How to Plasti Dip Your Car

If you are wondering how to Plasti Dip your car, keep reading, because in this article we’re going to break down everything you need to know about this awesome material and how you can use it. 

Have you ever wanted to temporarily change the color of your car? Plasti Dip is the perfect solution.

Easy to apply and remove, you can use it to change the color of your car and rims whenever you want.   Follow our steps below to a great finish.

how to plasti dip your car
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What is Plasti Dip? 

This is a newer product that is essentially the liquid form of rubber. 

When the substance dries, it becomes a material that is extremely flexible and that helps shield your paint from damage. This material can also be used to help with the body finish, as well as trim and your rims. It is resistant to the elements and is easy to remove when you are done. 

Can you Plasti Dip Your Car Hood? 

Changing the color of your car hood (and no other parts) is a quick and trendy way to upgrade your cars look.  Plasti can be used on any part of your car to make a personal statement and it isn’t permanent.  You can peel and change the color on your hood at any time. 

How Long Does Plasti Dip Last On a Car? 

One of the most important things when looking into how to Plasti Dip your car is to know how long plasti will last. It can last up to three years with the right care. This is done by ensuring that the first stage application is done right.  

There are other factors that play a role too. The first is how far the plasti dip spray gun is from the car and how many coats you start with. The more coats you use, the longer the application will last.  Using pre dip is key here, to getting great results that last. 

What Are Some Plasti Dip Side Effects? 

There isn’t much to find wrong with Plasti Dip, but there are a few things that should be taken into consideration and may be considered as side effects. The product itself is safe to use, as long as you take the proper precautions.  

One of the main things to be aware of when apply plasti is to not apply it to bad paint or rust. 

If you apply plasti to a car with flaking or peeling paint or rust, you might find that the plasti coating doesn’t stick or that peeling off the plasti takes off some of the old paint with it.  As long as the proper prep steps were done in the beginning, there will be no unwanted side effects when you Plasti Dip your car. 

How to Protect Plasti Dip 

Truthfully, most people don’t even worry about this, as the material used in Plasti Dip is pretty resilient, but, if you absolutely need to protect it, there are some products like Dip Coat. This is a sealant that will help protect the dipped areas of your car for a longer period of time. 

If you live in an area with tons of snow and salt or gravel on the roads, applying a Dip Coat may be a good idea. 

Does Plasti Dip Fade? 

All paints will eventually suffer from fading because of cold, heat and the sun.  But, if you have applied enough coats, you can prolong the inevitable fade of your plasti dip.

There are also some glossifiers that can protect against fading, but these create a shiny rather than the matte finish that so many people love about plasti dip.  Die-hard fans of ​Plasti Dip say that you won’t have to worry about fading of your matte parts as long as the application is done right.  

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Why Plasti Dip Your Car? 

Not only might you be wondering how to Plasti Dip your car, but you may also be asking yourself, why? The truth is, there are a lot of great uses for Plasti Dip when it comes to painting applications for your car. Here are a few reasons or ways you can use Plasti Dip on your car: 

  • Blackout projects. This material is great to blackout grilles, emblems, windows, or even trim. If there is any overspray, the​ Plasti Dip will remove easily 
  • Inside trim can be painted to match, or painted your favorite color. 
  • Plasti dip your rims with different colors over and over again for a fun and easy change 
  • You can also use Plasti Dip on your entire car. This is a great alternative to vinyl wrapping, and it is cheaper. You can use this process no matter the age of your car  

How Hard is it to Plasti Dip Your Car? 

Though the preparation and spraying may take a bit of time when done properly, the application process is quite easy, as long as you have patience and the proper tools handy.  

What You Need to Plasti Dip Your Car 

Like with every application, there are tools you will need when looking to Plasti Dip your car. Here is a list of those tools: 

The last tool you will need is a good plasti dip spray gun (though you can get Plasti Dip in cans if you want to go that route but its not recommended).  

How to Properly Plasti Dip Your Car 

Like with all applications or tasks that have to do with cars, follow the steps below in the right order to get the best results. 

Where You’ll Spray

The first step is to decide where you want to tackle this project. You want a place where the car can sit without any foreign objects like leaves getting into your finish.  You might want to think about building your own DIY spray booth or maybe buying a portable or inflatable booth. 

Especially true if you plan on spraying your vehicle and/or rims more than once. 

And, since there will be fumes, you want to make sure there is good ventilation and that you wear a paint respirator. This location should definitely be indoors to keep debris from getting stuck in the plasti as it dries.  

Light is tricky and you will want a good, consistent light source so you can see everything you are doing. You also need a spot out of direct sunlight, as that could cause the Plasti Dip to dry unevenly. 


Now, it’s time to prep the car. The first thing is to give the vehicle a good washing. Be very diligent and get all the dirt off your car. Then, make sure to rinse well. Once your car is squeaky clean, let it dry completely before you start spraying. 

Now that your car is dry, you mask off your vehicle. This should be done with painter’s tape and newspaper or plastic sheeting. Make sure to cover the windows, as well as any other surfaces you are not looking to lay a layer of Plasti Dip down on like the headlights/taillights, door handles, anything chrome, your wheels/rims, sunroof….you get the idea. 

Pre Dip is a recommended product that will help your plasti dip job adhere to your car.  While not required, for the small amount it costs, we say grab some. 


First, you will want to have all your gear set up, and then you will want to prepare the paint. 

Hold your plasti dip spray gun six inches away from the surface and sweep the gun back and forth in even sweeps, moving your arm and not your wrist during the motionOverlap each old coat with about 30-50% new coat to ensure even application.   

You will want to apply 4-5 coats with a smooth, even hand. You may want to apply it a little thicker, as this makes it easy to peel when you are ready for something new.

Then, determine where you are applying the Plasti Dip. If you are doing a piece of the car that is easy to remove, it is best to apply Plasti Dip to this piece while it is off the car. Once you have all of that set, it is time to apply. 

Final Phase 

Every coat will need 30 minutes to dry, so, if you are doing a whole car, you may want to do the application in sections. Then, when you’re done, remove tape and paper. If there is overspray, you will want to take the box cutter and gently remove. 

Finally, let your entire car sit for at least 4 hours before touching the vehicle and removing all the tape and masking.  Keep it in an area without a ton of foreign objects floating around like leaves, dust etc., that could somehow get into the finish while it dries.   

Does Plasti Dip Expire? 

When you are done with the Plasti Dip, if you still have some left, make sure to place a sheet of plastic wrap over the top and reseal it with the factory top. Just like regular house paint, when sealed properly, your dip should last up to a year.  Make sure to write down the date you opened the can on the lid. 

Plasti Dip vs. Vinyl Wrap 

Though many feel vinyl has many advantages over Plasti Dip, the price and ease of application alone makes plasti dip the winner in our books. The easy application and versatility that plasti dip gives you makes this the perfect choice for your paint needs.  


Switching up colors or your car, parts or rims is easy and affordable for everyone.  Change colors and do funky designs to match holidays, birthdays or just your mood.  Now you know everything you need to know about how to Plasti Dip your car and how versatile it truly is.  


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