Central Pneumatic HVLP Spray Gun Review

Central Pneumatic

central pneumatic HVLP spray gun review
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  • Best for stains, base, or primer
  • Budget Friendly
  • 1.4mm
  • Requires 9.5 CFM
  • Adjustable Fan Pattern and Fluid Control

The Central Pneumatic HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun is a solid solution for those who have hobby projects to complete or automotive work that needs to get done.

Sometimes you don’t need a spray gun that can spray only paint effectively. Lacquers, enamels, or urethanes need to have a delivery method that is safe and reliable as well.

Great Price
Adjustable Fan and Fluid Controls
Good for stains

20 Oz cup a bit small
1.4mm Tip may clog
No Wrench included for disassembly

Central Pneumatic: Best Materials to Spray

Central Pneumatic Spray Guns can handle several different materials.

We found that the best use of this particular spray gun from Central Pneumatic was in applying stains,  base coat or laying down some primer.

Just remember that this type of spray gun is not typically suited for latex paint applications unless the paint has been thinned down adequately enough.  

Which means quite a bit, since it comes with a 1.4mm tip.

Latex viscosity must be like pancake syrup in order for it to be used at all and even then latex still tends to go against the instructions of the manufacturer.

If you are going to be using primarily latex, then you’ll want to check out our best latex paint sprayer reviews for the best results possible.

It will even spray metallics with great ease – not many other spray guns can say the same thing.  This is due to its adjustable fan patterns and its volume control. 

What Compressor do I Need?

This HVLP spray gun does require a minimum 1 HP compressor with at least 50 PSI and 6 CFM to operate in a continuous manner.  

If you’re using a small portable or pancake compressor, you may find yourself taking a break here or there as the compressor recovers.

At the $20 price point, give or take a dollar or two on either side, it could be treated as a throw away tool, but with a little care it can go the distance for you.

It’s also nice to see a metal nut at the connection point of the cup.

This prevents some of the leaks that plastic connections on some other models can spring from time to time.

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What is an HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun?

These types of guns have the paint cup on top of the gun.  The paint is fed through the gun by using gravity.  HVLP stands for high volume low pressure.  The paint is shot out of your gun at low pressure, typically around 10 PSI at the cap of the gun.  

HVLP gravity feed paint guns are used by a ton of Pros and they get nice consistent, smooth results with a soft finish.

The Best Features of Gravity Feed Spray Guns 

Depending on the size of the paint cup, you may have more or less downtime. Upgrade to a bigger cup if you have larger jobs to handle.

These cups can be of virtually any size, but we find that 600cc cups tend to provide the best combination of productivity and downtime when it comes to filling them.

Some cups may be as small as 120cc.

Gun Control Button Placement

Look for controls on the rear of your gun, instead of on the front. This allows you to make adjustments with one hand, allowing for better ambidextrous use of the device.

Many spray guns that feature adjustment knobs for spray or volume at the front tend to be positioned for right-handed users.

With rear placement, everyone has comfortable use of the spray gun.

Filter and Strain before Painting

Filtering and straining your paint is an important part of the gravity feed application process. Adequate filtering will lead to a smoother finish with less effort.

PSI and the Central Pneumatic

You’ll also want to look at the operating PSI for certain types of gravity feed spray guns.

If it is anything above 10 PSI, then you’ll need to have an adequate compressor that can consistently meet your pressure requirements.

Remember that indoor paint tends to be thicker than outdoor paint, so the end results require different settings.

Unboxing the Central Pneumatic Spray Gun Kit

Should you order a Central Pneumatic Spray Gun, it is important to recognize that all you’re going to receive is the spray gun and the cup.

You will need a threaded adapter, an air hose, and a compressor for this tool to work properly.

We would also go the extra step to include an oil/water separator with the setup to make sure the integrity of the finish is not altered. 

central pneumatic hvlp spray gun review

It’s also important to note that you can’t use this spray gun straight from the box. Several public reviews mention the gun clogging on the first time they used it.

Our trial model came packed in a silicon coating to protect the product.

Cleaning it with standard mineral spirits prepared the gun for use. Without that cleaning, the silicon coating would most definitely cause clogging or sputtering.   

Tips for Cleaning Your Pneumatic Paint Sprayer

We found that you must be very careful about how you clean out this particular spray gun thanks to its internal components. If you let it air dry, then you run the risk of corrosion occurring.

You must completely dry the unit after cleaning it to avoid this issue.

Make sure that you really clean out your tips because they tend to clog.

If you already have the compressor setup or you’re planning to purchase one, then we highly recommend this affordable sprayer today.


The Central Pneumatic HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun is perfect for those chores at home that you’ve been putting off. Give it a closer look today.


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    • Hi Ken,

      Depending on what you are spraying, the 1.5mm tip it comes with may be too small. Especially for spraying primers or thicker materials. Harbor Freight may carry tips for this gun. Give their customer service a call at 1-800-423-2567 and they can steer you in the right direction. Thank you, John

  1. HVLP Sprayer. I have the upgraded version that is stainless components and I purchased a stainless cup, in line water/ oil separator and a digital regulator for about $100. This set up is perfect for professional every day use or fine tune projects. All parts were purchaced at Harbor Freight.

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