Best Cordless Paint Sprayer

It can be a lot of fun to paint with a cordless paint sprayer. 

When you’ve got a big painting job to do, the best cordless paint sprayers will let you get the job done quickly.

Imagine painting without the noise and hassle of an air compressor!

cordless paint sprayer
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Cordless Paint Sprayers Comparison 

best cordless paint sprayer

To be frank, there are several inferior models within this category that aren’t worth listing. This includes the Ryobi Cordless Paint Sprayer that has a ton of bad reviews online for constant clogging and just being poorly built. We won’t bother reviewing them here.

Our favorite cordless sprayer by far are those made by Graco.  They have awesome customer support, make their machines to last and Graco spray tips let you do a ton of stuff including spraying a fine finish at low pressure!

All the info you need you can get straight from Graco’s amazing spray tip post.

Keep your eye out for cordless sprayers that come with multiple batteries to reduce overall costs and save you time. Here are the best battery powered paint sprayers on the market today.

Best Cordless Paint Sprayer Review: Editor’s Choice

Premium  Cordless Sprayer

Graco Ultra Max Airless Paint Sprayer

best cordless sprayer
  • Powered by DEWALT XR Lithium-Ion System
  • Sprays Water, Solvent, and Flammable Based Materials
  • Perfect Airless Finish at Any Speed – Without Thinning

This cordless paint sprayer from Graco allows you to paint wherever you happen to be. Users receive about an hour’s worth of work per charge, which is plenty of time to get some jobs done.

Paint your trim, paint your closets, or even paint your furniture and cabinets with this Graco handheld sprayer.

Because of the liner system, switching between different paints or primer and paint is a lot easier than with conventional products.

You may still have some cleaning work to do, but the switchover takes much less time. That means you can stay active with your painting without all the downtime that is such a negative with other sprayers.

This Graco Paint Sprayer is the only model that is approved for certain types of paint as well. It will spray hot solvents and flammable-based materials in addition to your standard latex-based paints. The Ultra Max also sprays water.  Not sure why you’d want to spray water but whatever!

Truth be told, this isn’t a small-project paint sprayer. If you only need to paint a couple of walls or a handful of cabinets, a lesser model for a lower price can handle it.

The Graco Ultra Max is a contractor-grade item with lots of power that will let you cover more than 36 square feet of wall space on a single cup and charge.

That makes it perfect for large projects.

We also found it to be an excellent sprayer for professional furniture or cabinetry projects.

best cordless paint sprayer
3 tips included
Commercial Grade Machine
0-2000 PSI adjustments

Some may consider it heavy
Large Investment

Graco TC Pro 

best cordless sprayer
  • 514 Tip included
  • 2 Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Sprays hot solvents and flammable materials

The primary benefit of this Graco TC Pro spray gun is its versatility. It claims that no thinning is required for paints or stains, so we put that claim to the test.

It performed well, providing a smooth finish that was nice and even on a consistent basis.  You can adjust the PSI range from 0 to 2000.  A sprayer with this price tag can spray at any angle including upside down without any problems.  The paint cup capacity is 32 oz, which is industry standard for this type of sprayer.

The piston pump is built from carbide which is known for being long lasting.

Included with the Graco TC Pro is the 514 reversible tip, flexline bags, Graco pump armor and mesh filters.  The TC Pro weighs about 10 pounds, so some wrist and arm fatigue might happen.  Budget your time properly and this won’t be an issue.

Battery life is typical of a cordless sprayer: about 30-45 minutes of constant painting for each charge.  The batteries charge decently fast.  That’s whats so great about this unit, it comes with 2 batteries.  While one is on the charger, you can keep painting and it will be charged up by the time the other one dies.

Graco’s standard warranty is 1 year but, their products are so well built….you probably won’t need it.

The control over the spray is extremely helpful in this, allowing users to work at a speed that is comfortable for them.  It works just as well with stains as it does with paint. Be sure to use the flexline bags for stains, however, as the disbursement cup is susceptible to staining.

