TCP Global Paint Gun Set Review

TCP Global Kit

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  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Spray Base-coats, Clear-coats, Single Stages, Primers and More
  • The 1.4 mm Fluid Tip Gun is Ideal for Base-coats, Clear-coats and other Light to Medium Viscosity Materials
  • The 1.8mm Fluid Tip Gun is excellent for Primers, Oil Base, Latex, and other Medium to Heavy Viscosity Coatings
  • Use the 1.0 mm Tip Detail Gun for Tight Areas and Touchup

Instead of spending your time cleaning up after each step of the job, consider an investment into this TCP Global Paint Gun Set.

Sometimes just one spray gun isn’t enough to meet your needs. This is particularly true if you’re doing some automotive work, top coats, or touch-ups. Equipped with stainless steel needles and nozzles, you’ll have full adjustment over your spray patterns, air pressure, and fluid coverage for consistent results.

Here are some of the highlights we’ve noted from our experiences with this TCP HVLP Spray Gun Kit.

What We Loved about the TCP Global Paint Gun Set

The air pressure requirements are compatible with many portable air compressors.

The operating pressure range for this TCP global paint gun set are 29-50 PSI, which most compressors can handle pretty easily.

The CFM requirements range from 3.5 to 7.1, which again most compressors are able to handle. This means you can keep painting until you’re finished with a project instead of being forced to wait for the compressor to catch up. 

Most of the accessories you can buy for this gun are at a price point we love.  This includes a paint mixing kit and the Benchtop Holder Stand. You can also buy paint strainers separately.

Because these 3 spray guns come with multiple tips, you can spray almost any kind of material.

Works with most compressors
3 gun set
Budget Friendly
Stainless steel needles and nozzles

Hard to clean
Knobs aren’t left hand friendly
Fan control not super precise
Uses more paint than other HVLP’s

What Does the TCP Global Kit Come With?

You get extra fluid cup filters, a hex wrench, cleaning brush and 2 spanner wrenches with your purchase.

Best Paint Gun for the Money

If you’re looking to get painting with the best paint gun for the money, yet still achieve decent results, then the TCP Global is for you.  The value proposition from the gun is so good, we also recommend it as one of our top choices for the best automotive paint gun for beginners.

It’s small price tag for an HVLP Paint Gun Set that is unmatched in the paint spraying world. Compared to Graco HVLP spray guns, the price is just right for the functionality that you get.

Just know that you will have to make some sacrifices to save a few bucks.

Check out what you get in the box when you order a TCP Global Spray Gun Kit.

What You won’t love about the TCP Global

You’re going to need to watch your fan control 

You can create professional results, however, if you keep a close eye on your fan control. It isn’t as precise as we’d like it to be, but overall the job gets done and that’s what matters. 

If you’re left handed…

Left-handed users will have to cross-over with their other hand to adjust the knobs on this particular spray gun set.

It’s definitely not a deal-breaker, but it is an inconvenience that should be noted. 

Cleaning This Spray Gun can be a Massive Chore

Taking the guns apart to clean them is a massively difficult chore.

It can be done if you give yourself enough time, but considering the price, you might just want to purchase a new gun for each new job you’ve got to do. 

Make the cleaning process a bit easier with TCP’s 20 piece cleaning kit.

On-the-fly Adjustments

We found that just a little bit of vibration can cause the knobs to turn just a bit and adjust the quality of the spray.

Depending on the compressor being used, it might be better to wait if your compressor is running before starting to paint once again.

Otherwise you might consider using two hands to control the TCP spray guns if you find this to be a bit of difficulty while using this product. 

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How much Paint does a TCP Global Paint Sprayer Use?

Although these spray guns have an HVLP design, they use a little more paint than you’d expect.

We found the surface ratio of paint to atmosphere to be about 70/30, whereas other HVLP designs can be as high as 90/10.

It’s better than the 60% loss a high pressure sprayer causes, but you’ll still need to expect to use a little more paint than you might anticipate. 

Overall the experience was pretty good. Cleaning up was the one negative we encountered with this unit.


If you need something affordable and don’t mind considering it somewhat disposable, then this TCP Global Paint Gun Set can meet your needs today.