Rockler HVLP Spray Gun Review


rockler HVLP paint sprayer review
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  • Affordable
  • Sprays thinned latex
  • 1-12″ fan spray
  • 13 foot hose

With the Rockler HVLP, you receive a great combination of affordability and value.

The problem with finding a versatile spray gun today is that the models that can give you the flexibility you need tend to have a premium price point.

This Rockler Paint Sprayer sprays thinned paint with ease. It also works well for all water-based finishes, lacquer, or stains!

Budget Friendly
Sprays water and oil based finishes well
2 needle sizes included

Hose only 13 feet
Limited needle sizes available

Here Are Our Direct Observations of the Rockler HVLP 

Oil-based paints work much better than latex paints from our experience with this model.

You will need to thin all types of paint that you spray with this spray gun.  Overspray is comparable to other sprayers in the industry today.

2 needles includedMust thin paint
1-12" fan sprayShort hose & Cord (13 ft)
AffordableCan't adjust air pressure

What You’ll Love about the Rockler

Greater control during application is the result of adding Earlex HVLP technology inside this Rockler HVLP unit.

You also receive some flexibility within the spray pattern that is delivered. As with similar models, you receive a rounded flat spray, a horizontal spray, and a vertical spray. 

The spray pattern goes from 1” to 12” so you can adjust it to your project needs. There is very little tailing, although finding the right delivery pass for your preferred finish does take some practice.

Users receive two needle sizes with this particular HVLP spray gun: 1.5mm and 2.5mm. 

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Rockler HVLP Weaknesses

We wish there was a bit of a better hose included with this particular spray kit.

It’s just 13 feet in length, which is fine for indoor projects.  This hose length makes it a bit difficult for some exterior work to be completed. The hose itself is fairly flexible, but it isn’t of the same quality. 

To get a good quality hose, purchase a paint sprayer at a higher price point.  Of course, you can always purchase an after market hose.

Our tests showed us that spraying actual paint is not what this unit was designed for.  This sprayer is really limited to spraying varnish, water based lacquer, lacquers, urethane, stains etc.

If you are looking for an HVLP that will spray paint like a dream, check out these top 10 HVLP models.

There are no additional options for needle sizes on the market right now for this Rockler model.  This limits the Rockler HVLP to only specific applications.

This issue is further enhanced by the fact that there are no air pressure controls equipped to this unit.

A Word of Advice For Oil-Based Users 

If you run oil-based paints or finishes through the Rockler Paint Sprayer, then you won’t want to changeover to water-based components – ever.

The oils get into the sprayer and although you can clean it out pretty effectively, you won’t be able to get everything.

We’ve found the Rockler HVLP doesn’t do a great job of spraying water-based products.  You may just want to stick to the oil-based products if you purchase this machine for home use.

Is the Rockler Sprayer Noisy?

And a final piece of advice: if you’re working in close quarters with this machine, it will get quite loud.

One public reviewer mentions that it is like a “noisy vacuum cleaner.” That describes the pitch of the sound, but not the level.

In an enclosed room, we achieve a noise rating of 86 dB, which is loud enough to cause some users physical pain. Keep hearing protection nearby or your ears will be ringing.


For the price of this machine, the Rockler HVLP Spray Gun is a relatively good deal. It gives you a professional finish or the top coat you need with ease.

As long as you can manage the use of this machine and take care of it, we believe that it will be able to take care of your needs as well.


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