Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer Review

Graco Ultra Cordless Airless

graco ultra cordless airless review
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  • MAX PSI 2000
  • 514 tip included
  • Comes w/2 batteries
  • Powered by DEWALT XR Lithium Ion System
  • Triax Triple Piston Pump with ProConnect
  • Adjustable Pattern Fan Control
  • 1 Quart cup
  • Fully Repairable for Extended Life
  • Uses RAC X FFLP Spray Tips

Powered by the DeWalt XR lithium-ion system, the Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer, model 17M363 is designed to give you the perfect airless finish.

Users can operate it at any speed and without the paint thinning requirements of other sprayers. Perhaps the best feature is its triple piston pump with Pro Connect.

Other paint sprayer models make it a hassle to switch between tasks.

Creating a consistent spray can seem almost impossible. When the RAC X FFLP spray tips are combined with the other technologies in this paint sprayer, there is no denying what happens.  You get the opportunity to produce consistent results on every job.

We recommend the Graco Ultra Cordless as your workhorse for large jobs.  It lays down a smooth finish on your surface fast.

What Comes in the Box with the Graco Ultra Cordless Sprayer

You’ll receive everything you need to get started inside the box with the Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer. Here is what we discovered.

Even though you may be ordering this paint sprayer online, Graco provides you with everything you’d receive if you bought it direct or from a dealer.

They have a great post to walk you through which Graco Spray Tips are best for each of your projects, big or small.

Med to Large Jobs
Gets into Awkward Spaces
Sprays Unthinned Paint

Drains Batteries Fast
Large Investment

Our Experience with the Graco Ultra Cordless Sprayer

The pressure controls are the nicest feature of this cordless sprayer. You can adjust your PSI levels to work at the speed you are most comfortable.

The marketing literature says this feature allows users to eliminate overspray issues. We found that to be mostly true.

You’ll still need to properly mask-off your room to prevent paint molecules from settling onto unwanted items. Extra protections need to be taken for areas where close work needs to be done.

Otherwise, we found the overspray claims to be truthful.

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Issues with Priming the Graco Cordless

There are some issues we discovered with this model about losing its prime. It happened twice. We discovered that air can get into the flex liner cup if you’re not careful.

The fix is simple: open the VacuValve and remove the air. Check the gasket and replace the cup if necessary, which is covered under the warranty.

It can also be helpful to avoid filling the reservoir completely when working. Leaving a little room seemed to provide a more consistent painting result.

Prep Work and Clean Up on Your New Graco Ultra Cordless

It takes about 5 minutes in total to get the sprayer ready for painting after you’ve completed your prep work. Our first cleaning attempt took about 30 minutes.

After a couple of extra days with the unit, the cleanup time could be reduced to about 10 minutes.

When you’re storing your Graco Ultra for any period of time greater than 2 weeks, we recommend you use Graco’s Pump Armor.  This antifreeze and lubricant preserves the pump and other parts inside your sprayer.  If you’re going to spend the money for a good sprayer, protect it!

Conclusion Graco Paint Sprayer

Compared to the older models that used to be manufactured, the Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer provides an incredible experience.

We found it to be well worth the investment. It is especially beneficial for locations where there may not be power available for a corded sprayer model.

That means whether you use it for staining, weatherproofing, or painting, this Graco paint sprayer is going to get the job done.

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