How to Remove Plasti Dip

What exactly is Plasti dip and how to remove plasti dip once it’s been sprayed on your car? 

Plasti dip is a rubber-based removable coating that was initially used for covering of tool handles. However, it was also discovered to be an easy non-permanent way of spraying vehicles. 

It’s cheaper than a traditional paint job and a quick alternative for changing the color of your car. Plasti dip can also be used to change the look and color of your rims or your trim.   

An easy and affordable way to have a different color car every year. 

how to remove plasti dip
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How to Remove Plasti dip From a Car 

Once you’ve sprayed your car with Plasti Dip, there are two basic ways to remove it from your car. The first one is to simply peel it off. If you applied the Plasti dip correctly according to the instructions, it should be easy to remove by simply peeling it off.  

If the Plasti dip is applied too thinly to peel off, there is always the trusted dip dissolver to help you get the Plasti dip off your car. Follow the instructions that came with your dip dissolver, and you should be able to completely and easily remove the Plasti dip with no difficulty. 

The Best Way to Remove Plasti Dip: What Removes Plasti Dip the Best? 

There are good ways to remove Plasti dip from your car, and then there are bad ways that will require lots of hard work and sweat. Then, there are the BEST ways.  What removes Plasti dip from your car the best? The first and safest way is to remove it by peeling it off. 

If the Plasti dip was applied correctly in the first place, removing it later on will not be a problem. You can simply peel it off from your car and wash your car afterward.   

If there are some stubborn places where the Plasti dip does not want to come off, like chips in the original paint of the car, just take a little bit of isopropyl alcohol and rub it off. This is the safest and best way to remove Plasti dip from your car. 

Some folks even use a power washer to remove most of the plasti dip and then a dip dissolver or goo gone to tackled the stubborn parts left over.  We have yet to try this method but it sounds awesome! 

How to Remove Plasti Dip That Won’t Peel 

If your Plasti dip doesn’t want to peel off, there are a few other ways to remove it.  Plasti dip removal solvent, WD 40, and Goo Gone are all ways to remove Plasti dip from your car. Be prepared to use some elbow grease for a couple of hours to get it completely off. 

Remember to follow the instructions and safety precautions supplied with the product for your own safety.  

Dip Dissolver 

Dip dissolver is a spray on liquid that you apply to your car to remove Plasti dip from your car where it is too thinly applied to be peeled off.  It basically liquifies the dip making it way easier to wipe off by hand or with a pressure washer.  

There are a ton of Plasti dip dissolver products out there that claim to remove Plasti dip from your car quickly and easily, but not all dip dissolvers are what they claim to be.  

You need to be careful when you buy a dip dissolver to remove Plasti dip from your car. The safest course of action is to use the well-known and well-tested products that are on the market, so you don’t waste your time and money on crap products.  That being said, grab the brand name dissolver from DipYourCar and save yourself the headache. 

Plasti Dip Removal Solvent 

Plasti Dip removal solvent was created for the purpose of removing Plasti dip from your car or any other surface. The solvent is created for the sole purpose of making your job easier while removing Plasti dip 

As the name implies, it will dissolve the Plasti dip, and you can then just wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. Follow the instructions on the Plasti dip removal solvent container, and your work will be much easier. 

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How to Remove Plasti Dip With WD-40 

WD-40 is another product that will help you remove Plasti dip, especially from tires and rims. For removing Plasti dip, you would start by spraying the area you want to clean with the WD-40 spray. After covering the whole area with WD-40, you should leave it on for about 10 minutes.  

You should see it start to make bubbles — that is where the Plasti dip is starting to come off. After 10 minutes of rest time, you can start to power wash it off. After it starts peeling, you can just pull off the long strips with your hands and wash the remainder of the small pieces of Plasti Dip off with the power washer. 

Dip Dissolver vs. Goo Gone 

So, what is the best way to get rid of the Plasti dip? Dip dissolver or Goo Gone? 

Dip dissolver is specially formulated to remove plasti dip while not damage the finish of your car underneath.  It softens the plasti dip so you can either wipe or spray it off with a power washer.  From start to finish, removing plasti dip from 4 rims with Dip Dissolver takes about 30 mins.  Not bad! 

To apply Goo Gone, just wipe it on and wipe it off, right? Not really! You need to wipe it on and let it soak for about five minutes, according to the instructions. Then you start rubbing it off. Be prepared, though, because you will have to just keep on rubbing until everything is wiped off. 

We definitely prefer using Dip Dissolver over Goo Gone. 

How to Remove Plasti dip Overspray 

Remember to always mask off your area and parts of your car that you don’t want to get any overspray on.  If you mask and tape off your car before using Plasti dip and you still have some overspray that has to be removed, use a damp cloth. 

Just about any type of cloth will work, but it will be good if you can use a microfiber cloth. Use the damp cloth and start rubbing with a little bit of pressure over the area that is over-sprayed, and that should remove the overspray. You just need to make sure that the cloth is damp, and the Plasti dip will come right off. 

How to Remove Plasti dip From Chrome 

The easiest way to remove Plasti dip from chrome is to use a commercial dissolver like WD-40 that will easily remove the Plasti dip from surfaces like your chrome wheels. Along with the WD-40 Plasti dip dissolver, you can use a power washer to get the job done easily and quickly.  

If you don’t have a power washer, there is another cheap and easy way to get the chrome clean from Plasti dip. Use some rubbing alcohol in a standard spray bottle.  

Spray the alcohol on the edges of the surface you want to clean. Spray as much of the alcohol as you can until the edges of the Plasti dip starts to lift, and then you can start peeling it away with your fingers.  

While lifting the Plasti dip strips, keep on spraying the alcohol under the strips as you peel it. This will easily get the Plasti dip off from the chrome, and you can wash the stubborn pieces in the nooks and corners away with the power washer.  

How to Remove Plasti dip From Tires 

Removing Plasti dip from a tire is not difficult — it’s actually quite easy. You will need to get some WD-40, and you just spray WD-40 on the tire and power wash it off. If you don’t have WD 40, you can also use tire shine to remove the Plasti Dip from your tire.  

Just spray a thick layer of the tire shine onto the tire and leave it on for quite some time. It will be good if you can leave the tire shine on overnight. You can then just peel off the Plasti dip  from the tire. The stubborn parts can be rubbed off with a soft brush, and it will come off the tire easily. That is the best and easy way to remove Plasti dip  from your tires. 


Now that you know how to remove Plasti dip from your car or any other surface where you can apply it, nothing is keeping you from going ahead and experimenting with the much-talked-about Plasti dip  to change the look and mood of your car. 


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