Anest Iwata LPH 400 vs. Iwata Supernova

Anest Iwata LPH 400

anest iwata lph 400
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  • Atomizing PSI: 16.0
  • Air Cap Model: LV4
  • Requires CFM: 9.5

In the search for the best spray gun, the Anest Iwata LPH 400 jumps to the top for their famously appreciated precision paint spraying equipment list, along with the Iwata Supernova.  Two powerhouses in the professional spray painting industry.

Both the Anest Iwata LPH 400 and the Supernova WS400, are examples of the high-quality standards that the company keeps when it comes to precision and control. It is, after all, what Pro sprayers and air-brushers are looking for. Choosing which is best between the two would come down to a personal decision.  

Both are of a good standard, but preferences would change among the different aspects of the spray painting profession. Some work requires heavypressure painting, but with others, a low to medium spray gun would be adequate. 

Let’s compare the Anest Iwata LPH 400 to the Iwata Supernova so you can pick the best gun for you today. 

The Anest Iwata LPH 400 is an ideal spray gun for any workshop or a DIY project painter that is looking to feel like a professional. It’s one of the best paint sprayers for cars.  It offers you all the control and precision that you need to make an impression.  Anest Iwata LPH 400 parts are easy to come by, and there are Iwata LPH 400 rebuild kits that can be purchased and used in a workshop to ensure continued productive precision even under industrious work pressure.  

It comes with a removable nozzle and can be fitted with the prime nozzles on sale by Anest Iwata. These nozzles are made with color-coded caps to help artisans identify each purpose of the nozzle.  

For instance, the Iwata LPH 400 Orange cap can be fitted for spraying middle range colors where speed and productivity are needed, for waterborne coatings and base coating. There are also plenty of Anest Iwata products available that can be used with the Iwata LPH 400 low-pressure spray gun to optimize your performance. 

Soft Spray
Quality Build
Whisper Quiet

Chews up Air
Large Investment

Iwata Supernova WS400

iwata supernova review
  • 1 year warranty
  • 13 CFM Needed
  • Under 1 pound
  • Perfect for all automotive paints 
  • 1.3mm tip size
  • Sprays fast with less overspray

The Iwata Supernova WS400 is an ideal spray gun for auto refinishing, base coating, and general purpose, that not only offers precision and control like only Iwata could but also looks streamlined and is much lighter than its competitors. It is easy to use, making even the unskilled and inexperienced painter seem professional.  

The Iwata Supernova technology is designed to deliver a constant droplet size when atomizing that it combines with the patented flat and even pattern of the Supernova to help reduce common application errors that occur. All Supernova models are made with stainless steel fluid passage to make it possible to use with all kinds of material, solvent-borne or waterborne.  

The Iwata Supernova was designed by Pininfarina that created its beautifully streamlined looks to compliment the LV technology that it sports. Its state-of-the-art design combines a higher fluid delivery with a smoother and faster application than ever before that can spray in any climate conditions due to its optimized atomizing.  

Iwata Supernova parts are easily available, and they offer rebuilding kits for sale that can keep your gun working for a lifetime of painting. The Iwata WS400 may not have color-coded nozzles, but with its impressive spraying ability, you don’t need another nozzle. 

We love that you can use this adapter to attach the DeVilbiss D cups system to you Supernova.

Good for Clear coats etc.
Precise paint delivery
Awesome paint transfer
Fast application

Some models, you have to buy a good sized paint cup separately


Comparing these two products from a universally loved manufacturer, famous for their airbrushing technological advancements, is like comparing an older brother to a better streamlined, younger sibling. Of course, the innovative technology in the advancement of the Supernova would be the winner of the two, but it is clear to see where the innovation is built.  

The ​Anest Iwata LPH 400 may be outdated, but it is still a reliable instrument and a recommended tool among professionals in the auto body painting industry. If you wish to rely on the older, better-trusted product, that is fine, but it is, however, only the blueprint of the latest model. 

Choosing between these two depends merely on the practicality of the user. If an everyday tool would do the job, then the LPH400 would perform well within the range of your needs.  

​If you need a streamlined tool for a progressive workshop and don’t want to deal with the mistakes common to rookie painters, then the power of the Iwata Supernova WS400 should be your preferred choice. For its performance and promising new technology, the Supernova will win this round, but good products all around from an amazing, innovative company. 


What is the best LVLP spray gun on the market?

Either the Iwata Supernova WS400 or the LPH 400 as mentioned above.