Earlex Sprayer HV3500 Review

Earlex HV3500

best lacquer srpayer
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  • 500-watt motor turbine spray volume control
  • 43 cfm / 2 psi, DIN/second = 160
  • Includes nine-foot hose, one-quart wide-mouth paint container, stain/latex tip, viscosity cup
  • Great for Plasti Dip Spraying and lacquer
  • Features on-board hose and gun storage, front-loading tip/needle

If you’re looking for a dynamic sprayer that can quickly and easily apply lacquer and stains, we recommend the Earlex HV3500.

With a 500 watt motor turbine and spray volume controls, this HVLP spray station can produce up to 43 CFM and a DIN/sec of 160.  You can tackle a huge variety of indoor and exterior projects with this sprayer.  

Check out what we found when we used this Earlex Paint Sprayer.

Is This Earlex Sprayer Right for Me?

What sort of projects do you have on your list?  If you are looking to tackle small and medium sized projects around the house, then this sprayer can get the job done for minimal cost.

If you have a ton of projects to do, and each one needs a different type of paint then this model can handle everything.

This spray gun is able to handle all sorts of different types of materials without issue.  No need to buy multiple paint sprayers for your projects.

Tests have shown that this HVLP paint sprayer produces minimal overspray, meaning you save money on paint.  So if you are on a budget, this is a sprayer you may want to consider.

If you are a pro painter, this model won’t be able to keep up with your needs.  The Earlex sprayer is perfect for a beginner or someone with smaller hobby projects to complete.

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Earlex Sprayer Best Features

With this Earlex spray station, you’ll receive a 9 foot hose with purchase.  If you need something longer, it’s easy enough to swap that out for a longer hose.

As an added benefit, however, the standard hose and the gun both store right on the machine making it super portable and easy to maneuver even in tight spaces.

Get yourself the specialized Earlex Spray Gun Cleaning Kit to get your unit super clean after use.

Earlex gives you standard 3 spray pattern adjustments on the HV3500 so you can easily adjust on the fly. 

The 1 quart full mouth paint cup/container is easy to fill with its wide mouth construction.  This detail also makes it easy to clean.

Overspray is not an issue with this tool.  Earlex keeps it low key with this sprayer; the reduced noise levels mean you can paint for longer without damaging your hearing.

Bonus this sprayer comes with a 2 year warranty.

Earlex is Really Good at…

This Earlex Sprayer exceeds expectations when laying down plastidip on vehicles and shines when spraying primer and lacquers.

We really loved how effectively it could apply lacquer – it also works pretty well with stains and some paints. 

The Earlex HV3500 is built to tackle all your small and medium sized projects no matter what you plan on spraying.

Clean up is easy and fast, especially with the Earlex cleaning kit.  This makes using an Earlex paint sprayer much more effective than brushing or rolling your paint onto your surface. 

For a small price, this HVLP Spray Stations capabilities really surprised us.

Unboxing the Earlex Sprayer 

You can expect when your new Earlex 3500 arrives to receive a nine-foot hose, one-quart wide-mouth paint container, 2mm stain/latex tip, and a viscosity cup.

What this Earlex Spray Gun is Not Good for…

If you are looking to to detail work, you can’t use this model out of the box.  You’ll have to buy different tips to try your hand out at detailing.  Specifically the 1.5mm brass tip and needle kit made for the Earlex 3500.

Pro Painting Tips for Using an Earlex

If your painting projects are a bit smaller in nature, like trim or interior doors, then the turbine and gun combo on the 3500 will meet your needs. 

The turbine however, will not meet the requirements of higher end guns, so switching guns from the stock unit is not recommended.  Instead, the favorite of DIY woodworkers that need that extra power from the turbine is the 5500 model.


If you are looking for a versatile HVLP paint sprayer that is budget and paint friendly, then this Earlex spray station will be able to fill your project gaps perfectly.


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