatility makes the Wagner Control Spray a good paint sprayer for latex paint. The vertical spray pattern took a little time to master, so we recommend practicing your technique if you need to paint vertically with this equipment. 

We do love how fast you can change between materials with the design of this Wagner model.

The variable trigger in particular makes finishing work consistent, but still personalized, and that gives this paint sprayer a unique advantage. 

For paint, you’re going to need to strain it every single time. Make sure you thin down the paint per the manufacturer’s instructions and then strain the paint before sending it through this sprayer for the best results.

It’s also lightweight and produces a fine spray that doesn’t give you a whole lot of atmospheric pollution while you’re working, so it isn’t as temperamental as other sprayers with a similar design. 

1 year warranty
Great price
Beginner Friendly

Need to thin down latex paint ALOT

Astro Spray Gun

best paint sprayer
  • Best for spraying flake
  • Consistent spray
  • Siphon Feed
  • Great for Outdoor Use
  • 1 quart cup
  • 1.8mm nozzle
  • Adjustable Fan Pattern

Using this spray paint gun for interior work can be a challenge. Because this is a rather high pressure siphon gun, you’ll find that there can be a lot of atmospheric pollution leftover from your spraying work. At around 3 lbs, you tend to avoid user fatigue when painting with this latex paint sprayer.

We found that the consumption ratio was about 50/50 in the amount of paint it would apply to the amount that went into the atmosphere.

Operation pressure is a bit high at 50-60 PSI, but it is still fairly manageable with most compressors.

You do have an HVLP adjustment that can help to control your nozzle velocity, but unless you have a large, open space to paint, we recommend this unit for outdoor use.

Flaking is crazy easy with this spray gun. You know that flaking you put into the paint you spread on garage floors and other concrete?

You don’t have to do it by hand any more. The Astro Spray Gun does an excellent job of spraying even the large metal flakes onto your surface so you can have a consistent look.

With that being said, it isn’t going to outperform a $300 spray gun of a similar design. Your adjustment options are a little limited and they can be hard to reach in the middle of a job.

Yet for what it can do, especially in terms of consistency, we really don’t have any complaints about what this Astro sprayer can do.

Sprays flake
Non corrosive parts

50/50 consumption ratio
Hard to Reach HVLP adjustments
Interior work is challenging

Neiko Tools 1.7mm Air Spray Gun

neiko tools
  • Operation pressure 40 PSI; Working pressure 10 PSI
  • Weight: Under 3 lbs
  • Average air consumption 4.5 CFM
  • 1.7mm nozzle size is perfect for metallic basecoat, primer and a variety of automotive and household painting projects
  • INCLUDES: 600cc (20.3 fl. oz) aluminum cup with lid, metal air gauge/regulator, a cleaning brush and a multi-size wrench

The Neiko Air Spray lets you control the pattern thanks to the knobs located on the back or underneath of the gun. The gauge is pretty easy to read no matter which way you’re holding the gun.

The Neiko guns do not come with interchangeable tips: this 1.7mm model is great for finishing work and not so great for spraying bases.

Although you see this somewhat with this Neiko model, it isn’t something that is overly noticeable unless you’re using many different types of sprayers over a short period of time.

It fights user fatigue so you get a consistent pattern as often as possible.

The spray pattern from this gun is really nice and consistent for the entry level price. The low weight of this spray gun fights spray fatigue, letting you paint for longer. The gravity feed cup ensure a smooth and consistent result.

Many issues that are listed in public reviews about this particular latex sprayer can be easily fixed.

Like most products that you order online, the Neiko 40 PSI Air Spray Gun benefits from a good cleaning before you use it.

Make sure you check your threads before running paint through it as well. The spray pattern from this gun is really nice and consistent for the entry level price. The low weight of this spray gun fights spray fatigue, letting you paint for longer. The gravity feed cup ensure a smooth and consistent result.

A little care before will reduce your maintenance time and costs later on down the road. Many sprayers that are below 3 pounds in weight tend to provide inconsistent results.

1 year warranty

No stainless steel parts
1 tip size only

Campbell Hausfeld

  • Just over 2lbs
  • Convertible from non bleeder to bleeder
  • Good w/all materials
  • Includes internal/external mix air caps
  • 1 quart paint cup

The convertible pressure AND siphon feed design of this particular sprayer is what gives it such an advantage. This budget friendly model can support the majority of your paint project needs.

You can use low or high viscosity materials with equal levels of success. This includes latex, lacquer/enamel paint, stain and primer.  Cleanup is super simple thanks to the ball burnished finish on this particular model.

Lightweight at just over 2 pounds, the one negative we can see some users facing with this particular sprayer is that it only holds 1 quart of paint at a time.

Convertible from non-bleeder to bleeder style for use with standard or tankless air compressors.

If you’re planning on pairing this with a turbine system, make sure that your turbine supports a non-bleeder type gun.

Just over 2 LBS
Sprays a ton of materials
Budget Friendly

Siphon feed sometimes has mixed results
Turbine system must be compatible with non-bleeder guns

Latex Paint Sprayer Buyer’s Guide

What Type of Paint Sprayer Is Best for Latex Paint?