Battery lasts 30 min of spray time
Can also spray unthinned paints
0-2000 PSI adjustments

Weighs 10lbs
Must continually spray or stain might dry in unit
Large Investment

Graco Ultra Cordless 

cordless paint srpayer
  • MAX PSI 2000
  • 514 tip included
  • Comes w/2 batteries

Powered by the DeWalt XR lithium-ion system, this Graco wireless paint sprayer is designed to give you the perfect airless finish. Users can operate it at any speed and without the paint thinning requirements of other sprayers.

The pressure controls are the nicest feature of this cordless sprayer. You can adjust your PSI levels to work at the speed you are most comfortable.

You’ll still need to properly mask-off your room to prevent paint molecules from settling onto unwanted items.

Extra protections need to be taken for areas where close work needs to be done. Otherwise, we found the overspray claims to be truthful.

There are some issues we discovered with this model about losing its prime. It happened twice.

We discovered that air can get into the flex liner cup if you’re not careful. The fix is simple: open the VacuValve and remove the air. Check the gasket and replace the cup if necessary, which is covered under the warranty.

Compared to the older models that used to be manufactured, this Graco Spray Gun provides an incredible experience. We found it to be well worth the investment.

Med to Large Jobs
Gets into Awkward Spaces
Sprays Unthinned Paint

Drains Batteries Fast
Large Investment

Cordless Paint Sprayers vs Handheld Sprayers 

Cordless sprayers are exactly that.  They have no need for air OR electricity because they are battery operated.  There are no cords at all.  If you’re looking for the ultimate portable spray painting system, you should invest in a cordless paint sprayer 

A handheld paint sprayer still requires electricity and therefore will have an electrical cord.  This limits its portability. 

Cordless Paint Sprayer Buyer’s Guide

Cordless Paint Sprayer Batteries: What You Need to Know Now

Spraying with a cordless paint gun can be amazing.  However, it can also become a really, really, really frustrating experience.

You can go to any location and use the sprayer until the batteries run out.

Then you charge the batteries and get started all over again.

Although paint sprayers can do the same job much faster than the typical roller or brush, there are several issues you’ll need to take into account before completing your purchase today.

The most important feature on a cordless spray painter is how power is delivered to the unit. Most models use a lithium-ion battery of some type. The best options include a 20V battery, but there are models that use 12V or 18V options as well.

A stronger battery paint sprayer doesn’t mean a longer or stronger user experience. Some models have speed control features that can severely deplete a battery within minutes.

Even at full capacity, however, most batteries will provide between 40-60 minutes of use on a single charge. If you have a large painting job to finish, you’ll need 2-3 batteries available. 

Our favorite cordless paint sprayers in this post are powered by DeWalt 20V lithium Ion batteries.  They hold a charge better than other brands with a longer maximum run time.  They are also lighter, which minimizes wrist fatigue while painting. 

You can use them in any DeWalt tool.  In fact, there are over 200 + tools you can use them in.  Perfect.  So if you have some already around the house, you’re set!

By the time you’ve depleted your third battery, the first one should be charged enough to allow you to keep working once again.

5 Features to Look for in a Cordless Paint Sprayer

If you are in the market for a cordless spray painter, then don’t forget to look for the following things before buying to ensure you get the best cordless spray gun you can afford.

Features to Look for in a Cordless Sprayer

Features of the Best Cordless Paint Sprayer
Multiple Batteries w/long life
Easy to Adjust Pressure Controls
Stainless Steel Parts
No Clip and Snap Cups
Brand Name Tips Available

Triple piston pumps. This piston pump design can output at 2,000 PSI on some cordless paint sprayers, while supporting multiple tip sizes. Be sure the pump is manufactured from carbide components and has a stainless-steel composition at minimum.

Easy connections. Your accessories, such as your paint cup, should connected securely, but easily to the paint sprayer. You’ll also want secure connections for your pump. Avoid the clip-and-snap models if you can because any paint or debris that gets into that connection-type can cause the sprayer to malfunction.

