10 Best HVLP Spray Gun Reviews

In order to find the best HVLP Spray Gun, there are certain considerations that must be looked at during your shopping process.

Let’s review the most important features and the best sprayer you can get on the market today.

hvlp spray gun
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Best HVLP Spray Gun Chart

Most HVLP paint sprayers come packaged in a “system,” but you can sometimes find the guns being sold separately as well.

HVLP Spray Gun Reviews: Editor’s Ratings and Reviews

Premium HVLP Spray Gun

Fuji Mini Mite 4

fuji mini mite 4
  • Adjustable Pattern Fan Control
  • 1 Quart cup
  • 25ft Hose includes air control valve to reduce overspray and bounce back
  • 1.3mm


The Fuji Mini Mite 4 Turbine Paint System features level up performance, quality and results. 

The HVLP spray system means it doesn’t need an air compressor to spray paint.  The powerful 4 stage turbine, which is the same as on the Q4 models, means less thinning of paints than any other 3 stage model. 

The Mini Mite gets up to approximately 8.5 PSI. And just like the Semi Pro 2, the Mini Mite comes with a 25 foot long hose that works well for most workshop spaces.

It comes with the Fuji T-70 Spray Gun that has an adjustable spray pattern control knob to adjust fan size from small to large. 

Comes with a 1.3mm standard air cap set for general purpose fine finishing and a 1 quart cup.  Noise levels on this model are less then the Fuji Semi Pro but similar to other HVLP turbine systems.   

The hose on this Fuji model may be a bit large for fine finishing work, but the results make up for it. 

25 foot hose
No compressor needed
4 stage turbine
2 year warranty

A Bit noisy
Some overpsray

#2. Fuji Semi Pro 2

  • Adjustable Pattern Fan Control
  • 1 Quart cup
  • Turbine Paint System
  • 25ft Hose includes air control valve to reduce overspray and bounce back
  • 1.3mm

Instead of giving you a fast ticket to a mess, the Fuji Semi Pro 2 HVLP Spray System gives users a quality painting system that they can use right away thanks to its design.

Even though it comes with a top price, we found that you’re going to get premium performance and finish from this top rated HVLP sprayer.

The Fuji Semi-Pro 2 is a bit on the noisy side, so hearing protection is a must if you’re using this sprayer indoors. 

You can put up with a little noise once you see how accurate your results can be.  You can quickly create the perfect atomization levels, reducing your overspray in just seconds with the adjustable spray knob.  We like that the hose that comes with the Fuji is 25 feet long; this can get around most DIY projects you’re working on easily.

Honestly, we don’t usually recommend a siphon feed system of spraying for most jobs.  But this sprayer does an excellent job of giving you control over the final results.

Although the overspray in air is minimal, there is still a bit of a mist that occurs while you’re working with this Fuji spray system. Your cleanup is always quick and painless, especially if you’ve taken the time to mask off before getting to work.

25 foot hose
No compressor needed
Pattern controls
2 year warranty

A Bit noisy
Some overpsray

Most Affordable HVLP Paint Sprayer

#3. Neiko Tools 1.7mm Air Spray Gun

neiko tools
  • Operation pressure 40 PSI; Working pressure 10 PSI
  • Weight: Under 3 lbs
  • Average air consumption 4.5 CFM
  • 1.7mm nozzle size is perfect for metallic basecoat, primer and a variety of automotive and household painting projects
  • INCLUDES: 600cc (20.3 fl. oz) aluminum cup with lid, metal air gauge/regulator, a cleaning brush and a multi-size wrench

Many issues that are listed in public reviews about this particular latex sprayer can be easily fixed.

It’s important to always give your new sprayers a good cleaning when you receive them.  Same with the Neiko 40 PSI Air Spray Gun.  This removes dust and left over residue from manufacturing that could foul your paint.

Before you begin painting,  tighten up any threads to prevent any leaks from springing up on you.

A little care before will reduce your maintenance time and costs later on down the road. Many sprayers that are below 3 pounds in weight tend to provide inconsistent results.

Although you see this somewhat with this Neiko model, it isn’t something that is very noticeable unless you’re using many different types of sprayers over a short period of time.

The low weight of this unit keeps your arm from getting tired so you get a consistent pattern as often as possible.

1 year warranty

No stainless steel parts
1 tip size only

Editor’s Choice Best HVLP Spray Gun

#4. DeVilbiss Starting Line

best hvlp paint sprayer
  • Requires 8-13 CFMs for continuous painting
  • 3 tips included: 1, 1.3 and 1.5mm
  • Best for occasional use

Designed with automotive painting needs in mind, don’t limit yourself to just one use for this tool.

