Wagner Power Painter Plus Review

​Power Painter Plus


wagner power painter
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  • Affordable
  • 1 year warranty
  • Adjustable speed and power
  • Comes with Backpack

The Wagner Power Painter Plus is the perfect compromise between power and functionality.

With a flow of 8 gallons per hour, you can paint to your heart’s content without having a paint pollution issue hovering above your head.

Many sprayers are either too powerful or too weak to work effectively indoors. You’re stuck with either a huge mess at the end of the day or you’re left wondering if you couldn’t have finished the job faster with a paintbrush.

You’ll also get to take advantage of these unique benefits with this particular Wagner paint sprayer model.

The Benefits of the Wagner Power Painter Plus

The design of this sprayer includes a multi-directional paint suction tube.

This allows you to spray paint in any direction, including upwards or downwards, without the clogging issues that can be found in similar sprayers. Wagner calls this “EZ” Tilt Technolgy.

Whatever it is called, we can say that it works pretty well.

1 year warranty
Adjustable speed and power settings
Comes with portable backpack

Weighs just under 10 lbs
Not for heavy use
Finicky with thinness of paint

Paint Cup and Feed Design

The siphon feed style paint cup is a nice addition as well. It holds up to 1.5 quarts of paint that can be applied directly to your surface.

Portability: Where can I use This Sprayer?  

If you have a larger job to complete, this unit also comes with a portable backpack that can feed the sprayer as well.

When combined with the electronic 3 speed controls and the two different power setting modules, you can customize just about any painting or finishing project.

How much Does the Power Painter Pro Weigh?

Its heavy, but not overly heavy. It weighs just under 10 pounds, so you’ll feel the work after a while. This means your best solution for this power painter would be to paint interior or exterior walls with it.

We found that it works quite well for stucco walls, but drywall or wood also look great. Just remember to thin latex paint before using it.

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Tips for using Your Wagner Power Painter Plus

The suction tube can be somewhat temperamental when using this sprayer. It will also hold a surprisingly large amount of paint after you’ve completed your project.

Be careful when cleaning it out or using this sprayer heavily because this seems to be the place where the unit breaks down most often.

Will I need to Thin my Paint?

Paint can be rather difficult to spray with this particular unit. Some paints must be reduced to a viscosity that is below the manufacturer’s recommendation in order for it to work properly.

If your thickness levels are off by even just a little bit, you’ll find that the sprayer will sputter and clog very easily and then you’re forced to clean it out to get it to work again.

The Power painter would work best with thin materials like stains, lacquers, varnishes.

Power Painter Plus and Overspray 

Overspray can be somewhat of an issue with this model. This seems to be because of the EZ Tilt design.

For every action there is an opposite reaction, and in this case, it means you’ll need to do some more masking off to prevent a large mess from happening as you’re working.

Wagner Paint Sprayer Parts

If your looking for parts for your Wagner Painter, take a look at these online suppliers. They’ve got you covered for all your parts needs.

Wagner Manuals

If you have to troubleshoot your sprayer, you may need the manual.  To find your Wagner paint sprayer manual, check out the Spraytech website for a listing of all Wagner power sprayer manuals. 


Overall the experience we had with the Wagner Power Paint was quite positive. It was fun to use, created a good finish that looked great, and cleaning it up afterward wasn’t too time consuming.

If you need an affordable solution for your next project, this sprayer could be what you need. Give it a second look today.

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