Astro Pneumatic 2 Quart Pressure Pot Review

Astro 2 Quart

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  • Best for Large Jobs
  • 6 foot hoses
  • 2 quarts or 1893cc cup
  • Comes with Pressure gauge and fluid pressure regulator

If you’re looking for a portable solution in a paint sprayer, then we highly recommend the Astro 2 Pneumatic Quart Pressure Pot Sprayer.

You’ll be able to mix and paint up to 2 quarts at a time with this pressure pot design saving you time.  No need to reload your cup over and over again.

Here is what we found out during our Astro Spray Gun Review.

Is the Astro Pneumatic 2 Quart Pressure Pot Sprayer Right for Me?

That all depends on the paint project and the type of paint you will be using. If you plan on using latex, as with most sprayers, you will need to thin the paint before spraying.

What Kind of Jobs is the Astro 2 Quart Spray Gun Best For?

This Astro Pneumatic Tool is perfect for larger projects such as large rooms, ceilings and exterior jobs.  It is built to paint large vehicles as well, such as trucks or buses.

It’s a must-have sprayer if you do any commercial work and need another tool for some extra support.

You will need an air compressor to operate this paint gun.  A compressor with 3 horsepower or more should be enough to power the Astro Pressure Pot.  A minimum 10 CFM at around 45-50 PSI will keep you painting consistently. 

Large jobs
Multiple tips available
2 quart cup

Only sprays thinned latex
Not for detail work
Hoses could be longer

What this Astro Spray Gun is not Good for…

This Astro Paint Gun isn’t really for detail work, but it will help you quickly paint your panels or a large room.

Some people may find that if they are painting a ceiling or high wall that the twin hoses are just not long enough.  If the majority of your projects are going to be up and down a ladder, we suggest purchasing longer hoses for this unit.

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Astro Pneumatic: Best Features

What you’ll love about the Astro Pressure Pot is the easily adjustable fan pattern. It’s atomization is surprisingly good for such an affordable sprayer.

It comes with a pressure gauge and fluid regulator.  You’ll also receive 6 feet of twin hosing so movement and operation are very easy.

The Astro 2 Quart is simple to clean, especially with Astro’s specialty cleaning kit

Features of the Astro Pneumatic 2 Quart

Features of the Astro 2 Quart
Comes with: Pressure Gauge and Fluid Regulator
Cup Size: 2 Quarts
Needle Size: 1.2mm
Hose: 6 feet
Weight: 5 lbs
Exterior Components: Aluminum

Astro Tools Accessories: Upgrading Your Spray Gun

If you plan on using the pressure pot spray gun for multiple applications, make sure you purchase extra tips from

Pro Painting Tips for Your Astro Pneumatic Paint Gun

If your gun won’t spray, make sure to check the vent on the Pot itself.  The vent may clog and require cleaning.

To prevent rusting after cleaning, hand dry your Astro spray gun parts with a blow dryer.  Don’t use a cloth or paper towel or you could get foreign matter into your sprayer resulting in clogs.


The Astro Pneumatic 2 Quart Spray Gun packs a lot of punch.  Affordable, quick, portable and easy to clean, makes this Astro paint gun an all round champ in the paint sprayer arena. Beginners and seasoned paint sprayers can benefit from everything this spray gun has to offer.  


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