This spray gun kit works better for once an awhile use instead of daily use. If you’re a professional painter, then this probably isn’t the right kit for you.

The design is solid and it functions quite well, but we don’t see it standing up to some heavy wear and tear.

You’re going to need 8-13 CFM from your air compressor to receive continuous painting from these guns.

You receive 3 tips with the purchase of this DeVilbiss kit: 1mm, 1.3mm, and 1.5mm. If you want to change out the default tip, be prepared to take some extra time and be patient with the process.

The initial tip you receive from the factory is on there tight. And we mean TIGHT.

It’s on there super tight and if you get angry with it, you might just end up breaking it. The included tool works well after you get it off the first time. We had to use a wrench.

Our advice?  You’ll get better results if you step up to a 3/8 inch hose.  DeVilbiss has equipped this gravity spray gun kit with plastic cups and plastic connection gaskets. There is a definite weak point where the body and the cup come together.

Consider upgrading to the DeKups system.  You can spray at any angle without leaks.  

Beginner Friendly
Easy to Clean

Air hog Compared to other HVLP
Tip is on super tight
Occasional Use

#5. Wagner Flexio 

hvlp spray gun
  • Turbine
  • 3 spray patterns
  • 11.5 ft hose

When a product says it has enough power to paint a wall that is 8 feet by 10 feet in size in just 5 minutes, then it has our attention. The 11.5 foot long hose gives you enough free play to move around your project.

Our experience is that if you’re painting indoors, it pays to take your time when masking off. You just can’t compromise on the price of your tape, your tarp, and your plastic sheeting.


Because many turbine paint stations like this Wagner have enough of an exhaust output that your masking will be blown off the wall, leaving you with a major mess.

We masked off one doorframe, bottom trim around the room, three outlets, one overhead fixture, and the floor. We found that it would take about 2 gallons of paint to cover a wall when compared to the same rolling or brushing work.

The Wagner Flexio features include 3 adjustable spray patterns: horizontal, vertical and round fans giving you decent control over your output and results.

If you don’t like to paint or you have a pretty big project to complete, then the Wagner Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Station can make the job go by fast.

Compared to brushing the wall or using a roller, you’ll still wind up coming out ahead and that makes this investment one worth considering.

No compressor needed
Use indoors or outdoors
Handles a Ton of Materials
Comes with 2 nozzles

Uses more paint than other models
Cleaning is a chore
Hose only 11.5 feet

#6. Earlex HV5500

hvlp spray gun
  • Push and Click adjustments
  • 13 foot hose
  • 650 watt turbine

What we really liked about this Earlex Spray Station was the fact that the spray pattern adjustments come with a push and click type of design.

Instead of fiddling with difficult knobs or dials, you simply push to make the pattern adjustments that your next project requires.

It gives even contractors the power and control they’ll need to get some of their jobs completed on time.  With a 13 ft hose, you won’t have to struggle to reach your projects.

Get yourself the specialized Earlex Spray Gun Cleaning Kit to get your unit super clean after use.

This pro spray gun is able to generate up to 42 CFM thanks to its 650 watt power turbine, giving you consistent coverage on your shutters, trim or similar medium-sized projects.

Easy Spray Adjustments
Consistent results
Sprays latex, lacquers, varnish, oil, stains, sealants

Only comes with 1 tip
Motor is a bit loud
Hose easy to dislodge

#7. TCP Global HVLP Spray Gun Kit

hvlp spray gun
  • Best for budgets
  • Uses more paint than other HVLP
  • Requires 3.5-7.1 CFM

Equipped with stainless steel needles and nozzles, you’ll have full adjustment over your spray patterns, air pressure, and fluid coverage for consistent results. This is one of the benefits of gravity feed hvlp paint sprayers.

The CFM requirements on these 3 HVLP paint sprayers range from 3.5 to 7.1, which most air compressors have the power to handle.

This means you can keep painting until you’re finished with a project instead of being forced to wait for the compressor to catch up. 

Be prepared to make adjustments.  We found that just a little bit of vibration can cause the knobs to turn just a bit and adjust the quality of the spray.

Depending on the air compressor being used, it might be better to wait if your compressor is running before starting to paint once again.

Otherwise you might consider using two hands to control the TCP spray guns if you find this to be a bit of difficulty while using this product.

