TCP Global Commercial 2.5 Gallon Spray Paint Pressure Pot Tank Review

TCP Pressure Pot


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  • Best for Large Projects
  • 1 year warranty
  • Sprays a ton of stuff even adhesives
  • Working Pressure 20-30 PSI
  • Weighs 45 lb
  • Air inlet/outlet 1/4 inch
  • Fluid outlet 3/8 inch

If you’re looking to go bigger and better. You’re going to use a product like the TCP Global Commercial 2.5-Gallon Spray Paint Pressure Pot Tank.

What can you do if you have a large project that requires paint spraying? Are you going to languish over those tiny sprayers that give you an hour’s worth of work per charge at best? Of course not.

Let’s check out this Pressure Pot Tank.

TCP Global Paint Pressure Pot Specifications

Here are the specifications that you’ll want to know about this particular unit.

  • It offers a tank fluid pressure gauge that ranges from 0-100 PSI.
  • The optimal working pressure for the unit is between 20-30 PSI, with maximum pressure at 90 PSI.
  • The air outlet and inlet are ¼-inch. The fluid outlet is 3/8-inch. Inside diameter and depth are both 9.5 inches.
  • You are only getting the tank and have to purchase a gun and hose separately.

This particular unit features a clamp-on lid design that works with a manual crank agitator for mixing.

With 10 liters of total capacity, you’ll be able to handle almost any commercial or large-scale painting situation that you face for one heck of a price.

1 year warranty
Large capacity for large projects
Handles a Ton of Materials even adhesives

Loses pressure if left unattended
Awkward valve design

What Can Be Used Within the TCP Global Paint Tank?

Unlike some other tanks by competitive manufacturers, the TCP Global Commercial 2.5-Gallon Spray Paint Pressure Pot Tank is capable of managing a broad range of coatings.

This pressure pot spray gun handles varnish, lacquer, wood coatings, oil-based paint, and latex paint. It is strong enough to apply adhesives, but still has the precision to apply automotive paint.

Four clamps work to ensure that the correct pressure is maintained within the tank itself. An air pressure relief valve is equipped to ensure users have the most possible control.

You can use several different products within the tank as well. It works with most 2.5-gallon tank liners.

You can also use paint buckets or paint cans that are under 2.5 gallons with the tank. In the box, it comes with a removable 2-gallon aluminum fluid liner bucket.

Users can even remove the easy-roll casters if they prefer to have a stable base of operations.

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How Well Does the Pressure Hold Up Within the Paint Tank?

Many users have commented about the ability (or inability) of the TCP Global Commercial 2.5-Gallon Spray Paint Pressure Pot Tank to maintain pressure levels while unattended.

We pressure-tested the unit for 7 days to see how well it would operate. The paint pressure tank tank loses about 1 PSI per day, on average, but tends to lose a little more at higher pressure levels.

Our Issue with this TCP Global Pressure Pot Sprayer

Our one area of concern is the positioning of the valves. They’re a bit awkward and there’s no real way to get a fix done to provide some relief.

You can read the pressures just fine, but the actual valve position can be difficult to see with this design.


For an inexpensive pressure tank, the TCP Global Commercial 2.5-Gallon Spray Paint Pressure Pot Tank provides a ton of benefits for large-scale solutions.

If you’re ready to step-up from HVLP or gravity-feed sprayers, then invest into this product and you will be impressed with what it can do.