Commercial Paint Machines for Professionals

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You don’t need to run a painting business to benefit from what a commercial paint machine can provide.professional paint sprayer

The untold truth of the paint sprayer industry is this: most residential models are intended for single-room applications.

What if you have a large home that requires a new coat of paint? Or extensive buildings on your property?

That’s when you’ll want the best commercial paint sprayers at your disposal. These models are high-capacity units that make painting simple and easy.

Top-Rated Commercial Paint Machines

Here are the best professional paint sprayer models that are currently available.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
View Price Fuji Q4 Platinum Quiet HVLP Spray System 4.8 $$$$$+
View Price Graco 17H573 TexSpray RTX 2000PI Texture Sprayer 4.8 $$$$$+
View Price Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer 4.1 $$$$$
View Price Titan Control Max 1700 Pro Airless Sprayer 4.4 $$$$
View Price Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer 4.5 $$$
View Price TCP Global Commercial Spray Paint Pot Tank 4.1 $$
View Price Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus 4.1 $$
View Price HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 Airless Paint Sprayer 4.1 $$
View Price Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer 4.4 $$
View Price Tacklife Professional Spray Gun 4.4 $

Top Rated Professional Paint Machine

#1. Fuji Quiet HVLP Spray System: Best Commercial Paint Sprayer

commercial paint machineThis T-Series spray gun is arguably the best commercial paint sprayer in the industry today.

It offers a 4-stage motor type to take advantage of the 1-quart cup capacity bottom-feed model.

You also receive a 600cc gravity cup for the gravity-feed sprayer that comes with the set.

The hose is just 25 feet in length, or 75% shorter than other top models, but there is much more flexibility with the product.

You can spray at virtually any angle and still receive top notch results. Built with stainless-steel components, this great paint machine delivers promised results time and time again.

Best Texture Sprayer

#2. Graco TexSpray

best texture sprayer


Even when considering commercial paint sprayers, the best models still come up short in certain ways.

Texture application, for example. This sprayer will help you to finish your prep work before painting with serious ease.

We’re not talking about those old popcorn ceilings, though that is technically possible with this equipment. It will spray joint compound.

This commercial paint machine will not spray paint, stain or varnish. In a single day, you can feasibly texture about 4,000 square feet with ease.

It even works well with a commercial-grade extension cord of up to 100 feet. Compared to the old-fashioned hopper guns, you’ll love what this product can do.

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#3. Graco Magnum Pro X19

commercial paint machineIf you do a lot of painting, then you need a durable and strong sprayer to get you through your workday.

This paint machine from Graco features all of the benefits that you’ve seen in the reviews above.

As an added benefit, the manufacturer recommends up to 500 gallons of annual use with this model for best results.

This commercial paint machine can support a paint hose of up to 150 feet for maximum movement. You’re going to get a lot of work done with this equipment by your side.

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#4. Titan Control Max 1700

This professional airless sprayer unit was manufactured with the commercial painter in mind. The Titan 1700 decreases overspray levels by over 55% commercial paint machinecompared to other sprayers in this category.

The spray is softer as well, which means you have more control over the consistency of the finish.

There’s little downtime with the design of the fluid section, while the pump’s durability is extra-strong compared to the competition.

It does operate at a maximum pressure of 1500 PSI, however, so there are some limitations to the benefits this model is able to provide.

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#5. Graco Magnum X7 Cart Airless Sprayer 

commercial spray guns
Expect a quality machine when you purchase Graco’s Magnum X7 Cart Sprayer.

When we ran this machine through its paces during testing we loved the fully adjustable paint flow control.

We spayed unthinned latex directly from our 5 gallon paint bucket with the handy flexible suction tube.  This commercial machine can accommodate a 100 foot hose, so you can spray plenty of 2 and 3 story homes without issues.

Clean up goes much faster because of the PowerFlush Adapter that connects to a garden hose for quick and thorough cleaning.

It’s only limitation is the 125 annual use recommendation.  If you need more gallons/year, consider stepping up to the super popualr X17 or the Graco Magnum ProX19.

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#6. TCP Global Commercial 2.5 Gallon Tankprofessional paint sprayer

If you’re looking to go bigger and better. You’re going to use a product like the TCP Global Commercial 2.5-Gallon Spray Paint Pressure Pot Tank.

What can you do if you have a large project that requires paint spraying? Are you going to languish over those tiny sprayers that give you an hour’s worth of work per charge at best? Of course not.

Here are the specifications that you’ll want to know about this particular unit.

  • It offers a tank fluid pressure gauge that ranges from 0-100 PSI.
  • The optimal working pressure for the unit is between 20-30 PSI, with maximum pressure at 90 PSI.
  • The air outlet and inlet are ¼-inch. The fluid outlet is 3/8-inch. Inside diameter and depth are both 9.5 inches.

