Campbell Hausfeld Airless Sprayer with Quadraflow Review

This Sprayer has been discontinued.  Please check out the Titan 1700 or the Titan 1900 for airless sprayers with similar capabilities.

campbell hausfeld quadraflow
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  • 50 foot hose
  • 1 HP motor
  • Weighs 70 lbs

Sometimes you just need to invest in the best tool possible to get your projects completed. It costs more than an entry-level tool to do so, but the results look professional in the end.

With the Campbell Hausfeld Airless Sprayer with Quadraflow, you’re getting more than just a great DIY tool to use at home. This unit also has entry-level contractor quality characteristics, which will help you set your work apart from all others.

What does this airless sprayer do so well? The design is compact, yet mobile with a wheelbarrow design for hauling, giving your motor a roll cage for added protection.

It doesn’t require a compressor to operate, so your costs are limited to supplies after investing into this product.

And, unlike other brands, this airless sprayer comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor and the pump so your investment is protected.

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The Features of the Campbell Hausfeld Airless Sprayer

This sprayer makes any painting job go extremely fast. It has enough power within the setup so you can spray paint with two guns at the same time and still achieve great results.

The metal spray gun, which comes standard with the sprayer, works very well with heavy paints and coatings. At 3000 PSI, you’re going to go through almost 1 gallon of paint every 2 minutes.

Here are some of the other features to consider with this impressive airless sprayer from Campbell Hausfeld.

  • Users receive a 50 foot hose for applications. When combined with the fact that this unit weighs nearly 70 pounds, you’ll be able to spray indoors or outdoors without needing to keep moving your equipment around.
  • All of this strength comes from a 1 HP motor, which means it will work with any standard 110v outlet at your home or business.
  • Despite initial appearances, the hose is long enough to fit into a 5 gallon bucket of paint if you have a large project to complete.

To put it simply, the Campbell Hausfeld Airless Sprayer with Quadraflow works great.

It even works with the thickest commercial-quality paints without needing to change the viscosity of them.

Some Words of Advice from Our Trial with the Campbell Hausfeld Airless Sprayer

We found that the pressure settings on this airless sprayer at maximum are too strong for even the thick latex paints on the market today.

If you don’t reduce the pressure somewhat, then you’re going to get runs in the paint.

We also found that this machine does tend to get clogged up from time to time, especially if there are some small delays between your painting applications.

Finding the clogs and resolving the issue is pretty simple to do, especially with the included documentation, so there isn’t much downtime with this machine.

There is no hesitation on our part to recommend this machine.

Conclusion Campbell Hausfeld Airless Sprayer

If you need something that can give you high capacity painting, then you’ll be able to finish jobs quickly and create professional results in just minutes with the Campbell Hausfeld Airless Sprayer with Quadraflow.


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