DeVilbiss StartingLine Review

DeVilbiss Starting Line

best hvlp paint sprayer
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  • Great for automotive needs
  • Requires 8-13 CFMs for continuous painting
  • 3 tips included: 1, 1.3 and 1.5mm
  • Best for occasional use
  • Great for clearcoats
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable Fan Pattern Control

The DeVilbiss StartingLine HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit is designed to help you highlight the strengths of your work by allowing you to put in your fine details.

Designed with automotive painting needs in mind, don’t limit yourself to just one use for this tool.

Sometimes when you’re painting, the detail work is the most important work of all.

You can paint large surfaces with many different equipment options, but the wrong detail sprayers can make your hard work look just plain bad.

Our experience with this DeVilbiss StartingLine kit was mostly positive.

Here is what we discovered during our trial.

Beginner Friendly
Easy to Clean
Great for Detail work and clearcoats

Air hog Compared to other HVLP
Tip is on super tight
Occasional Use

Is the DeVilbiss Startingline Right for Me?

This HVLP spray gun kit works better for occasional use instead of daily use. If you’re a professional painter, then this probably isn’t the right kit for you.

The design is solid and it functions quite well, but we don’t see it standing up to some heavy wear and tear.

That makes it great for the DIY expert who needs to paint their vehicle, the hobbyist, and others who aren’t going to have daily painting needs. 

How to paint your car like a pro with this gun is simple; follow the tips in our latest post by clicking on the link above.

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Devilbiss Startingline Spray Gun Tips

The initial tip you receive from the factory is on there tight. And we mean TIGHT.

You receive 3 tips with the purchase of this DeVilbiss HVLP Spray Gun kit: 1mm, 1.3mm, and 1.5mm. If you want to change out the default tip, be prepared to take some extra time and be patient with the process.

It’s on there incredibly tight and if you get frustrated with it, you might just end up breaking it. The included tool works well after you get it off the first time. We had to use a wrench. 

Looking for DeVilbiss Startingline parts?  Check out their website for your parts needs.

Will I need a Heavy Duty Compressor?

Be prepared for high CFM rates with this HVLP spray gun. You’re going to need 8-13 CFM from your air compressor to receive continuous painting from these guns.

Anything less than that, and you will have to take breaks while you wait for your compressor to catch up.

Upgrade Your Devilbiss Startingline

We also agree with some of the public reviews of this particular kit regarding hose size: the minimum recommended hose is 5/16 inches, but better results come if you step up to at least a 3/8 inch hose.

The cups. Oh the cups. DeVilbiss has equipped this gravity spray gun kit with plastic cups and plastic connection gaskets. There is a definite weak point where the body and the cup come together.

Without care here, you’re going to find either the cup or the gasket breaking and that’s a difficult repair to make if it does happen. 

Consider upgrading to the DeKups system.  You can spray at any angle without leaks.  

Is the DeVilbiss Heavy?

Supremely lightweight and that is nice. This HVLP paint sprayer kit, including the case in which the guns ship, weighs just 6 pounds.

You’re not stuck with an overly beefy gun that makes your grip tired if you have an extensive project that needs to be completed. 

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What About Cleaning this HVLP Spray Gun Kit?

Cleanup is relatively easy. If you’ve cleaned spray guns in the past, then you won’t have any problem with this HVLP kit.

If not, the manufacturer’s instructions are thorough enough to take you through the process without much of a headache.

Keeping these guns clean consistently will definitely help to prolong their lifespan for you and improve your overall investment.

DeVilbiss sells a handy Spray Gun Cleaning Bottle that may interest you…check it out.


If you’re looking for a heavy duty gravity feed spray gun, then this isn’t likely going to meet your needs.

If, however, you’re looking for something to use on occasion to save some time and money, then the DeVilbiss StartingLine HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit could be right for you.

After our trial with this product, we have no hesitation in recommending it as one of the best HVLP spray guns around.


What is the best paint sprayer for cars?  

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2 thoughts on “DeVilbiss StartingLine Review”

  1. I decided to purchase this gun duo, because it seemed affordable. Only have used the larger of the two ,to spray clearcoat . The fan pattern was awesome at 30psi on regulator. To take the internal air part was a pain. I had to put it into the vise and 6 point socket to get it off. The last problem was that the plastic cup cap is a piece of junk. Leaks and drips on your work . Would be nice to have this better , and manufacture a side mount cup that you can manually adjust for the angle you spray at. All in all ,I am happy with the 1.3 tip gun.

    • Hi Rick, Good to hear that overall you’re happy with your DeVilbiss. It would definitely be nice to see the plastic cups and connections upgraded to prevent leakages.

      Thanks for reading – John

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