IWATA LPH400 144LV Review

Iwata LPH 400

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  • Atomizing PSI: 16.0
  • Air Cap Model: LV4
  • Requires CFM: 9.5
  • Weighs 0.86 lbs!
  • Nozzle 1.4 inch (0.055)
  • Pattern width 11.4″

There’s spray guns, and then there’s ​IWATA spray guns and the IWATA LPH400. 

Iwata spray guns are no joke.  They are engineered top quality from Anest Iwata in Japan, where they excel at manufacturing precision spray painting tools.

The entire line of Iwata guns aren’t for the faint of heart.  They are expensive.  They are well built.  They last forever. 

Iwata guns are for people like you, looking for the best results every.single.time. This is one hell of a gun. 

Enter the IWATA LPH400 – 144LV. 

IWATA LHP400 Tech Specs

Tech Specs: IWATA LPH400
Nozzle 1.4 inch (0.055)
Max working pressure 98 PSI
Decibels 69.4
Best Operating Temp 41 F to 104 F (5-40C)
PSI 16, 10 PSI to the cap
Fluid Output ml/min 130
Pattern width 11.4″
Weigh 0.84 lbs
Iwata LPH400 CFM Requirements: 9.5
Cap Model HVLP – LV4

Iwata Spray Gun for Clear: Best in Class Results

Clear coat and basecoat workhorse.  Most folks rely on the 1.4 mm tip and it really delivers on the promise of fantastic clearcoat results.   According to Iwata, clearcoat is the perfect use for the 1.4mm tip. 

Others swear by it for basecoat; everyone has their own way of getting pro results. Some painters use their IWATA as a primer gun, which could work as long as you’ve thinned your primer down enough.

While some painters use it for strictly detail, repair or panel work, most use their IWATA spray gun as their go to gun for all their automotive clearcoating needs. 

Some folks even use them for woodworking and painting around the house: the gravity feed low pressure delivers less overspray which reduces paint waste and leads to a softer all round finish.  We’d definitely recommend it for painting your cabinets. 

Soft Spray
Quality Build
Whisper Quiet

Chews up Air
Large Investment

Why Buy an IWATA LPH400?

Quality construction equals longevity.  You will get what you pay for here with a spray gun that lasts forever.  It doesn’t even weigh 1 lb (without the cup) so you’ll never have wrist fatigue or downtime.   

You can get more painting done in an 8hr period.  Time is money if you’re running a shop or an independent autobody contractor. We like the Iwata not only for pros but as the best automotive paint gun for beginners as well.  It provides an unrivaled spraying learning experience.

The Anest Iwata let’s you pick your own cup size so you can customize your gun for your painting needs.  You have the option of the following cup sizes with the IWATA LPH400, click on the blue links to take you direct to purchase. 

Also, if you don’t have one already, you will need to grab yourself a quality air regulator.

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Best Settings for Your new IWATA Spray Gun

The fluid settings controls are easy to access and adjust as are the fan settings.  There are even numbers on the knobs so you know how much you’ve dialed it in. 

For spraying clear, its recommended to try winding your fan control out all the way and then dialing it in 2 full turns.  

For fluid, wind the knob on your IWATA all the way in, then out 2.5 – 3.5 turns.  The temperature and your spray environment both inside and outside the booth, will affect the fluid setting you use. 

You will have to experiment and find the right setting within the recommended range.

Set your air pressure regulator about 2 bar (should be about 29 PSI)  Anything less than 2 bar and you will see some orange peel results because the pressure it too low and the paint isn’t being atomized correctly.

Iwata Spray Gun Manual

If you’re looking for the basic instructions for this gun, you’ll find them at Anestaiwata.com.

Conclusion Iwata LPH400

If you’re looking for the best line of spray guns, then look no further.  The IWATA LPH400 and the IWATA Spray Gun line deliver a high end spraying experience unmatched in the automotive spraying industry.

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FAQs Iwata LPH400

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