Best Plasti Dip Spray Gun

Dipping your car with the best plasti dip spray gun is easier than you think.  

With a bit of practice on your spray technique you can dip your car for a fraction of the cost of taking it to a shop. 

Plasti dip is a fun, non-permanent way to try out new looks on your car and rims without breaking the bank.  We love the matte finish and creative color combos that people come up with.

We tested a few spray guns for plasti dip and a couple of rim spraying kits, check out the 5 we prefer below.

best plasti dip spray gun
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Best Plasti Dip Spray Gun Quick Chart

Editors Choice Best Plasti Dip Spray Gun

#1. Dip Your Car DYC Spray System

#2. Wagner MotoCoat

#3. Earlex HV3500

#4. DYC Rim Kit

#5. Superwrap Vinyl Rim Kits

Best Plasti Dip Spray Gun

Premium Specialty Model

DYC Plasti Dip Spray Gun

best plasti dip spray gun
  • Needle designed specifically to help atomize plasti dip
  • Gun rotates 360 without having to rotate hose
  • Includes spare parts kit

Going straight to the experts at DYC for an in house designed sprayer (backed by Earlex) is the way to make 100% sure you’re getting the best plasti dip gun for the job.

They’ve thought of everything to make your dipping experience easy and painless.

You’ve got a long 16.5 foot hose (although the hose on the Motocoat is 39 feet), a HUGE cup capacity at 48oz that can’t be beat in the dip sprayer market, and a specially designed DipTip needle that delivers smooth and complete atomization of your plasti dip.

Be careful where the Quick Connect hose rotates your gun (and attaches to the unit), that it doesn’t come apart even slightly or dip will leak out.  

Also, wipe down surfaces of the gun.  For example, if you’re refilling the cup give the lip of the cup and where the cup screws in a wipe down.

We found that taking this unit apart and cleaning it was easier than we thought it would be.  This unit is truly newb friendly.

Some folks noticed that in hot temps or cold temps performance wasn’t as expected.  This is true of any sprayer or spray system.  There is an optimal temp range for the materials you spray and the tools you’re using.  

Plan out your projects with that in mind for best results you can be proud of.

HUGE 48oz cup
Easy to take apart and clean
Special needle made for Dip

Hose only 16 feet
Quick Connect hose might come loose

Runner Up: Best Plasti Dip Spray Gun

Wagner Motocoat

best plasti dip spray gun
  • 2 nozzles included, one for thick coatings, one for thin coatings
  • 39 foot hose
  • iSpray Nozzle gives you fan pattern options: narrow, wide, horizontal/vertical
  • HVLP Turbine system: X-Boost Turbine No Compressor needed
  • Sprays Thick materials like plasti dip, undercoats, rubberized coatings etc.

The Wagner Motocoat really shines when spraying plasti dip.  As a matter of fact it can spray all sorts of thick rubberized coatings so it can do a ton of jobs for you.

It creates a beautiful, thick coat that is nicely textured on the finish such as truck bed coating and undercoats.  Not having to buy an air compressor is a huge deal for us.  Save money and space.

It also comes with a second finish nozzle which sprays thin materials with consistent coverage.  

We really liked the “X-Boost Turbine,” which offers an excellent paint atomization experience that develops minimal overspray.  The iSpray nozzle let’s you really dial in your results with 4 different fan patterns.

It works with 39 feet of hose as well, which means you have completely maneuverability over all working surfaces.  Its super portable, meaning you can take it anywhere around your project without any hassle.

Adjustable flow volume, pattern directions and width maximizes the types of projects you can complete with this sprayer.

39 foot hose
Many pattern adjustments
Comes with 2 guns

Cup is smaller than DYC

Earlex HV3500

best plasti dip spray gun budget
  • 500-watt motor turbine spray volume control
  • No air compressor needed
  • 43 cfm / 2 psi, DIN/second = 160
  • Includes nine-foot hose, one-quart wide-mouth paint container, stain/latex tip, viscosity cup
  • Features on-board hose and gun storage, front-loading tip/needle

You receive a 9 foot hose with the Earlex HV3500, but it’s easy enough to swap that out for a longer hose if needed.  Especially if you’re planning on dipping your whole ride with this turbine system the included hose is just not going to be long enough.

As an added benefit, however, the standard hose and the gun both store right on the machine. Get yourself the specialized Earlex Spray Gun Cleaning Kit to get your unit super clean after use.

You receive the standard 3 spray pattern adjustments as well and overspray is not an issue with this tool.

The 1 quart full mouth paint cup/container is easy to fill with its wide mouth construction.  This detail also makes it easy to clean.  If your just spraying plastic dip on your rims, the cup is big enough.  But we found we had to refill it alot when dipping a vehicle.  Take this into consideration if you’re dipping large projects.

Overspray is not an issue with this tool.  Earlex keeps it low key with this sprayer; the reduced noise levels mean you can paint for longer without damaging your hearing.

We do think after testing that you receive more bang for your buck with the Wagner Motocoat.