Most of the accessories you can buy for this gun are at a price point we love.  This includes a paint mixing kit and the Benchtop Holder Stand.

Make the cleaning process a bit easier with TCP’s 20 piece cleaning kit.

Extra paint usage can be a bit of an issue. Although these spray guns have an HVLP design, they use a little more paint than you’d expect. We found the surface ratio of paint to atmosphere to be about 70/30, whereas other HVLP designs can be as high as 90/10.

Works with most compressors
3 gun set
Budget Friendly
Stainless steel needles and nozzles

Hard to clean
Knobs aren’t left hand friendly
Fan control not super precise
Uses more paint than other HVLP’s

#8. Graco Sharpe

hvlp paint sprayer
  • Lightweight
  • 1-1.8mm Available
  • 600 cc cup

Whether you decide to buy the 1mm model or the 1.8mm model, we found that this compact and very lightweight sprayer does an excellent job.

The cup is made from aluminum and holds 600cc, so bigger jobs may see some time delays due to have to refill the cup.

Replacement parts are easy to obtain if something does happen to break down on you, but overall this sprayer is built more for specific projects than for general needs.

Find the tip size that works best for you and get to work!

Easy to find parts
Good price

Cup is a bit small for larger jobs
Project specific

#9. Astro EuroPro HVLP

best paint sprayer review
  • Stainless steel parts
  • 1.5mm
  • Requires 9-10 CFM

It comes with a 1.5mm tip making it middle of the road for laying down thicker materials like primer.  We don’t recommend this sprayer for latex unless it’s thinned. 

For the price, this gun is super versatile and it surprised us at all the material it could spray! 

The higher PSI requirements of the Astro EuroPro HVLP mean that a smaller pancake compressor won’t be able to push enough air to this gun.  Make sure your regulator is high quality.   

Check your compressor to ensure that it can operate at high enough pressure to deliver the air that this gun needs.

You can buy more tips for this gun directly from Astro Tools. 

Sprays a ton of materials
Good Price

Only comes with 1 tip
High PSI requirement

#10. Wagner Control Spray

HVLP spray gun
  • Best for thinner materials
  • 2 mm
  • No air compressor needed

3 spray patterns and an adjustable flow adjustment let’s you spray fast.  The Wagner Control Spray best feature is being good at spraying a bunch of thinner materials like stain, sealer, varnish, urethane and enamels. 

Your go to gun for smaller outdoor projects, set up and clean up are easy and fast even for beginners.  When we looked for parts for this sprayer, they were super easy to come by.   

We love how quiet the Wagner is and how it comes with several paint cups.  No air compressor is needed for this HVLP paint sprayer. 

One con of this Wagner unit is that the needle or air cap size that it comes with, 2mm, cannot be changed.  Adjust your flow and material thickness and this sprayer will handle most jobs you throw at it. 

But don’t take our word for it, read the TON of positive online owner reviews. 

Best with Thinner materials
Comes with several paint cups

Can’t change 2 mm air cap

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HVLP Spray Gun Features

You’ll find that most HVLP spray guns utilize a spray cup to feed paint, varnish, stain, or lacquer to the nozzle

This requires you to hold the spray gun at a certain angle for best results.  This can sometimes be difficult if you’re finishing furniture, trim, or other detailed work.

The best HVLP spray gun systems will come with a paint preparation feature that will let you to use the spray gun at any angle.  This includes upside down, to resolve this issue.  Make sure the paint system you’re buying comes equipped with a long enough hose so you’re not struggling to reach your projects.

One overlooked feature that can be found on some paint sprayers is called a bleeder-type spray gun.

In the traditional spray gun design, if you’re not depressing the trigger on your spray gun, then the air at the nozzle shuts off.

Bleeder-type spray guns have the air blow out of the nozzle constantly. This can help to reduce splatter on the initial triggering of the spray gun on the surface being painted. 

HVLP Paint Sprayers: Features To Look For
Can Spray at Any Angle
Low Overspray
Can Spray a Variety of Materials
Lightweight + Flexible hose
Connection from Sprayer and air hose are same diameter

Best Material to Spray with Your HVLP Sprayers

We recommend only spraying thinner materials like stains and lacquers with your HVLP paint sprayer. You Won’t be able to spray unthinned latex or primers with HVLP paint sprayers.

Latex paint can definitely be sprayed, but because your operating at a low PSI, you will need to thin your paint before getting started.