This particular unit features a clamp-on lid design that works with a manual crank agitator for mixing.

With 10 liters of total capacity, you’ll be able to handle almost any commercial or large-scale painting situation that you face for one heck of a price.

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#7. Graco  Project  Painter  Plus commercial paint sprayer

The Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer is perfect if you have a lot of small projects around the house.  

With this Graco model, you receive a paint sprayer that is fully adjustable. You stay in control of the flow of the paint as you work to create specific results.

At the same time, the stainless-steel piston pump is strong enough to let you spray paint that hasn’t been thinned at a high enough pressure for consistent results.

This tool will take the paint directly from the can for you so that you can get started painting immediately.

It works with both 1 gallon and 5 gallon cans thanks to a paint supply hose that is flexible instead of rigid like other models with a similar design.

Weighing 15 pounds, you can also take this unit just about anywhere and achieve professional results.

Need a longer hose?  Step up with this 1/4 inch airless hose.  At 50 Feet, no project is too big.

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#8. HomeRight Power Flo Pro Airless Sprayer

commercial paint machineIf you’re tired of paying high prices for commercial-quality equipment, then this is the model you need to look at right now.

The design is similar to Graco’s, as is the performance, but the cost is about 60% less.

The sprayer with hose and gun is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, with virtually all types of paint compatible with the equipment.

A reversible tip is included for clog removal. It is very easy to clean as well, with water or solvent solutions shot through the sprayer for takedown times of just minutes.

Forget hiring a contractor if you’re a DIY expert. Grab one of the best professional airless paint sprayers for a great price.

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#9. Graco Magnum X5

The Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer will help you get the job done in even some of the most challenging situations. professional spray gun

When you’ve got a job to complete, you don’t always know what the conditions you’ll be encountering. Maybe the job site won’t have any power. You might need a lot of flexibility in your movement.

It all begins with a redesign of the sprayer base. You’re given a working stand that allows the sprayer to be stable, but still portable, as you work.

Instead of working with a paint cup or a dispenser bag, Graco has given this model a flexible suction tube instead. You just stick the tube into your paint bucket, up to 5 gallons in size, and you’re ready to go to work.

There is an annual use recommendation on this model of 125 gallons, however, so think of it more as a personal DIY sprayer than a commercial or industrial model.

Here are the highlights of the features, which are included with the Magnum X5:

  • A 25 foot DuraFlex airless hose gives you a maximum level of movement while working without disrupting the consistency of your application.  Need more?  Check out this 1/4″ airless hose that’s 50 feet.
  • The design of this airless sprayer allows you to pump directly from either 1 gallon or 5 gallon paint containers.
  • Automatic priming features allow even first-time paint sprayers to be able to use this equipment with ease straight out of the box.
  • It will spray virtually anything you need, with the exception of lacquers or materials that have textures contained within them.

If you have a consistent number of projects that need to be completed, then the Graco Magnum X5 has the power to get the jobs done.

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#10. Tacklife Professional Paint Sprayer

This professional spray gun proves that good things still come in small, affordable packages.  This 6.5-amp, 800W motor provides a wonderfully consistent paint flow.

It works well for small projects, but still has the power to paint a wall or a room if called upon.commercial spray gun

Three different spray patterns are available on this sprayer, including a circular jet, while three copper nozzles come with it out of the box.

You’ll receive a 1mm, a 2mm, and a 2.5mm nozzle upon purchase.

It offers two 1200ml detachable containers that help you to keep painting without much downtime.

You have access to a spray width level and an adjustable valve knob for complete control over the painting experience.

What we loved the most about the Tacklife Professional Spray Gun is the adjustability that is built into its design.

Entry-level sprayers give users very few options to control overspray and dripping.

With this model, you have valve knobs that allow for precision control over the flow rate.

The air hose is a little short at 1.8 meters, but considering the price, that’s one small negative in a land of many big positives.

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How are Commercial Paint Machines and Regular Paint Sprayers Different?

Commercial paint machines are built with parts that are made to not only last longer, but to withstand commercial use. 

Professional painters use their machines to paint large projects all day long.  The manufacturer makes their machines with high annual usage to meet those demands.

Regular paint sprayers sometimes have plastic parts instead of stainless steel.  They also have a lower annual gallon usage.  They tend to be more portable and less powerful than the commercial versions. 

Commercial paint machines make clean up a breeze, usually connecting directly to a garden hose for super fast and easy clean up.

Commercial  Machine Pros

  • Sprays a ton of Materials
  • Fast Clean up Time
  • Delivers BIG gallons/minute
  • Long Lasting Parts

Commercial Machine Cons

  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Some Require More Maintenance

Professional Paint Machine Buyer’s Guide

How Are Commercial Paint Sprayers Rated by Manufacturers?