Good for multiple Uses
Easy to clean
3 spray adjustment patterns

Shortest hose of all the reviews
Needs more adjustment patterns
Awkward to move around

Best Plasti Dip For Rims

Rim Kit by Dip Your Car

best plasti dip spray gun rim kits
  • From Dip Specialist at Dip Your Car (DYC)
  • Should be enough to cover 4 rims
  • Don’t have to take rims off your car
  • Matte Black

We love the idea of being able to switch up the color on our rims whenever we want!

The folks at DYC developed this 4 can kit, so you can spray your rims anytime you want without even taking them off your car.

Make the spraying easier on yourself and grab one of these  spray gun can holders.  It made the job so much easier.

It’s super durable and basically idiot proof, so I had no problem with it HAHA! All kidding aside, this is the way to get your rims done fast and cheap, while looking awesome.

Covers 4 rims and then some for most people

Be careful to spray in the right temps

Option for Rims: Superwrap Vinyl

Superwrap Vinyl Rim Kit

best plasti dip spray guns vinyl rim kit
  • Good for 4 19″ rims
  • Lasts up to 2 years
  • Peelable
  • Solid and Metallic Colors

We thought we would also test a vinyl option side by side against plasti dip for rims.  We weren’t disappointed.

You can grab it in high gloss solid and metallics without having to buy extra products like your do with plasti dip.

Just like plasti dip, this vinyl wrap from Superwrap is peelable and removable without causing any damage to the OEM rims.  The look is real slick, looks like a gorgeous shop finish for a fraction of the price.

Some folks have stated that the overspray from Superwrap is not compatible with all clear coats and caused their clear coat and car paint to come right off when they tried to remove the overspray.  This was because the cleaning product used to prep the surface wasn’t recommended by Superwrap.

Take this into account if you’re not planning on removing your grill, rims or emblems off your car when you spray them.  Make sure you use the right product to prep your surface by contacting Superwrap and double checking.

Touch ups seem to have to be done more often than with plasti dip, keep that in mind when wrapping your rims.

Lots of colors
High gloss look
Quality Pro looking results

Application can be time consuming
Have to take wheels off car for best results
Chips easier than plasti dip

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What is Plasti Dip Paint?

Plasti dip is a rubber coating in liquid form that dries when exposed to air.  It’s peelable and flexible.  You can use it in your home or on your car.  It comes in a spray can for spraying your rims or you can buy it in a large can for dipping your car.  

It was originally created to dip tool handles so that there was better grip on your tool while using it.

Unlike regular car paint, it can be peeled off and removed at any time, without damaging your vehicle.  

You can quickly change the look of your car or rims and get super creative, without it costing a ton of cash or being permanent.   You can also fix those faded plastic on your car.  I hate faded plastics, they make your ride look terrible!

Plasti dip goes on it a cool looking matte finish.  To get a glossy finish, that looks more like actual paint, you can spray over it with a glossifier.  You can even pearlize your finish with Plasti Dip Metalizer.  The possibilities are endless!

Can You Spray Plasti Dip with a Regular Paint Gun?

Yes and no.  You need to make sure to get a spray gun that has a large enough tip/nozzle and enough power to spray thick materials.  Even so, we recommend thinning it with xylene to make it spray better and improve coverage. 

How much is it to Plasti Dip Your Car?

Getting your car dipped at a shop costs a lot more than doing it at home yourself.  The price really depends on the shop you choose and the size of your vehicle.  Smaller vehicles could cost less than or around $1,000 while large SUVs could run up to $3,000.  

If you go the DIY route, and use one of our recommended best plasti dip spray guns, that cost might top out at $300.   

Is it Good to Plasti Dip Your Car?

Dipping your car sounds like a good idea, but is it?  Plasti dip is considered a temporary coating. It doesn’t adhere or stick to your car nearly as well as paint.   But it’s pretty close. 

That’s part of the reason why folks choose to dip their cars and rims.  It’s easily removable, so you can switch up colors and have some fun with it.  

Unless your vehicle has crappy flaking paint or a ton of rust, dipping your car, and then removing it, won’t do any harm to the paint job underneath.  If anything, it might make your paint job last longer, because it’s protected from the elements, scratches, dings etc.

Pros and Cons of Dipping Your Ride

Cheaper than PaintLimited Paint Colors
Less prep workNo Shiny Finish Options
RemovableNot as Durable as Paint

Best Plasti Dip Spray Gun: Buyer’s Guide 

There are certain things that you need to know when choosing the best plasti dip spray gun. Is the needle large enough to spray dip? How long should the hose be?  Does the cup need to be large or small?

But First Things First: Painting Masks

You 110% need a paint mask respirator if you’re using a sprayer to anything.  We can’t say this enough, so we mention it in most of our Buyer’s Guides.  

We still see folks spraying paint, even in enclosed areas, without any breathing protection!  

Paint sprayers atomize paint, which means they mix the paint with air to turn it into tiny airborne particles that smash onto your project.  If you’re not wearing a mask, these paint particles will get into your lungs and screw up your breathing and health.

We tested and reviewed a ton of paint respirator masks to help you get started so your lungs aren’t the same color as your dipped car. 

