Wagner Smart Sidekick Power Roller Review

Wagner SMART Sidekick Power Roller

wagner power roller smart sidekick
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  • Direct feed from 1 to 5 gallon paint cans/buckets eliminates paint tray
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 10 min clean up
  • Oil and Latex friendly
  • 3/8 inch nap roller

Painting is a job that requires skill and professionalism at its best. If you need a reliable and efficient paint roller, look no further than this Wagner power roller. This innovation will transform your painting experience by making your tasks easier and faster to finish.  

To begin with, let’s take a look at the outstanding factors that make the Wagner smart sidekick the very best power roller on the market.

Our Wagner Power Roller Review 

One of the overall advantages this device brings to the industry is that it offers you the opportunity to paint large rooms or surfaces in a simple, faster, and efficient method.  

The paint stick roller is connected to the container that holds the paint to be sprayed. This container is usually 1-5 gallons in volume. Paint is then fed directly onto the surface being sprayed, which creates a uniform and evenly spread layer across the surface.  

The direct delivery system cuts on the need to have a tray.  Loading your roller with paint takes less effort and time. This lets you to paint larger surfaces and walls faster.  

The connecting cord of the Wagner power roller is also designed to accept common threaded extension poles that help you reach higher surfaces such as tall walls or even ceilings.  

Innovation has also brought forth an auto-feed control system making this machine a top-notch professional power paint roller. This system ensures the device sustains a continuous flow of paint, thus allowing you to have uniformly done work in a fast and efficient manner.  

One of the best features of the Wagner smart sidekick is the quick release handle. This small and yet useful part lets you quickly detach any rollers or other accessories during your painting job. You can replace them as fast and as often as you need based on the type of project you’re painting.    

-1 year warranty
-Easy to clean
-Can be fitted with extension poles
-Provide uniform results

-Can be noisy
-More work than just using a paint roller

Features of the Wagner Smart Sidekick

Features of the Best Drill Powered Ice Auger
-1 year warranty
-Auto Feed control
-Quick Release handle
-16 foot hose
-Direct feed system
-All fitting click attach arm
-Easier to clean than other power rollers we tested

Why Should You Get the Wagner Power Roller?  

There is a range of benefits that come with using the Sidekick. 

First, the Wagner Smart Sidekick replacement roller is affordable, meaning you can change it any time you want without having to dig deep into your pocket.  

The Wagner power roller is also easy to store and does not consume a lot of storage space. It’s also been designed for use by professionals and makes it easier for beginners to enjoy and be successful at their initial painting experience.  

Its compatible system makes it easy to pair with other accessories that will improve and simplify your paint job.

What’s Included with the Wagner Power Roller?

  • Paint stick roller 
  • Paint storage container and  
  • A long delivery tube 

Issues with the Wagner Smart Sidekick

When testing we found a few issues that we thought we should mention.

When using the extension pole, just like with a regular roller, you will have to pay attention to how tight the pole is attached.  Tighten the pole often.

There was an annoying squeaking noise that was coming from the retainer clip for the roller.  Grab some grease, Vaseline or coconut oil and apply it to the clip area to stop it.

The hose is plastic and pretty tightly coiled.  This can pose a challenge while painting.  Soak that hose in warm of hot water when you get it and you can straighten out a bit.  

Wagner SMART Sidekick Manual

If you need a copy of the manual, download it here.

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Cleaning Your Wagner Power Roller

The ease of cleaning a power roller is one of the biggest concerns when buying. This is especially true because paint is hard to get out of all the moving parts or a sprayer or power roller.  However, the Wagner Smart Roller cleaning process is one of the easiest ever.  

The first step is to empty any remaining paint inside the roller into a container. Next, take the Wagner pump roller and the hose and dip them inside warm soapy water. Run warm water through the hose until it washes off all the paint that remained within. This should take you about 10-15 minutes.  

Once that is done, consider the cleaning process to be over. You will never have to spend more than 20 minutes cleaning the Wagner Sidekick attachments and parts.  

An extra tip on Wagner Sidekick cleaning is that you should ensure you use a new roller cover every time after you are done with painting. Roller covers are challenging to clean, and changing them could save you a lot of time and work.  


If you want a dependable roller you can trust to help you get your painting done, this Wagner power roller is the right choice for you. It’s not only fitting for big painting projects, as you can also use it for smaller tasks such as painting a room in your house or a shed in the garden.