Earlex HV5500 Spray Station Review

Earlex HV5500

best paint sprayer earlex hv5500
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  • Easy Adjustments
  • 650 watt turbine
  • 2 stage turbine
  • Push and Click adjustments
  • 13 foot hose
  • 2mm nozzle
  • 1 quart tank capacity

Enter the Earlex. This professional quality spray gun will help you get a number of projects completed quickly so you can make sure you get the results you want.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and compact solution for your spraying needs, then your options can be somewhat limited. 

Many sprayers offer good results for specific needs.  Very few can offer consistency over a wide range of general applications.

The Earlex Sprayer delivers consistent results with easy spray pattern adjustments on the fly.

Easy Spray Adjustments
Consistent results
Sprays latex, lacquers, varnish, oil, stains, sealants
13 foot hose
Built in carrying handle
2 year warranty

Only comes with 1 tip
Motor is a bit loud
Hose easy to dislodge

Earlex Sprayer Features

Here are some of the other features we discovered about this Earlex model that help it to stand out against the competition.

2 year warranty.

This pro spray gun is able to generate up to 42 CFM thanks to its 650w turbine.  It provides you consistent coverage on your shutters, trim or similar medium-sized projects.

The HV5500 is a workhorse.  It can be used for interiors or exterior needs andcan spray thinned latex, lacquers, varnishes, oils, stains, and even sealants.  Amazing.

Fan widths that can be distributed onto a surface by this unit range from just 1 inch to 12 inches.  This provides you the large scale coverage you need or the detail work you’ve got to have.

What We Love about the Earlex Sprayer

What we really liked about this Earlex Spray Station was the fact that the spray pattern adjustments come with a push and click type of design.

Instead of fiddling with difficult knobs or dials, you push to receive the pattern adjustments that your next project requires.

This gives even contractors the power they’ll need to get some of their jobs completed on time.

The portability and on board storage of this unit are well thought out.  It’s easy to carry with you or store it when not in use.

Get yourself the specialized Earlex Spray Gun Cleaning Kit to get your unit super clean after use.

Are you tired of the messes and inconsistent coverage that brushes and rollers can provide you? Especially for decking and other exterior work? 

Then you’re going to love what the Earlex HV5500 Spray Station is able to do.

What We Don’t Love about the Earlex Paint Sprayer 

Although we are generally pleased with the results this Earlex Sprayer is able to provide, there are a few changes we would like to see.

For example: when you purchase this product, the only tip you get out of the box is a 2mm tip.  To spray certain finishes, you need to invest into several different tips to maximize the use of this machine. 

You’ll need a 1.5mm tip/nozzle at least. When purchasing this unit, also purchase additional tips so your covered for all your projects.

The motor on this spray station, though effective, can also be a bit loud. Even with hearing protection on, it can be enough to leave your ears ringing for a bit after you’re done working.

We also found that the hose for this particular unit can be easy to dislodge from the unit especially since it is only 13 feet long. If you have larger areas to cover, consider buying a longer hose.

Although it’s somewhat flexible, we found that it can become detached while you’re working on a project. Purchase a different hose or reinforce where the hose attaches to the unit.

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Unboxing the Earlex HV5500

When you buy your Earlex, it comes with a 13 foot hose, on board storage and a 2 mm tip.  Because it’s a turbine system, you won’t need to buy or use an air compressor to paint.

Best Material to Use in Your Earlex Sprayers

This Spray Station is super useful for the DIYer.  It can handle basically any material you throw at it.  This includes lacquers, varnishes, oils, stains and even sealants.

This saves you money because you won’t need to purchase multiple paint sprayers to get all your jobs done. 

If you are painting with latex, as with most paint sprayers, you will need to thin the paint.  Unless you are planning on using a lower quality latex paint, which tends to be thinner.

If you need a real workhorse to get all your projects done with consistent, professional results, then this Earlex unit is the ticket.


Earlex Spray Station Specs
650 Watt
42 CFM and 2.2 PSI
13 foot hose, 5.5 foot power cord
2mm stainless steel tip and needle included
2 year warranty
Weighs 12 lbs
Cleaning kit included

Earlex 5500 Owner’s Manual

If you’re looking for the owner’s manual for your Earlex HV5500 click this link.


For most applications, we found that Earlex Sprayers can deliver a consistent result with a wide variety of application materials.

This is a flexible machine that can give you professional results without hitting your budget with a premium price.  This is the tool you need this year.


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