Which Type of Sprayer is the Best Plasti Dip Spray Gun?

The best type of paint gun for spraying plasti dip will be able to handle thicker materials.  This means they will have a larger tip/nozzle like 1.8mm or greater.   

You want a nice soft finish for your plasti dip, from a system that is designed to provide detailed results, like the HVLP turbine systems we recommend above.

So, for spraying regular clear coats, bases and enamels, we always recommend a gravity feed HVLP or LVLP sprayer.  With this type of gun, the paint cup in on the top, and the paint is fed into the sprayer using gravity.   

But, plasti dip is not like regular car paints (its thicker) and it requires a different type of spray system and paint feed. 

Enter regular old HVLP.  HVLP stands for “High Volume Low Pressure.”  The paint cup is located on the bottom of the sprayer and is sucked into the paint gun, where its combined with air and atomized for spraying. 

When combined with a turbine, like our 3 recommended plasti dip spray guns above, you have what’s called a spray system.  No need for an air compressor!   

An HVLP spray paint gun uses a high volume of air to break up the paint for spraying.  

The end result is a “paint mist” which reduces your overspray, but makes it difficult to cover large surfaces rapidly. You will be painting slower than if you used other types of sprayers like an airless.  

On the plus side, the finish is smooth and soft, which can be the desired look depending on your project. 

HVLP systems keep overspray low.

Features to Look for in the Best Plasti Dip Spray Gun

Features of the Best Plasti Dip Spray Gun
Large Nozzle size (1.8mm or greater)
Easy to Adjust Controls (air, fluid, fan)
Longer Hose
Easy to Clean
Annual Recommended Use in Gallons

Tip/Nozzle and Cup Size

You have to pick a gun with a large tip/needle/nozzle size that can spray thicker materials.  The DYC Spray System actually has a 1.5mm, but it’s been specially designed for spraying dip.  Other plasti dip spray guns should come with a min 1.8mm tip.

Cup size is a factor here.  Smaller cups would be OK for doing your rims, but if you’re dipping your whole car, you’re going to need to get a gun with a cup that holds more plasti dip.

What do you need to Spray? 

Different materials need different sized tips.  For laying down a smooth coat of plasti dip, which is thick, you will need a 1.8 – 2.5mm tip.  

Fully Adjustable 

All of three of the plasti dip spray guns that we recommend above come with varying levels of adjustability. You can really dial in your results by changing your spray pattern and fan width.

Ease of Use 

The best plasti dip spray gun should help you get great results.  The sprayer should be portable and lightweight.  It should be designed ergonomically so that it fits into your hand nicely. 

All of these things reduce wrist and arm fatigue so you can get more done and increase the quality of your results.

Hose Length and Your Project Size 

The best plasti dip spray guns recommended above are all turbine models.  This means you won’t need an air compressor to start dipping.  

The hose from your turbine system to your gun needs to be long enough to reach all of the areas of your project.  Then, you don’t have to stop in the middle of dipping your ride to move your turbine set up.

Make sure your turbine plasti dip system is secured before you get started. The last thing you want is for your whole system to start moving around while you’re painting and wrecking your dip results.


Annual recommended use isn’t going to be a big problem is you’re a hobbyist and not spraying everyday.  

If you’re planning on using your sprayer more than once and awhile, make sure the sprayer you choose offers high enough annual gallon use. 

Contact the manufacturer for 100% confirmation of the recommended amount. 

What is the Best Plasti Dip?

We recommend DYC (Dip Your Car) plasti dip products as the best you can get.  That’s all they do is specialize in plasti dip.  They’ve perfected their product and provide excellent customer service and how to videos online that are easy to follow.  

Troubleshooting Your Plasti Dip Spray Gun Job

While spraying paint or dip, you can end up with a few issues.  Mistakes happen whether you’re a beginner or a pro.  Building up too much paint or dip means you will make drips and runs on vertical surfaces.  Fixing them isn’t hard, but you need attention to detail to get it right.

Note that sanding plasti dip will only work if you have 3+ coats of plasti dip on your surface or else you run the risk of sanding down to the OEM paint.  

You also need to wait a minimum of 2-3 hours after dipping your car for the dip to dry enough to withstand gentle sanding without tearing the dip.  If either of these things happens, you will be peeling and respraying. Not good.

You need 2 things to get started: 3M 400-800 grit Auto sandpaper and some DYC Pre Dip Spray.

What to Budget for the Best Plasti Dip Spray Gun

To be honest, there aren’t many sprayer out there that work for dipping your car.  

All 3 of our recommended plasti dip spray guns are within 50$ of each other.  It all comes down to the functionality you need and what the sprayer offers you.

If you need a super long hose, go with the Wagner Motocoat.  If you’re more interested in sticking with the specialty system, grab the DYC Spray System.

If you want a system that can do not only dip but stains, lacquers and paints, grab the Earlex HV3500.


Choosing the best plasti dip spray gun comes down to what you need out of the sprayer.  You can get super creative and have a ton of fun dipping your car and rims.  Grab one of our recommended sprayers and get dipping today!