Avoid thicker materials which will clog your sprayer.  Leave the oil based paints and primers to the sprayers with higher operating PSI, like Airless paint sprayers.  They operate at nearly a whooping 2000 PSI, giving them the power to spray unthinned latex.

Best Jobs for HVLP Spray Guns

HVLP Spray Guns spray slower than airless paint sprayers.  This is because of the low pressure which results in less overspray and a softer, smoother finish.  HVLP sprayers are really meant for painting a wall or some furniture, or your cabinets

If you’re looking to paint your house, which is a HUGE job, you’re going to want to go with an airless paint sprayer.  They are made for large jobs like your home exterior, decks and fencing.  They push out nearly 2000 PSI, meaning they paint fast at 1-2 gallons/minute without thinning. 

HVLP Systems Vs Air Compressor Systems 

A quality HVLP spray system is different than a gun and air compressor set up.  They are also called “turbine systems”.  Typically, an HVLP spray system is a less expensive way to get painting because you don’t need to buy yourself an air compressor to go with your new spray gun. 

Although premium spray turbine systems can cost upwards of $1,000.

Many HVLP paint sprayers with a turbine have “stages” listed in their product description.

This basically means that the machine can be run at a specific number of speeds.  A 3-stage HVLP spray gun would have 3 speed settings that you can use while working.  Sometimes these speeds can only be controlled at the nozzle.

Look for a knob or spray pattern adjustment for better control over your spray patterns, coverage, and overall finish in this area. Turbines are self contained which means they are portable.  They weigh around 15-25 lbs.

Cons compared to a compressor and gun set up is that you are limited in the amount of air you can get, meaning you may get a better result from the traditional gun/compressor.

HVLP turbine systems are usually louder than a gun/compressor set up and many paint much slower.  You also have to mess around a bit with the viscosity of your material to get it to spray just right.

What is an HVLP Spray Gun?

What does HVLP stand for?  HVLP is short for high volume, low pressure.

HVLP spray guns use a steady flow of air to allow the paint to stick to surfaces. Low pressure means that an HVLP paint sprayer creates a mist-like spray pattern resulting in less mess and waste.

HVLP paint guns typically work with thinner materials such as stains and thinned latex paint. 

If you are planning on painting mostly indoors such as cabinets, furniture, trim and walls, then an HVLP sprayer may be exactly what you need.  They deliver a soft, smooth finish perfect for your projects.

The Advantages of the Best HVLP Spray Gun 

Why choose an HVLP paint sprayer? Let’s face it – if you’ve used a traditional paint sprayer to create a finish, then you know that they tend to be less than efficient.

Traditional paint sprayers can put up to 60% of the paint you’re spraying into the air around you.  HVLP models are so efficient, they will transfer 90% of the paint onto your surface!  That means you only lose 10% of your paint to overspray.  

Without breathing protection in place, you’re literally inhaling paint pollution.  Your lungs shouldn’t be the same color as your walls, right?

Why Choose HVLP Over Other Types of Sprayers?

HVLP paint sprayers put more of your product on the surface being painted.

This means you won’t waste as much paint and you won’t have to worry about what the excessive paint in the air will do to your environment (overspray), especially if you’re painting indoors.

This is because the typical HVLP spray gun only needs about 10 PSI at the nozzle.  Traditional spray guns typically require 50+ PSI.

You can use HVLP spray guns with compressors, turbine systems, or even in a conversion setting if you prefer. These options will also help to minimize the paint loss experienced with the more traditional spray guns.

Then there’s all different projects that an HVLP system can help you paint. Users can spray on varnishes, lacquers, automotive paint, and even stain with ease with this type of spray gun.

You can control your spray pattern and the flow of fluids through the sprayer.

Look for paint hoses that are lightweight, flexible, but still strong to achieve the best possible results with an HVLP sprayer.

Up to 90% Paint Transfer RateSlow Spray Speed
Budget FriendlyHoses can Kink
Beginner FriendlyCheaper Models have Plastic Parts
Low Operating PSIOnly Sprays Thin Materials

HVLP vs Airless 

What is the Difference between HVLP and Airless Sprayers?

Choosing a paint sprayer really depends on your overall project needs.

  • High Volume Low-Pressure (HVLP) Spray Guns use a steady volume of air to allow the paint droplets to stick to surfaces.
  • The low-pressure creates less mess and waste which is called overspray.
  • These sprayers typically work only for thinner paints. 
  • Industrial or commercial versions will give you lacquer or varnish options if you’re willing to make the needed investment.

HVLP paint sprayers also offer these advantages.

