HomeRight Finish Max Review

HomeRight Finish Max

homeright finish max review
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  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Comes w/2 mm brass tips
  • Easy to Clean
  • Adjustable Settings
  • Perfect for beginners and Pros
  • Great with Chalk and Milk paint, latex, primers etc!

With the HomeRight Finish Max, you’re going to find an affordable fine mist sprayer that does a great job when it comes to your finishing work.

The finish is so great, in fact, that most people will think you hired a professional to do the work.  Bonus.

For those light projects that exist around the house, you don’t always need to have a tool that contractors use for their largest jobs. Sometimes going the simple route is the best route.

HomeRight Finish Max: Best Features

Features of the Best Drill Powered Ice Auger
27 ounce cup
Cleaning Brush Included
2 year warranty
US based customer service
Works with tons of materials
Easy to Adjust Controls
Brass tips
Viscosity Cup Included

What is the Best DIY Project for the HomeRight Sprayer

This versatile unit is best for spraying crafts, dressers, doors, furniture and cabinets.  Tackling a small bathroom or closet is within its capabilities.

And because this Homeright model sprays a wide variety of paints and stains, you can handle a ton of  projects around the house.

HomeRight Paint Sprayers Deliver Consistent Results

The lower levels of pressure mean that you have less overspray to worry about.

The low pressure is so effective with this HomeRight Paint Sprayer model, in fact, that if you’re working outdoors, you might not even need to mask off some items.

Hands down one of the best latex paint sprayers, despite having to thin the paint before spraying.

This is because the HomeRight Sprayer gives you some precision controls when it comes to the spray that you deliver to your preferred surface.

You have the option of adjusting your spray from 1-6 inches in width.  This means you can use this sprayer for a ton of DIY projects around the house instead of buyer multiple paint sprayers.

You also can create horizontal, vertical, or circular spray patterns to meet the finishing needs you have.

The adjustment knob is placed in a convenient location as well so you can make adjustments on the fly without much of a problem.

How good is the tight spray combined with the HVLP design? We quickly finished exterior shutters, painted some furniture, and applied a stain to a cabinet in less than 2 hours – including the time it took to clean out the sprayer between the two finishes.

Great price
Good for a ton of projects
Adjustable Controls
Less overspray
Includes 3 spray tips

Needs compressor
Not for commercial Use
Not great for large projects

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Yet It Isn’t Just an HVLP Design Either

There are some elements of an HVLP design with the HomeRight Finish HVLP Sprayer model, but there are also some siphon feed elements included as well.  You’re getting the best of both worlds.

This helps to keep your spray pressure consistent as you’re painting, staining, or varnishing, helping you to create that professional-looking finish.

Combine that with the brass nozzle for added durability and you can have confidence in the results you’re producing.

If you use paint in this machine, you will need to strain it. You will also likely need to adjust the viscosity of your preferred paint and test it with a viscosity cup before spraying.

What You’ll love about the HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer

We also like the ergonomic improvements that were included within the design of the HomeRight Finish Max Pro model.

You also receive an air-blowing nozzle with this particular model.

If you run this nozzle without a finish, then you receive a tight stream of air that you can use for cleaning out home electronics, underneath tables and chairs, and other tight spaces where dust bunnies tend to collect.

At just 3 pounds, your grip isn’t going to get tired as you’re working and this helps you to get through projects a bit quicker than you could with other models.

It’s super easy to find parts for this very popular paint sprayer.  New paint containers and tips can be found online.  Need a spray shelter?  HomeRight makes that too!

HVLP Paint Sprayers and Common Problems

Connectors are the Wrong Diameter

Always pay attention to the connectors that you use on your HomeRight HVLP Sprayer.  Some models offer users a connector that is smaller in diameter than the air hose that connects to the unit.

Because this is a restriction to the flow of the paint or other substance, pressure can build up at the connection and cause issues.

Hoses can Kink

Hose can also be prone to kinking, especially on the cheaper models in this category. Look for systems that have a spring that fits over the hose to prevent kinks from forming.

Hosing that has a spiral rib built into the unit can also prevent problems in this sprayer category.  Routinely check your hoses for any holes or tears.

Clogging Tips, Filters and Screens

Clogging can also be an issue. For reversible tips, just flip them around and use the lowest pressure setting.

If the tip is not reversible, then wash out immediately with water. Check all filters and screens for clogging and damage as well.

HomeRight Finish Max Manual

Just in case you have any issues, you can check out the Manual here: HomeRight Finish Max Manual.

How to Clean Your HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer

There is a two step process to cleaning your Sprayer.  We found the process to be super easy and quick. and have listed it below.  These instructions, and instructions for cleaning the spray tip can be found in the manual. 

If you add the HomeRight Rapid Cleaning Tool to your arsenal, clean up is even easier.

  • Empty out the container
  • Fill the container 1/2 full with either warm soapy water (latex) or a cleaning solution (oil based)
  • Plug your sprayer back in and press the switch on the sprayer until the cleaning solution flows through the sprayer for about 10 seconds
  • Remove and empty the container, unplug the sprayer and your done!


If you were trying to paint an entire home with this sprayer, then you might not find it much of a time-saver.

If, however, you have some light-duty jobs that need to be completed, then you’ll find a lot of benefits come with the HomeRight Paint Sprayer.

We enjoyed using it and have no hesitation in giving this product our recommendation today.

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