Iwata Bellaria vs Iwata LPH80

We’ll be checking out the specs of the Anest Iwata Bellaria vs Iwata LPH80. Both are great for different uses, so let’s take a closer look at them. 

Iwata, in general, is a trusted product with exceptional results. However, you can expect slightly different results from the different products they offer.

iwata bellaris vs iwata lph80

Iwata Bellaria vs Iwata LPH80

When looking for the best paint sprayer for cars, you might get overwhelmed by the sheer number of brands and models to choose from. It can be a daunting task if you’re not sure what to look for.  

Even if you do, it’s difficult to know which products are worth the money you’ll be paying for it, because, let’s be honest — a decent spray gun isn’t exactly cheap. You need to know what you get when you fork out more than $200 for a new item, and you need to know if the spray gun you’re buying will be suited to your specific and unique needs. 

That’s why this quick guide will come in handy for anyone looking to invest in a new spray gun. 

Anest Iwata 

The Anest Iwata company focuses on providing high-quality painting equipment, air compressors, automatic and manual spray guns, and various other related accessories. For more than 85 years, they have worked hard to give users easy-to-use, effective, and efficient products.

The brand is a favorite with spray gun users all over the world and offers a wide range of products. In general, you can’t go wrong when buying one of Anest Iwata’s products. 

Anest Iwata W400 Bellaria 1.3 Spray Gun 

Iwata Bellaria W400

iwata bellaria w400
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  • 1.3 mm Nozzle
  • Weighs 0.84 pounds
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Gravity Feed

The ​Iwata w400 Bellaria 1.3  is a great spray gun for most users  hobbyists, as well as professionals, will find that they benefit from using this product.

Because of the paint container on top of the spray gun, you will have great weight balance, which makes it that much easier to handle. According to the manufacturer, it is 15% lighter than the previous model.  

You will get nice and even coating with solid paints, as well as water-based paints. The Iwata Bellaria 1.3 is nifty in that it reduces the atomizing air pressure and this gives the user higher transfer efficiency. 

The size of its nozzle means it is good for base coats that are thinner, as well as waterborne and single-stage paints. However, it won’t do so well with paint that is too thick. 

What is the Iwata Bellaria Spray Gun Good At? 

Most Iwata spray guns are perfect for varnishes, large spray paint projects (like murals), applying a base coat, or clear. The Iwata Bellaria is a perfect choice for base and clear coats. It lays clear coats and paints with precision.  Because it’s gravity feed, it lays down paint soft and smooth.  

Spray guns like the Iwata W400 Bellaria work well with water based paint and dense paints and are often recommended by professional painters. 

While pricier than some of its competitors, you get a great gun with top notch performance for the price. Even though this is a great spray gun, there are still pros and cons that should be considered.  

Lays Down Precision
Clear Coat
High Quality Build
Lightweight and Compact
Multiple Tips available

Not compliant with some US Standards
At higher pressures there is more overspray than normal

Anest Iwata LPH80 Spray Gun 

Iwata LPH 80-124G

iwata bellaria vs lph 80
  • 1.2 mm Nozzle
  • Weighs 0.84 pounds
  • 1.6 inch to 5.5 inch fan pattern
  • Cup 150ml

The Iwata LPH80 spray gun is a favorite with hobbyists because of how good it works for artists. You can use it for huge canvas work, designs on bikes and helmets, and sign panels. This product is great for mobile repair operations, but be warned, it tends to be an air hog, despite the 

Despite its small size, users see the LPH80 as a little beast. If you should find yourself unlucky and lose a needle or nozzle, you will be happy to know that, with a quick search on the internet, you will be able to find an Iwata LPH80 rebuild kit with all (or at least most) of the Iwata LPH80 parts you need. You can even use this spray gun on guitars if you work carefully. 

Easy to source parts
Can use for a ton of applications
High Quality Build
Lightweight and Compact

Thinned paint only
Small jobs only

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In the end, whether you choose to purchase and use an Iwata Bellaria vs  Iwata LPH80 depends on what you want to do. If you’re more concerned about having a spectacular finish and a spray gun with some better precision, you will want the Bellaria.

However, if you are looking for a spray gun that you can use with lacquer products, you might prefer the LPH80. The Bellaria is a slightly more affordable option if you find yourself on a budget, but keep in mind that both products come from the same manufacturer, so there wouldn’t be much of a difference in quality — both models are considered great value for the money. 


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