You’ll find that professional spray guns tend to be rated using these four common methods of comparison.

  • Gallons per minute, often denoted as GPM.
  • Maximum pressure, which is often measured in pounds per square inch, or PSI.
  • Maximum tip size.
  • Overall horsepower, or HP.

What is the Gallons per Minute Capacity on a Professional Paint Sprayer?

There is currently no industry standard for a GPM rating on paint sprayers. Some may tell you otherwise. Output capacity is simply a flow-rate measurement that reflects the maximum level that is achievable.

This rating is usually produced from internal testing, so verify it independently if GPM is an important feature for your needs.

Will an Industrial Paint Sprayer push out enough PSI?

Most designs are rated between 2000-4000 PSI. This pressure rating is the stall pressure of the equipment. That means it is the maximum pressure the unit can build, so it is not a reflection of its constant working pressure.

Different paint machine features can affect the PSI a specific user is able to achieve. A longer hose, for example, has a lower PSI than a shorter hose.

Tip size can affect the maximum pressure, as can the type of paint or coating which is used. Even the inclusion of a filter can lower the maximum PSI produced.

You will need a specific minimum PSI when working with certain paint types. Atomization does not occur if the minimum pressure threshold is not met.

When working with the best texture sprayers, PSI will be important as those paints are thicker and may require higher PSI output to generate the desired professional results.

For lacquers, a minimum 800 PSI is required. Stains require a 1200 PSI. Latex coatings, even when thinned, require a minimum 2000 PSI.

Paint Type

Minimum PSI Required

Latex (thinned) 2000
Lacquers 800
Stains 1200

Horsepower and Project Requirements

Horsepower is a reflection of the motor size. It should be paired to the jobs that must be completed. Larger or more powerful motors are not necessarily more effective than smaller motors.

What tips should I use on my Commercial Sprayer?

The tip size rating is your most important consideration. Larger tip sizes make it possible to use thicker materials and work with additional speed.

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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Commercial Paint Machine

A professional paint sprayer can be a big investment. That’s why it is important to ask yourself these questions before finalizing your purchase today.

#1. What materials will I be using?

Think about how you’ll use the sprayer today and in the future. That will dictate the type of tips you’ll need. Then you can find a sprayer that is built to meet the versatility that you demand.

Are you spraying latex, stains, varnish or textures?  You need to choose the right professional paint gun to make your job go by easily.

#2. How much paint will I use?

Buying a paint sprayer intended for small projects, when a big commercial paint project needs to be finished, has irritated a fair share of contractors over the years. Make sure your new spray paint tools meet the capacity that you require.

#3. What power sources do I have?

Some commercial paint sprayers must be chosen off of their power source before anything else. Is there an electrical line available? Do you need a fuel-powered model? Would compressed air be better? What about a battery-powered option?

#4. What surfaces will you be working on?

Tip size, yet again, is an important factor in this decision. Exterior siding requires a different tip than interior drywall. Compare the quality of finish you want with the surface being painted, then find a commercial paint machine that can match your needs.

#5. How much property do you need to cover?

Hose length compatibility is an overlooked question when shopping for the best commercial paint sprayers. Your sprayer must be able to support the length of hose required for your project. If you need a lot of length, consider purchasing a professional paint sprayer with a DC motor so you can run extension cords.

#6. What is your budget?

You can pay for your professional paint sprayer now… or you can pay for it later. Cheaper models offer more downtime, more cleaning responsibilities, and more maintenance.

Expensive models require a higher upfront investment, but generally have fewer ongoing costs and support higher levels of productivity.

What Is the Cost of the Best Professional Paint Sprayers?

commercial paint machine

Most commercial paint sprayers begin at $500. These entry-level models are good for small, repetitive projects.

They require a little more maintenance than their larger counterparts, though they are also a way to get started without breaking the bank.

You should purchase the biggest paint sprayer you can afford for the best possible results.

Some paint machine models are priced around $1,500 and will provide consistent quality with minimal maintenance beyond regular cleaning.

Additional options are available for large-scale commercial paint projects in this category. They are typically customized products that are built to consumer specifications.

Pricing is highly variable for these top-of-the-line sprayers. Expect a minimum price of around $6,500 for a pro paint sprayer.


The best commercial paint machines will make quick work of your biggest projects. In many cases, you can make your money back in less than a week with this equipment.

For DIY experts, you’ll find that projects go faster and get completed with a better quality when you step up to this grade of equipment.

Pick up the model you can afford and see what a difference it can make for you right away.

Quick FAQs

What’s the best professional paint machine?

Graco Magnum Pro X19

What’s the best texture sprayer?

Graco TexSpray

What are the features to look for in a commercial sprayer?

Annual gallon usage, power source required, paint overspray percentage, paints a variety of materials.

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