Scuddles Power Paint Sprayer Review

Scuddles Power Sprayer

scuddles paint sprayer

The Scuddles Power Paint Sprayer offers beginners an easy to use, budget way to enter the paint sprayer market.

You can ditch your brushes and rollers and work smarter while achieving an amazing finish.

Multiple nozzles are included, which allows you to get started on a variety of projects without having to spend more money or wait for parts to arrive.  Scuddles Sprayer can spray a ton of different materials, even thick ones.  Just make sure you use the included cup to thin done thicker materials like latex and oil based paints.

Let’s find out why this sprayer from Scuddles LLC is so popular.

Pros and Cons Quick Facts 

There are a ton of reasons to choose a Scuddles Sprayer over other brands.  We’ve tested so many sprayers and found the following to be the pros and cons of the Scuddles sprayer.

Beginner friendly, entry level
Great price
Handles a Ton of Materials
Comes with multiple nozzles

Plastic parts
Even the widest fan width may be too small for larger projects
Power cord a bit short

Unboxing Your New Scuddles Power Sprayer

Included with your new sprayer are a total of 8 nozzles!  You will get 4 x 2.6mm, 2 x 2.2mm, 2 x 1.8mm.  

The 2.6mm is perfect for your thicker paints like latex and chalk paints, while the 2.2mm and the 1.8mm are for thin paints like sealers and varnishes.  

scuddled power paint sprayer

The 1 quart or 1 liter cup means you can spray uninterrupted without having to refill your paint cup like you would with other models that have paint cups half that size.

You don’t have to run out and buy parts to clean your sprayer, because Scuddles includes a cleaning brush and needles.

The 6 foot power cord is OK if you’re doing small craft or furniture projects, but if you’re painting a wall, fence or anything larger, you will need to make sure you have an extension cord handy.

Why Choose a Scuddles Spray Gun?

If you’re a beginner, this Scuddles spray gun is recommended because it’s easy to use and for the price, produces a quality finish.

We love the 5 different spray options from horizontal to vertical circular.  And so will you.  You can really dial in the spray to achieve the results you’re looking for.

All the available nozzles that it comes with means you don’t have to spend any extra cash to conquer a ton of different DIY painting projects.

If you need a sprayer and are on a budget, this can fill that gap and help you get painting right away.

Features of the Scuddles Paint Sprayer

Features of the Scuddles Spray Gun
4 Different Nozzles
Easy to Adjust Fan Patterns
1200 watts
Cleaning Supplies Included
Can paint tons of materials

The Scuddles Power Paint Sprayer in Action

scuddles power paint sprayer HVLP 1200 watts

We found during testing that this sprayer was quick to set up and even easier to use.

As with any other sprayer that comes with fan adjustments and different nozzles, you will need to fiddle a bit to figure out the right configuration to get your desired finish.

In our opinion, fan widths are just a bit too small to conquer larger projects, adding time to your painting DIY. A higher end HVLP sprayer may be what you need if you need a workhorse for big jobs.

You need to thin your paint with this sprayer, by using the included viscosity cup.  The video below shows you how or read out latest post on how to thin latex paint for a sprayer.

We found it easier to clean than most of the other sprayers we’ve tested, which saves you time.

Plastic parts throughout this sprayer means that you may get warping of the air caps etc and they may not fit well over time.  

Remember: with paint sprayers, you get what you pay for.  We recommend a sprayer with stainless steel parts to ensure a long life.

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Troubleshooting Your Scuddles Sprayer

This Scuddles sprayer comes with a viscosity measuring cup to test the thickness of your thinned paint prior to spraying.  

We didn’t see a detailed chart in the Owner’s Manual for using the cup and timing the paint so we’ve included a video below to show you what to do.

Make sure to clean the unit when you receive it, especially the nozzles.  Paint may spit out with each trigger pull so make sure everything is on there nice and tight and that your paint has been thinned down enough.

Check that your spray pattern isn’t dialed down too much for the material that you’re spraying or it will spit.  Try a wider fan pattern.


The Scuddles Power Paint Sprayer is a decent sprayer for the price.  Just know that you get what you pay for and may have to sacrifice some of the quality of the parts and finish to save a few bucks.

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  1. The little plastic air cap is broken. Where to you get a replacement and why do they put it so close to paint tube as can’t get at.

    • Hi Louie, To find replacement parts, I recommend contacting the manufacturer on the number/email on the box. They are the experts and will know which part you need. Please let them know your input about the design too, I also found that to be troublesome. Thanks for reading ~John

    • Hi Bill, Scuddles doesn’t sell spare cups separately. To preserve them you could use a bag liner inside the cup. Or, buy a 1 quart cup that fits that sprayer from a different brand. Here is one that *might fit* from HomeRight, check it out Thanks for Reading John

  2. I have no clue how to get started with this gun. I don’t even see a trigger or anything I am totally lost. Is there a video anywhere that I could look at? I’ve looked all over the Internet I don’t see anything just advertisement on the different types of guns that you have

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