Tacklife Paint Sprayer Review

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tacklife paint sprayer
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The Tacklife Paint Sprayer is affordable, strong and flexible.

These are not the usual words that are used to describe an entry-level paint sprayer.

Most cheap paint sprayers tend to be one-off items, designed to finish a room, perhaps a home, and then be tossed away.

That is not what the Tacklife Paint Sprayer was designed to do.

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Our Experience with the Tacklife Paint Sprayer

What we loved the most about the Tacklife spray gun is the adjustability that is built into its design. Entry-level sprayers give users very few options to control overspray and dripping.

With this model, you have valve knobs that allow for precision control over the flow rate.

You stay in control of the coating speed. You get to move at your own pace.

That means your spray coating can be even and smooth for any project size to create the perfect finish.

You’re also given a detachable canister and users can directly add paint to get to work with greater speed.

You can open the container cover to add paint without taking the container off all the way, which is a feature that is super nice.

Tacklife Paint Sprayer Motor

This 6.5-amp, 800W motor provides a wonderfully consistent paint flow. It works well for small projects, but still has the power to paint a wall or a room if called upon.

Three different spray patterns are available on this sprayer, including a circular jet, while three copper nozzles come with it out of the box.

Best for: Hobbyist, woodworking

Needle Size: 1, 2 and 2.5mm

Spray Pattern: 3 different adjustable patterns

Type: HVLP

Price: Budget

What Tips come with the Tacklife Spray Gun

You’ll receive a 1mm, a 2mm, and a 2.5mm nozzle upon purchase. Two copper spray tips, 1mm and 2.5mm, are included as well.

The end result is a consistent spraying experience that minimizes downtime because you can spray paint with greater consistency.

Our Issue with the Tacklife Paint Sprayer

You’re also given a cleaning needle for clogs, which is our biggest complaint.

Just like with any other HVLP paint sprayer, you must strain your paint prior to spraying.

Straining the paint does reduce clogging quite a bit, but the tips seem to be more sensitive than some other models when it comes to the fluidity of the paint.

Our testing period had several more clogs that required cleaning with the needle.

A reversible tip system on this Tacklife spray gun would be a nice improvement to see.

You must use a very thin viscosity product with this equipment to avoid this issue. We found it to work better when using stains and similar products instead of paint.

It features a 110-second runout time that can be very difficult to manage.

Unboxing Your New Tack Life Sprayer


If you can manage the requirements of this sprayer, the Tacklife Paint Sprayer does a great job.

If your goal is to paint a room with it, the power is there, but you’ll need to manage your paint viscosity like a pro.

We would recommend it more for hobbyist projects, woodworking, and other items in that line of thinking.

It is a professionally-built unit. It’s nice and solid. It is quite sturdy, but still lightweight. We found a lot to love here and think you will too.

Level Up Your DIY!

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