Pressure controls. There are times when you need to paint fast. There are times when it is better to paint slowly. With a pressure control, you can adjust the spray fan being produced to ensure even coverage without drips or runs.

Tip superiority. Look for tips that are produced by the spray gun’s manufacturer for the best results. There are generic tips available for most models and buying generic does save money. Generic tips are also more likely to fail or produce inconsistent spray patterns.

Paint bags. Most cordless paint sprayers come with disposable paint bags (liners) that limit your mess. Fill the liner or bag with paint and then place the bag into the cup that attaches to the sprayer.

Every painting job benefits from a unique, individualized set of features on a paint sprayer. If you can adjust the features on the spray gun, then you have an adaptive equipment option that makes painting easier.

Look for versatility first, then consistency, for the best possible experience.

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What we like (and Don’t like) about Cordless Sprayers

During testing and painting, we noted a few things that we thought should be mentioned about cordless sprayers in general.

What We Like
Med to Large Jobs
Gets into Awkward Spaces
Handles a Ton of Materials

What We don't Like
Drains Batteries Fast
Large Investment

Why We Recommend Buying a Cordless Paint Sprayer 

We recommend a cordless spray gun because they are versatile.  You can get into any awkward spot you need to paint.  They also spray a huge variety of materials so they are good for almost any project.  Being portable and not needing an air compressor air are a huge bonus for us. 

You’ll want to use these models on medium to large projects though; they tend to be too much sprayer for small jobs. 

Advantages of a Cordless Paint Sprayer

Advantages of a Cordless Sprayer
Can get into tight spaces
High pressure sprays unthinned paint
Sprays faster than other types of sprayers
Super portable

Graco’s Airless Sprayer Tip Guide

Graco has a handy spray tip selector on their website.  You enter your sprayer model, material you will be spraying and the surface size.  It will then tell you what tip would work best for your project. We love it.  Check it out HERE.

What is the Difference between the Graco TC Pro and Ultra?

The TC Pro and Graco Ultra Max sprayers are basically the same sprayer with very small differences that you won’t even notice if you’re using them for home use.

The Ultra line of Graco sprayers are considered contractor grade and are sold mainly to contractors.  It can spray flammable materials and hot solvents, but the TC Pro can’t.  

The TC Pro is sold in big box stores to general consumers like Home Depot and Lowe’s.  It also comes equipped with regular tips versus the Ultra that comes with the FFTP tips.

Accessories to Consider for Your Cordless Sprayer

A cordless paint sprayer comes with one unique ability: the opportunity to paint anywhere. It paints quickly, and the best models offer a consistent finish.

For many painters, that is all they want to see in a good spray.

Some demand more from their equipment. Cordless paint guns that are compatible with certain accessories will make the job easier. Here are the options that you’ll find are most common within this category.

Best Accessories to Purchase with Your Cordless Sprayer

Filters: A unit that is compatible with filters will remove debris from your paint. Filters also reduce the chances of a clog happening at the tip, which reduces the amount of splatter you’ll encounter when painting.

Hoses: A few cordless models are compatible with traditional setups. You can either attach a battery and spray or attach a hose and spray.

This versatile design makes any job possible. If you’re working outdoors and have this type of sprayer, get a hose that is at least 25 feet in length.

Protectants and Conditioners: These items are added to your paint sprayer, allowing it to provide a consistent performance. It can prevent freezing, corrosion, and sticking within the mechanics of the sprayer, which extends the life of the unit. 

Graco Pump Armor protects and lubricates your piston pump and other parts.  Cordless paint sprayers aren’t cheap, so you should do your best to keep your unit in good condition.

Tips: Different tips offer a variety of painting options and styles for your sprayer. Some tips can handle thicker paint viscosity, while others can change the spray pattern emitted.

Take note of whether the tip is designated for interior or exterior work. Some tips may be suitable for all paint types.

You must clean your paint sprayer after every job.

