Wagner ProCoat Stand Airless Sprayer Review

This sprayer is no longer available.  Please check out the Graco Magnum X5 for a sprayer with similar features.

wagner pro coat
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  • PSI up to 2800
  • Comes with 515 tip
  • Easy to set up

The Wagner ProCoat Stand Airless Sprayer offers users a 5 minutes per gallon delivery, which includes thick latex, so your jobs become easier.

Sometimes you can have a little too much power in the tools you have to get the job done.

If you’ve got some interior work that needs to be painted, but you still want a tool that is of a commercial grade, then here’s an option for you.

This is delivered through a 25 foot high pressure airless spray hose with a sprayer that is made from metal instead of a high quality plastic.

Here Are the Highlights of the Wagner ProCoat

Adjustable PSI Up to 2800No PSI Gauge on the Machine
Don't have to thin latexThicker latex will need to be thinned
Easy set upOverspray
Comes with 515 tipNot so great at spraying thinner materials

Wagner ProCoat Sets up Super Easy

Setup is easy enough that virtually anyone can do it. It really only takes about 15 minutes to get the entire system ready to operate for the first time.

Once you get used to the process, we found you could get to work in just 5 minutes if needed.

Wide Range Adjustable PSI

We really love the fact that the PSI on this Wagner airless paint sprayer is adjustable. It offers a maximum rating of 2800 PSI, but can be adjusted downward to as little as 500 PSI if need be.

The only trouble here is that there isn’t a PSI gauge on the machine, which means you’ve got to manually measure your PSI to know what your pressure is.

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The ProCoat Works Best With…Latex

Latex paint applications with this Wagner airless paint sprayer are ridiculously simple. You can paint an entire room in just minutes and it looks fantastic.

With that being said, there are some very heavy latex paints on the market today that need some thinning of their viscosity in order to work properly.

Heavy exterior or ceiling paints don’t spray well on their own.

Spraying Stains and Thinner Materials

Can you spray stain with the ProCoat?  When using thinner materials with this airless sprayer, you’ve got to set your PSI lower for the machine to maintain its prime.

The higher pressures just don’t work great with the thinner materials. Many public reviews mention how inconsistent results were received because of sputtering, loss of prime, and pressure drops.

We found that setting the pressure low, testing the materials, and bringing the pressure up would provide us pretty consistent results.

Is Overspray an Issue?

Overspray is definitely an issue with this electric paint sprayer. If you’re working indoors, then you will need to be wearing your full personal protective equipment.

Mask off everything. Put down floor protection. Use a spray shelter like this one here on the right.

Outdoors you’ll find that any wind will take the paint droplets to unexpected places. If you use an optional wand extension with this sprayer, you’ll find the issue just expands even further.

 Don’t Forget about the Tip

Wagner provides a 515 tip with the purchase of this product. That may not be suitable for some of the materials that you will want to spray.

Remember the 5 minutes per gallon usage ratio for thinner materials as well and apply them to your surface in minimal amounts to reduce over-consumption.

ProCoat Parts

Common parts for this sprayer include the ProCoat Inlet Valve Assembly and the ProCoat Outlet Valve Kit.


The Wagner ProCoat Stand Airless Sprayer and the V2 sprayer receive our recommendation today. It may offer users some challenges for some specific jobs, but the same could be said for virtually any tool.

If you want something that can consistently deliver for your painting needs, then this airless sprayer could be right for you.