Mineral Spirit Uses

Mineral spirit uses are not limited to just thinning paint.  There are many way mineral spirits can make your life, and clean ups around the house easier and faster.  

Use your imagination and read on for 9 smart ways that you can use white spirits to clean your home and tools.

mineral spirit uses
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Mineral Spirit Uses: How to Use Mineral Spirits Around the House

Typically, mineral or white spirits are known for their ability to thin paint.  There are many other handy things that mineral spirits can do around the house.

9 Smart and Savvy Mineral Spirit Uses

There are many mineral spirit uses around the house to make your life easier.  What can white spirit be used for may surprise you.  It’s not just for thinning paints.

  1. Thinning Paint
  2. Cleaning Paint Tools
  3. Degreasing Parts
  4. Remove Paint Spills
  5. Remove Sticky Glues and Residue
  6. Clean Floors and Scuff Marks
  7. Clean Wood Furniture
  8. Clean Tools
  9. Remove Sap and Gunk from Outdoor Furniture

What are Mineral Spirits?

Mineral spirits are made from petroleum.   They are not water soluble and because of this, are great solvents and cleaners for degreasing.  Mostly, mineral spirits are used in the painting industry as a thinner and mild solvent. 

I’ve used it to remove stuck on glues that just won’t come off despite my best efforts.

They are inexpensive to purchase and 1 can goes a long way once you find out just how many uses there are for mineral spirits around the house.

What Can I use Mineral Spirits For: The Details

Mineral spirits are effective at cleaning a wide range of surfaces. They are commonly used to clean automotive parts, such as carburetors and engine components, as well as tools and machinery.

Mineral spirits are also effective at removing grease, oil, and other stains from surfaces. They can be used to clean kitchen appliances, such as ovens and stovetops, as well as outdoor grills and barbecue pits.

While mineral spirits are widely used and effective, they should be used with caution. They are flammable and can be hazardous if not used properly.

Thinning Paint

Mineral spirits have traditionally been used to thin paint for paint sprayers.  This continues to be the biggest use for white spirits.

Clean Paint Brushes, Roller and Other Paint Tools

Remove paint and clean those tools with ease by using mineral spirits.  You will love how much time this will save you.  Rinse them with water once all the paint has been removed. 

Also, if you can get that stubborn paint off of your tools, you will save money by not having to buy new tools.  Win Win.

Mineral Spirit Uses


Degrease Bike and Car Parts

If you’re parts are small enough, put them in a container filled with mineral spirits and soak them overnight to remove the grease and grime without any effort. 

For instant results, soak a rag in mineral spirits and wipe the greasy parts directly.  Don’t forget to wipe of any residual white spirits with a clean cloth.

Remove Paint Spills, even if They Have Dried!

With a bit of work, you can most likely remove paint spills even after they have dried.

Remove Price Tag Residue

A quick scrub on the spot where the price tag was will remove the left over glue.  After you’ve gotten the residue removed, wipe the spot with a clean, damp cloth to remove the mineral spirits.

Pro Tip: Mineral spirits and plastic, for the most part, do not mix.  It will dissolve the plastic leaving you with a disaster.

Clean Scuff Marks from Floors

You have to hate those scuff marks that some shoes and furniture leave on your nice floor!

 Get rid of them fast with a quick wipe with a cloth covered in mineral spirits.  Be careful if you have pets to remove all residual chemicals from the floor.

Clean Wood Furniture: Can I use Mineral Spirits to Clean Wood?

Each type of furniture and wood finish reacts differently to mineral spirits.  Some pieces will shine, others not so much.  You could even try mineral spirits on wood floors!

Test it out on a small hidden area to determine if you should wipe down your whole project.

Clean Your Tools

Mineral spirits and their powerful degreasing and cleansing properties means that you can clean your automotive and home improvement tools to almost new condition. 

Even dried paint can be dissolved and then washed off.

Remove Sap from Tools and Outdoor Furniture

The sap that gets on my lawnmower, tools and outdoor patio set just drives me nuts.  I’ve tried about half a dozen product that SAY that they remove sap only to be super disappointed.

What a waste of time and money.

I decided to give mineral spirits a try and the results were excellent!  All of the sap was removed without a trace. Works amazing with glues and other types of adhesives.

It can also be used to remove old wax and polish from furniture, so you can refurbish it.

Pro Tip: Always test in a small hidden area to make sure it doesn’t remove the finish.

Mineral Spirit Uses and Safety

Are mineral spirits harmful?  The answer is yes.  Always wear gloves and eye protection when using mineral spirits.  Mineral spirits smell like kerosene or gas.

If you can’t find odorless mineral spirits then go a step further and wear a paint respirator mask to eliminate the risk of breathing in the fumes.

Mineral Spirits on Skin

If you get mineral spirits on skin you must wash them off with warm soapy water.  Otherwise, if it stays on your skin for too long, it will cause irritating rashes and even skin burn!

Limiting Your Exposure when Using Mineral Spirits and the Environment

Try to limit your exposure and make sure to dispose of your unused mineral spirits according to local environmental and waste management laws. 

Never pour down the drain, toilet or street drain as it can get into the local water table. 

Be smart with your DIY by disposing of all waste in a green way!

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I love finding different ways to use things I have around the workshop.  Make the most of what you already have.

So many mineral spirit uses, so little time!  Instead of spending money on sap remover, scuff mark remover or wood finish products, try using mineral spirits. 

You will be pleasantly surprised with the results!


What are mineral spirits used for?

Also called mineral turpentine or white spirit, mineral spirits are used for thinning paint, cleaning, degreasing, removing paint and sticky residues, cleaning floors, wood furniture and tools.

Is mineral spirits a good cleaner?

Yes, mineral spirits removes tons of glues, sap, tar and other sticky residues and grease much better than other cleaners.

Can mineral spirits be used to clean concrete and masonry surfaces?

Yes, mineral spirits are effective at removing oil and grease stains from concrete and masonry surfaces. They can also be used to remove tar and asphalt from surfaces.