Astro Spray Gun With Cup Review

Astro Spray Gun

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  • Great for Flake
  • Best for outdoor use
  • 1 Quart Cup size
  • Adjustable fan pattern control
  • 1.8mm nozzle

With the Astro Spray Gun, you can not only spray primers, stains, paints and lacquers. You can also bring glues and other heavy coating options into the conversation.

This gives you a maximum level of versatility when it comes to your DIY projects. Although the 7-12 CFM air consumption may be problematic for some users, the results this spray gun can give you are enormous.

Here are some of the details from our testing of this particular product to give you an idea of what this Spray Gun from Astro Pneumatic Tools is able to do.

Best Features of the Astro Spray Gun

It is lightweight, but still quite strong.

Thanks to the aluminum cup and other non-corrosive components, you’ll still receive a durable metal gun, but one that is remarkably lightweight.

At just 3 pounds, there isn’t much user fatigue that happens when using this particular sprayer. Operation pressure is a bit high at 50-60 PSI, but it is still fairly manageable with most compressors.

Flaking is crazy easy with this spray gun.

You know that flaking you put into the paint you spread on garage floors and other concrete? It comes with a 1.8mm tip, so you don’t have to do it by hand any more.

The Astro 4008 Spray Gun does an excellent job of spraying even the large metal flakes onto your surface so you can have a consistent look.  

Limitations of the Astro Paint Gun

Using this spray gun for interior work can be a challenge.

Because this is a rather high pressure siphon gun, you’ll find that there can be a lot of atmospheric pollution leftover from your spraying work.

We found that the consumption ratio was about 50/50 in the amount of paint it would apply to the amount that went into the atmosphere.

You do have an HVLP adjustment that can help to control your nozzle velocity.  But unless you have a large, open space to paint indoors, we recommend this unit for outdoor use.

Because your adjustment options are a little limited and they can be hard to reach in the middle of a job. Yet for what this Astro Sprayer can do, especially in terms of consistency, we really don’t have any complaints.

Sprays flake
Non corrosive parts

50/50 consumption ratio
Hard to Reach HVLP adjustments
Interior work is challenging

Tips for using Astro Pneumatic Tools

You will likely need to clean this spray gun before using it.

The shipping process for this spray gun can leave it with some interior dust. Whether that’s a manufacturer issue, a shipping issue, we’re not here to judge.

Just remember to clean out your gun before using it for the first time.  This prevents having it lock up on you or leaving your surface with dust contamination.

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Astro Pneumatic Tool  punches above its weight class. If you already have a compressor in place that can meet the CFM and PSI demands this sprayer requires, then we highly recommend giving it a try if your budget is tight.

Like us, we believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.


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