No matter what, there isn’t a single feature on a cordless paint sprayer that’ll take care of the cleanup process. If you do not clean your sprayer, then the paint can dry within the equipment and cause it to stop working.

You’ll need to take the sprayer apart and flush it for best results. It is a time-consuming process, especially when compared to manual painting equipment.

Editor’s Tip when Buying a Cordless Spray Gun

A cordless paint sprayer that can attach to a garden hose will become your best friend.  Super easy and fast clean up.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Cordless Paint Sprayer

Cordless spray guns are excellent options for DIY projects. They’re not the type of equipment you’d use if you were trying to paint an entire house or a large exterior project, such as a barn.

This type of paint sprayer works best when there is a single room to paint, a small home exterior that needs help, or various decking, trim, or fence needs.

Different manufacturers provide different nozzle options, so you’ll find that certain models tend to do better with crafting projects.

Most battery operated paint sprayers have a specific spraying distance that is recommended. In general, a spraying distance of 6 inches will provide the consistency wanted for the painting project.

For sprayers that are compatible with stains or un-thinned paint, there may be additional recommendations to review.

Some masking is typically required when using a cordless spray gun as well. Use this type of sprayer when mobility is an issue and you need to have a long reach.

Tips and Tricks: How to Use Your New Cordless Paint Sprayer

Before getting started, test the spray gun on a piece of cardboard or some other form of paintable scrap. That way, you’ll know if the cordless sprayer needs to be adjusted or if you need to work on your technique.

Always start your painting stroke before you pull the trigger. This will prevent paint from building up at each starting point. Then watch how the paint lands on the surface you’re working on. Adjust your speed to achieve consistency.

Then you’ll want to follow these additional tips to get the most out of your new purchase.

  • Never store paint in your paint sprayer, even if it is in a disposable bag.
  • Wipe the tip of your sprayer regularly to prevent clogging. Paint will dry on the tip during your job, so a dry cloth that won’t leave lint is a good option.
  • Try to spray straight at the surface. If you swing your arm in a large circumference, then you may change the spray pattern at the beginning or ending of the stroke.
  • Always move your arm during application. Do not move your wrist. This will prevent arcing.

Every paint sprayer has its own personality. It takes a little time to get to know what the equipment can or cannot do. If you can put in a few minutes of practice before getting to work, you’ll find that the results you can achieve will often be a lot better.

What to Budget for the Best Cordless Paint Sprayers 

Cordless paint sprayers are a good value purchase if you have difficult places to access. Traditional paint sprayers do not work well in tight spaces, up ladders, or in large yards with extensive fencing.

Pricing depends on the size of the job that is expected. Basic cordless sprayers in this category are priced around $50. They offer limited painting times and are generally reserved for interior environments.

If you want a cordless paint gun that can handle interior and exterior jobs that are extensive, then expect a price of at least $499 for your preferred model. Graco paint sprayers are the best and they are priced in the $700 range.

Best Materials to Paint with These Cordless Sprayers

Truth be told, when shopping at this price point for a paint sprayer, it better be able to deliver.  And they do.  You can spray anything from primers to latex to stains and even water.  You’ll get premium results for this investment. 


The best cordless paint sprayers are not going to compare to other sprayer types because of their power source.  An air compressor or an electrical outlet will provide more overall power than a battery, even if it is a 20V option.

It is important to keep that in mind while shopping in this category.  If you’re away from a power source, these cordless paint sprayers are your best option.

Consider the scope of your project, how fast you need to work, and the quality of the finish that is required. Then match up those needs with a battery operated paint sprayer to solve your problems for a fair, affordable price.

Cordless sprayers not for you?  Check out our best paint sprayer reviews for your next project sprayer.

Quick FAQs

What is the best cordless sprayer?

Graco TC Pro

What is the best material to spray with a cordless sprayer?

You can spray anything from primers to latex to stains and even water. 

Batteries and your cordless sprayer

The most important feature on a cordless spray painter is how power is delivered to the unit. The best options include a 20V battery. Most batteries will provide between 40-60 minutes of use on a single charge.