There are several different types of paint sprayers on the market today that claim they’ll work with latex.

Given this, it can be difficult to determine what sprayer is right for you. In general terms, an airless sprayer is going to give you the best results.

Many airless paint sprayers will let you take the paint straight from the can so you can get right to work without thinning the latex paint.

How Does a Latex Paint Sprayer Work?

A latex paint sprayer works by combining air from a turbine, motor, or air compressor and then mixing that with the latex paint. This atomized paint is then sprayed with pressure through the tip onto your paint surface.

Features to Look for in a Latex Paint Sprayer

If you’re going to be spraying anything other than a flat wall, you’ll want your latex paint sprayer to be able to spray at any angle, including upside down.

A lightweight spray gun means your arm won’t get tired if your have a large job to complete.  Efficient paint transfer is important if you’re working indoors and/or on a paint budget.  Less paint waste is always a good thing.

No one wants to take a long time cleaning up after their project, so make sure the sprayer is easy to clean.

Adjustable fan patterns and air pressure lets you customize your spray for each specific project, making your spray gun more versatile and useful for many projects.

Features to Look for in a Latex Paint Sprayer

Features of the Best Latex Sprayer
Can spray at any angle
Adjustable Fan Pattern
Efficient Paint Transfer
Easy Clean Up
Adjustable Air Pressure
Cup Capacity
Usage in Gallons
Flow rate/minute


Can Spray at Any Angle

If you’re going to be spraying anything other than a flat wall, you’ll want your latex paint sprayer to be able to spray at any angle, including upside down. 

Adjustable Fan Pattern and Air Pressure

Adjustable fan patterns and air pressure lets you customize your spray for each specific project, making your spray gun more versatile and useful for many projects. 

Efficient Paint Transfer

Efficient paint transfer is important if you’re working indoors and/or on a paint budget.  Less paint waster is always a good thing.  Don’t forget to cover the area that you want to protect from paint with a drop cloth to keep it from getting any overspray from your paint sprayer.


A lightweight spray gun means your arm won’t get tired if your have a large job to complete. An ergonomically designed sprayer will reduce or eliminate wrist fatigue from spraying.

Easy Clean Up 

No one wants to take a long time cleaning up after their project, so check out reviews and make sure the sprayer is easy to clean.   Also check if it comes with a hose connection so you can just run water through it to clean it. This usually reduces the clean up time to around 5 or so minutes.


A latex sprayer should be able to meet the demands of your projects. Look for sprayers that can spray at any angle and get into tight spaces if painting furniture, cabinets, or other small jobs.

Cup Capacity

If you’re painting entire walls, a latex sprayer with a small cup capacity will require you to stop and start more often than one that pulls the paint directly from a paint can. Take note of the size and frequency that you will be using your sprayer and buy one with enough capacity to meet the demands you will put on it.

Usage Rate in Gallons

How many gallons your sprayer can spray is important is you’re a hardcore DIYer and plan on using the sprayer often. If you’re a painter for a living, this becomes very important.

Flow Rate/Minute

Again, if you have many projects or large projects to paint, your sprayer needs to be able to keep up with your pace and give you enough paint per minute to complete your projects without having to stop and start repeatedly.

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Can HVLP Spray Latex?

Can you use latex paint in an HVLP sprayer?  Yes, HVLP sprayers can also work with latex paint.

Do you have to thin latex paint for an HVLP sprayer?  You will be required to thin the paint in order for it to work properly with most sprayers.  This results in needing more than one coat of paint on some surfaces.

What kind of sprayer do you use for latex paint? Airless sprayers which spray at high PSI can spray thick unthinned materials like latex, primers, undercoating, etc. sometimes right from the paint can.

HVLP Sprayers are not usually designed to handle latex because many of the reservoirs are small.  You’ll need to fill them up constantly while working, but they will work for you if you’re in a bind.

High pressure sprayers that work with air compressors can also handle latex paint with some brands and models, but this is generally not recommended.

The atomization of the paint creates at 60/40 ratio where you lose more paint to the atmosphere around you than you get on the surface you’re trying to paint.

Again – it will work in a pinch, but isn’t your best solution. Keep in mind that with any paint sprayer, you’ll need to budget time for cleaning up the sprayer afterward.

HVLP sprayer cleanup is generally easier than airless cleanup, but the trade-off is that HVLP application is more difficult and slower.

What About HVLP Vs LVLP?

Low Volume Low Pressure guns paint even slower than HVLP and are made for thin materials.  You could spray latex, but you would thin it down considerably so that it will spray under low pressure.  

Read more about LVLP guns and how they perform in our HVLP vs LVLP post.

Best Tool for Small Jobs

For some DIY users, a paint roller may be a more time effective solution, especially for small jobs. For a large job, however, the best latex paint sprayer can provide you consistent results with minimal follow-up work.

What is the Best Type of Sprayer for Latex?

If you have technical experience with spraying paint we recommend an airless sprayer for latex.  The extra paint waste can be minimized for experienced painters.