  • Spraying distances of up to 6 inches.
  • Detailed work where overspray is not a concern.
  • Compatibility with stains and most paint types.
  • Nice smooth and soft finish

Airless paint sprayers pump out paint at high pressure versus low pressure. This causes the paint to fan out in a series of droplets, resulting in even coat of paint.

Airless paint guns are quite versatile and can conquer interior paint, residential outdoor DIY projects like a deck, fencing, or shutters, and ceilings.

Unlike an HVLP gun, airless sprayers can handle thicker paints and materials.

Choosing one or the other depends on what the specifics of the job happen to be.

HVLP sprayers are a better option when coverage is more important than precision. Imagine that you’re painting the leg of a chair. 

You don’t care if paint goes to either side. You just want precision at impact and that’s what this design provides.

There are a ton of reasons to choose HVLP, check out our Airless Vs HVLP post for all the details of the differences between HVLP and airless sprayers.

What is the Difference between HVLP and Conventional Paint Sprayers?

As time has progressed so has the design of paint sprayers.  This is because the design and output of HVLP sprayers is more advanced and delivers better results.

Results with HVLP sprayers are more consistent and less screening or straining of your paint is needed compared to conventional models.

Conventional models were displaced by HVLP because conventional models have a super low paint transfer rate of about 25-30%  while HVLP is 50-60%.  That means using HVLP, 50-60% of the material sprayed gets onto your surface.  Good painting technique and the right tip for your material can increase the transfer rate even higher.

Common Issues with HVLP Spray Guns

Always pay attention to the connectors that are used with your preferred HVLP paint sprayer.

Many HVLP sprayers offer users a connector that is smaller in diameter than the air hose that connects to the unit. Because this is a restriction to the flow of the paint or other substance, pressure can build up at the connection and cause issues.

Hoses can kink, mostly on the cheaper models in this category. Look for systems that have a spring that fits over the hose to prevent kinks.

Hosing that has a spiral rib built into the unit can also prevent problems in this sprayer category.

Clogging can also be an issue. For reversible tips, just flip them around and use the lowest pressure setting. If the tip is not reversible, then wash out immediately with water.

Check filters and screens for clogging and damage as well.

What Are the Prices of the Best HVLP Paint Sprayers?

You’re going to find as you look through the HVLP paint sprayer reviews that there is a match between quality and price in this category.

Entry-level pricing with this type of sprayer will typically provide you with a formed plastic housing. An upgraded price will typically provide you with a metal housing instead.

You’ll also find that cheaper HVLP paint guns tend to be made from formed plastic components. A price upgrade in this category, especially with brands like Wagner and Earlex, will provide you with better internal parts.

For example, a price upgrade will give you parts that are made from aluminum or stainless steel.

Higher priced HVLP sprayers will also have paint preparation systems instead of paint cups and automatic speed controls. They come with long hoses so you can work on many projects without struggling to reach the tough spots.  Bonus: they will also have reduced sound levels so your ears won’t be ringing even when you’re wearing hearing protection.

Prices for HVLP Sprayers

Expect to pay $100 or less for smaller entry-level HVLP sprayers.  The most affordable HVLP sprayers include the Neiko Air Spray Gun and the Wagner Control Spray.

Mid-range products that offer a few features and an upgraded overall experience are typically in the $100-$250 range.

This is where you will find the DeVilbiss Starting Line and the TCP Global HVLP Spray Guns.

Anything above this is considered a premium product, some are contractor-grade, and are usually best suited for large-scale projects or jobs which require professional results consistently.

If you’re a gear head like me, and are always looking for the best results, take a look at the Fuji Semi Pro 2 Turbine System.

This premium HVLP spray gun system will not disappoint.


The best HVLP paint sprayer reviews will help you find a sprayer that delivers consistently accurate results. Find your preferred product today and your work will continue to look amazing.

Quick HVLP Paint Sprayer FAQs

What Does HVLP Stand For?

HVLP is short for high volume, low-pressure.

What is the Best HVLP Spray Gun?

Fuji Semi Pro 2

What is an HVLP Spray Gun?

HVLP spray guns use a steady flow of air to allow the paint to stick to surfaces. Low pressure means that an HVLP paint sprayer creates a mist-like spray pattern resulting in less mess and waste .

What the Best Jobs for HVLP Spray Guns?

HVLP paint guns typically work best on cabinet, furniture, trim and walls.

What is an HVLP turbine spray system?

Turbine systems are self contained so you don’t need a compressor.