Critter Spray Gun Review

Critter Spray Products

critter spray
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  • Great for furniture, cabinets, crafts
  • 90 day warranty
  • Requires 3 CFM at 90 psi
  • Use with paints, stains, lacquers, and more
  • Includes siphon gun, tube, 16-ounce Mason jar, jar gasket
  • Gasket wears out fast

With the Critter Spray Gun, you’re able to find a use for those leftover Mason jars or canning jars that are taking up space in your cabinets right now.

Recycling items is just part of our existence today. We reduce waste by creating new uses for our existing items that have already been used.  If you are interested in an environmentally friendly option, look no further.

What does the Critter Spray comes with?  You’ll receive the spray gun top and a glass Mason jar when purchasing this siphon gun. In return, you’ll receive a sprayer that can handle lacquers, stains, and paints with relative ease for a great price.

Works with most compressors
Uses recycled mason jars!

Not very well balanced
Short gasket life

Critter Spray Gun Best Features

Here are some of the key points we discovered about this particular spray gun when we got the chance to use it.

Critter Paint Sprayer Features
It only uses 16 oz glass canning jars as a default
The air compressor requirements are minimal
The gasket doesn't have a long life
The paint on the gun handle will flake off
Balance can be a bit off
Storage is simple

Best Results From Your New Mason Jar Paint Sprayer

You will get the best results if you use the 16 oz mason jars as your paint cups.

With that being said, you can take the lid off of the siphon gun pretty easily to adapt it for use with other jars if you prefer.

We found the best results tend to come from the 16 ounce jar, however, so only change out the type of jar if you need to do so. Make sure you use the small mouth jars if you want to purchase some extra ones.

Will I need a large Air Compressor?

The air compressor requirements are quite minimal. 

At 90 PSI, this siphon gun only requires 3 CFM for continuous operation. You’ll need to have the air compressor and the air hose on-hand already for this sprayer to operate.  

This is reflected in the lower overall cost.  You will need at least 0.75 HP in your compressor motor for this siphon sprayer to operate.

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What about the Critter Spray Gun Gasket Life?

You’ll find the Critter Spray Gun Jar gasket wears out pretty quickly with this siphon gun. You’ve got a couple of options for sealing your connection with the Mason jar when that happens. 

You can cut some wax paper out to create your own temporary gasket or you can use the product without a gasket.

Avoid using rubber gaskets if you’re using solvent finishes.

You can also buy this maintenance kit from Critter Spray to cover all your bases when it comes to maintenance.

How does the Finish Hold Up on this Paint Sprayer?

The paint on the gun is going to flake off on you after several uses. We saw this begin to happen even with our limited trial.

Don’t worry – the gun itself is made from a zinc alloy and it stands up to a lot of use. You might even consider just stripping the paint off of the siphon gun before using it to avoid a future headache.

Hints for Using Your New Critter Spray Gun

The balance can sometimes be a little off with this model. This Critter sprayer can feel a little top heavy if you’re using a full Mason jar for your finishing work. 

That feeling goes away once you start getting to work, but then comes back again in reverse with the jar is almost empty.

Storage is Simple

When you’re done using this siphon gun and you’ve cleaned it up appropriately, then the hook grip on the handle of the product can also double as a method for hanging the tool up in your workshop or garage.

Best Way to Use Your Critter Spray Gun

This siphon sprayer can apply lacquers, stains, or paints with ease. The Critter Paint Sprayer is best suited for spraying furniture, cabinets and crafts.

If you have larger DIY projects, you will want to invest in a more heavy duty painter with larger capacity cups. This will give you better balance.  While you’re at it grab some more durable gaskets.


You really can’t beat the value this product can provide you. Just for fun, we even used a jar full of water to spray out on the flower bed!

The Critter Spray Gun might be a little different in some ways, but it’s unique.  It helps you save money, and you can get a great finish. That gives it our recommendation any day.


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