For beginners, we recommend an HVLP model.  Less paint waste and you can spray thinner materials with this type of sprayer like thinned latex.  You can also get a sprayer on a budget in this category.

7 Reasons for Buying a Latex Paint Sprayer: Benefits of Using a Latex Paint Sprayer

  • Creates a smooth and consistent finish on your surface
  • Latex paint is non-toxic
  • Latex sprayers come with different spray patterns and paint flow adjustments
  • Many are made for beginners
  • Can use for many different projects
  • Can use for different paint types too
  • Most come with more than 1 paint tip

How to Get the Most Out of Your Latex Paint Sprayer: Accessories for your Latex Sprayer

The most useful accessory that you’ll find with latex paint sprayers is a wand.

These wands can extend the reach of your spray gun so that you can paint virtually any surface without needing to get up onto a ladder.

Combine this with a flexible and sturdy hose of 25 feet or longer plus an extension cord of equal length.  Then you’ll be able to paint virtually anything at home with ease.

Tips for Using Your Latex Paint Sprayer

  • It is very important that you remember to prime your sprayer. Make sure your spray gun has been fitted with a tip that is of the proper size.
  • Then you’ll want to have the siphon tube placed into a clean bucket of paint that you’re planning to use.
  • Thin the paint if necessary before placing the siphon in the paint. Then fill your hose, sprayer, and gun according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Now you’ll want to set the pressure on your latex sprayer. Use the lowest setting and then hold the spray gun about 12 inches away from a test piece so you can see what the results will be.

Why Use Latex Instead of Another Kind of Paint?

Latex has many benefits over oil based paints.

  • Non toxic
  • Easy clean up
  • Fast Drying
  • Most sprayers can spray thinned latex
  • Low VOC/Low Odor available
  • Eco-friendly Options Available

Tip Size for Spraying Latex

Here is a list of the various tips you should use for different paints and jobs if using an airless paint sprayer. For an HVLP sprayer, remember you may need to thin the latex before sprayer because it sprays at a lower pressure than airless sprayers. Generally, an HVLP sprayer will need a 1.8mm tip to spray latex. I recommend you consult with your owners manual for the sprayer you buy to determine the proper tip size and paint viscosity required to spray latex.

JobTip Size
Furniture (Oil)517 or 619
Coatings (Poly)313, 413, 415, 515
Walls/Ceilings (Latex)313, 413, 415, 515, 517
Decks/Fencing (Stains)313, 413, 415, 515
Cabinets (Enamel - Oil)313, 413, 415, 515
Primer (Oil)517, 619
Primer (Latex)415, 515, 517

What Can You Use Latex On? 

Latex paint works awesome to cover up old latex or flat oil based paints.  You can use it on most anything, including unprimed surfaces.  

We don’t recommend using it on metal or wood; the water in the paint can cause issues like rust or warp the wood grain. 

Where to Find the Best Latex Paint Sprayer for Me 

Because there is such a variety in features, options, and advantages with each style of paint sprayer, it becomes important to know how each make and model will work.

Public reviews are a great place to get some of this information, but there can be a tinge of user bias to those reviews. That’s why we recommend combining public reviews with thorough professional reviews like the ones you’ll find on this site.

Knowing what a paint sprayer can do before you use it for the first time will allow you to match up your expectations to the right product.

In return, you’ll be able to get to work right away without worrying about whether or not your preferred sprayer can handle the job demands you’re about to place upon it.

Don’t settle for the cheapest sprayer possible. With the right information in your hands, you can shop based on value instead.

That way your latex paint sprayer can pay you dividends over the entire time you own this useful tool.

What Are the Prices of the Best Spray Guns for Latex Paint?

Since most of the best latex paint sprayers tend to be of the airless variety, you’ll find that there can be a rather steep price tag associated with this tool.

Some brands offer models that are priced in the $700 range.  This is why if you have just one job to do and that’s it, a rental might be a better overall option for your budget.

If you have smaller jobs to do with your latex paint sprayer, then the HVLP method of application might work for you. This will allow you to save 50% or more on the retail cost of your new paint sprayer.

You’ll have more work to do during the application of the paint to your preferred surface and may need to thin down the paint to get it to work properly, but you’ll definitely save some cash.

Should you already have a compressor setup in place for a high pressure delivery system, you’ll be able to save even more money.

High pressure latex applications can get a painting job done quickly, but you’ll need to budget for the extra paint you’ll need for each job thanks to the 60/40 application ratios seen by most sprayers in this specific category.


The best latex paint sprayer is going to save you a ton of time on your next project.

It’s time to work smarter instead of messier.

Get your interior or exterior looking brand new with one of these sprayers today and the value you receive in return will just keep giving and giving.

Quick FAQs

What is the best budget latex paint sprayer ?

Critter Spray Products

What is the best latex paint sprayer for beginners ?

HomeRight Super Finish Max

Can HVLP Spray Latex?

Yes, but it will need to be thinned.

What Type of Paint Sprayer Is Best for Latex Paint?

Airless takes paint right from the latex can unthinned. Good for those with more experience. HVLP requires thinning but is beginner friendly.