Iwata Supernova Review

Iwata Supernova WS400

iwata supernova review
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  • 1 year warranty
  • 13 CFM Needed
  • Under 1 pound
  • Perfect for all automotive paints 
  • 1.3mm tip size
  • Sprays fast with less overspray

If you’re looking for a high quality spray gun that conquers all types of automotive paints, the Iwata Supernova offers everything you need. 

With precision and high paint transfer efficiency rates, this premium spray gun for cars will crush your clear coat projects.   

Let’s take a look at the Iwata Supernova WS400. There are a ton of reasons to pick this spray gun as your clear coat workhorse. 

Iwata Supernova Review 

One of the biggest names in spray guns for paint, Iwata has a reputation for quality and durability. The company is dedicated to bringing every painter the right tool for the job. 

You can find models that work for artistic ventures or those used for commercial means, like a car or house painting. The Iwata Supernova WS400, are perfect for viscous paints, whether they are water- or solvent-soluble. 

Iwata concentrates on crafting their spray guns with the highest-quality materials.  Iwata spray guns are optimized for the best performance and often use innovative technology to do this.  

Iwata WS400 Design and Set Up

The Iwata Supernova WS400 set-up is the first thing that many people notice. The design uses a Pininfarina blueprint that makes this not only an effective piece of equipment but a nice-looking one, as well. The design itself balances ergonomics with performance.  

With this design, the Iwata introduced a new paint cup system that is easier to release, as well as a nozzle technology called LV technology which delivers more paint, faster, but, reduces overspray at the same time. 

The grip is ergonomic while the gun itself weighs around a pound. You won’t suffer from hand and wrist fatigue when working on longer or more detailed projects. 

We love that you can use this adapter to attach the DeVilbiss D cups system to you Supernova.

Good for Clear coats etc.
Precise paint delivery
Awesome paint transfer
Fast application

Some models, you have to buy a good sized paint cup separately

The gun itself is built with rust-resistant parts that makes this tool last forever. 

The Iwata WS400 CFM requirements can be considers to be air heavy, requiring 13 CFM to lay down a steady and soft finish.

Though the fan pattern is heavy in the center, the designers took time to take care of the problem by adding a locking thread system so you can control every aspect of your paint delivery. 

Not only that but, with its innovative combination of flat and even fan patterns, you can kiss those boil spots and pinholes goodbye when you are dealing with HS clearcoats.

This system also is crucial in the new cup-locking system that will affect the ability to be precise in your spray. The gun also comes with a nice array of precision settings and is fitted with an adjuster to enhance the precision even more.  

Lastly, the Iwata Supernova delivers consistent paint droplets onto your project.  You’ve got a reliable spray system that lays down an even coat every time.  

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Iwata Supernova Problems

If you’re new to the premium sprayer market, you need to know one thing.  You have to buy a decent sized paint cup separately.  This is typical for high end sprayers.  Why don’t they include a cup?   

Because then, you can customize your sprayer and buy a plastic or metal cup.  Or maybe a larger one versus a small one, depending on your project needs.   

You can easily see that the Iwata WS400 is a great choice for any painting project you have coming down the pike. 


The last thing you want is to look at a wall, a car, or a piece of art and be able to count the layers and see the color variation.

That is why, when you are taking on a big painting project, you want a well-made and high-performing sprayer to help give you a more even coat and save you some precious time.  

The Iwata Supernova WS400 is just that. With its dedication and attention to detail, this company has crafted and brought one of the best models to the market. 


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